Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 9

1. Kansas City Chiefs 240
Last week: 1
Notes:  Halfway through the season, the Chiefs find themselves still undefeated. Can't wait until they play the Broncos.

2. Denver Broncos 239
Last week: 2
Notes: Another dominant performance by the Broncos offense. They are my favorites to win the AFC.

3. Seattle Seahawks: 201
Last week: 3
Notes: It was closer than a lot of people expected, but a win is a win. As long as Seahawks find a way to win on the road, they'll be in good shape. They face a layup of a match-up next week at home against Tampa Bay.

4New Orleans Saints 183
Last week: 4
Notes: The Saints dominate the Bills after the bye week.

5.  San Francisco 49ers 163
Last week: 6
Notes:  Another week, another win for the 49ers. Yes, it was against the Jags, but the 49ers still looked impressive.

6. Cincinnati Bengals:146
Last week: 9
Notes: I thought the Bengals would win against the Jets, but not by this much. They dominated. Andy Dalton looks dangerous.
7. Indianapolis Colts: 134
Last week: 5
Notes: Strong performances by everyone else above them moves them down in the power rankings. The match-up next week against the Texans won't be as easy as it sounds given how desperate the team is.

8. Green Bay Packers: 122
Last week: 7
Notes: The Packers continue to show why they're one of the elite teams in the NFC.
9. New England Patriots: 121
Last week: 8
Notes: Just when you thought it was going to be another divisional loss, the Patriots bounced backed. With the Jets (and everyone else in the AFC East) losing, the Pats look even more in great shape to take the division.

10. Carolina Panthers: 98
Last week: 11
Notes:  The Panthers should improve to 5-3 with their next game against the struggling Falcons. The following is a tough match-up against the 49ers on the road. If they can win that (or at least keep it competitive) more people will take notice of this team.
11. Detroit Lions: 73
Last week: 12
Notes: What a comeback by the Lions. Normally, this is the type of game where they would blow a big lead, but instead Stafford and co. found a way to win. Part of that was from Megatron's ridiculously impressive performance.

12Dallas Cowboys: 71
Last Week: 10
Notes: Still the leaders in the NFC East, but a tough loss to swallow. This could be the game that costs them the playoffs.

13. San Diego Chargers: 51
Last week: 13
Notes: The Chargers face the Redskins next week before an important divisional game against the Broncos.
14. Chicago Bears 36
Last week: 14
Notes: The bye week hurt the Bears, with the Packers and Lions both winning.

15. Tennessee Titans: 9
Last week: 16
Notes: The Titans hope to break the 3 game losing streak against the Rams.

16. Arizona Cardinals 8
Last week: 22
Notes: The Cardinals improve to .500 after a win against the Falcons. Too bad they're in the NFC West and with two of the most explosive teams in football.

17. Baltimore Ravens:4
Last week: 17
Notes: The Ravens face a must-win game against the Browns.
18.  Miami Dolphins: -7
Last week: 15
Notes: Heartbreaking loss for the Dolphins. Would have been the difference in being 0.5 games back to now being 2.5 games back of the division.

19. Oakland Raiders -22
Last week: 25
Notes: The Raiders continue to surprise / impress people. Nice win against the Steelers.

20. Cleveland Browns: -37
Last week: 20
Notes: Impressive showing by the Browns against the undefeated Chiefs, but they find themselves on the losing end. An important match-up next week against the Ravens.

21. Buffalo Bills -41
Last week: 19
Notes:  The Bills just couldn't match-up against the explosive Saints offense. 

22 St. Louis Rams -43
Last Week: 24
Notes: Clemens looked pretty bad, but it was a difficult match-up against one of the best defenses in the league. He'll need to prove himself next week against the Titans. The defense, however, did a good job keeping the Rams in the game. 
23. New York Jets:-53
Last week: 18
Notes: Officially the most inconsistent team in football. After looking great against the Pats, they looked like the Jaguars against the Bengals.

24.  Atlanta Falcons -54
Last week: 21
Notes: I think it's time for teams to stop saying "an impressive win over the Falcons" every time someone beats this team. They're just not that good this year.

25. Philadelphia Eagles: -55
Last Week: 23
Notes: The Eagles now lost 10 in a row at home. Pathetic. They are still, miraculously, only one game out of the division.
26. Pittsburgh Steelers: -65
Last week: 26
Notes: Just when the Steelers look to be "back" they lose against the Raiders.

27. Washington Redskins: -83
Last week: 27
Notes:  Didn't expect the Skins to do much against the Broncos and they didn't.

28. Houston Texans  -91
Last week: 28
Notes: If the Texans are going to get back into the playoff hunt (or even in discussions) they must beat the Colts this week.

29. New York Giants: - 124
Last week: 31
Notes: The Giants are now on a streak (2 in a row) and head into the bye only 2 games behind first place Dallas after starting the season 0-6.
30. Minnestota Vikings -135
Last week: 29
Notes: Better than last week, but still a loss for this Vikings team.
31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -163
Last week: 30
Notes: Who will win first? Bucs or the Jags? Both could easily go 0-16.
32. Jacksonville Jaguars:-274
Last week: 32
Notes: No matter what country, the Jags will lose.

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