Monday, December 24, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 17

One more week to go! The AFC teams are all clinched while there are still two seeds up for grade in the NFC.

The playoff picture is starting to come together in the AFC, while the NFC is still up for grabs.

1. New England Patriots 362
Last Week: 1
Notes: They kept it a lot closer than anticipated against the Jaguars, but the Pats pull off the win.

2. Atlanta Falcons 355
Last Week: 4
Notes: The Falcons now hold the best record, by themselves, in the NFL and have clinched the #1 seed in the NFC. Critics won't give this team credit, however, until they win a playoff game.

3. Denver Broncos 350
Last Week:3
Notes:  They Broncos now have won 10 in a row and can claim the #1 seed in the AFC with a win next week and a Texans loss.

4Houston Texans 288
Last Week: 2
Notes:  Very uninspired play against the Vikings. Everyone's been asking if the Falcons are not as good as their record, but maybe people should be asking the same thing about the Texans.

5.  Seattle Seahawks: 285
Last Week: 6
Notes: No team has been playing as well as the Seahawks have been over the past 3 games. With the Redskins looking in good shape to take the division, two rookie QBs might find themselves playing each other for the first round of the playoffs.

6. Green Bay Packers: 260
Last Week: 7
Notes:  Remember when people were concerned that the Packers might not make the playoffs? They are now a #2 seed in the NFC and look like one of the best in the NFL.

7. San Francisco 49ers 245 
Last Week: 5
Notes: Not the type of performance the 49ers wanted against the team they are fighting against for the division. 

8.  Baltimore Ravens 185
Last Week: 8
Notes:  A win that might have rejuvenated this team. The Ravens now have officially clinched the AFC North.

9. Chicago Bears 184
Last Week: 10
Notes: The Bears keep their playoff hopes alive with a win against the Cardinals.

10.  Cincinnati Bengals 149
Last Week: 11
Notes:  The Bengals now have clinched a playoff for the second year in a row under the greatness of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. I'm excited to see how these two players lead this team for years to come.

11. Washington Redskins: 132
Last Week: 12
Notes: Remember when this team was 3-6 and their season was considered over? They now have won 6 straight and are in very good shape to take the NFC East. A win against Dallas next week will clinch it for them.

12.  Minnesota Vikings 118
Last Week: 13
Notes: They won with Adrian Peterson running for less than 100 yards against a 12-2 Texans team. That's a very good sign for this Vikings team.

13. New York Giants 109
Last Week: 9
Notes:  They've played absolutely horrible these past two games. Now with the loss against the Ravens, they not only need to beat the Eagles next week, they need some help to get in. Even if they somehow squeek into the playoffs, they don't look like a team that can repeat this year.

14. Indianapolis Colts: 69
Last Week: 15
Notes: The Colts, yet again, keep things extremely close, but they pull out the win against the Chiefs and now have 10 wins on the season. Here's something crazy..the Colts are 10-5 yet have a net points of -42. Unheard of.

15. Dallas Cowboys: 45
Last Week: 14
Notes: The Cowboys find themselves on the losing end of a close game this time against the Saints. They're still in the playoff race, but need to beat a red hot Redskins team to do it (along with some help).

16. New Orleans Saints: 39
Last Week: 17
Notes: I expect this Saints to rebound next year after having a subpar season this year.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: 26
Last Week: 16
Notes: At this point, usually the Steelers are playing for playoff seeding, but they are now out of the playoff race after losing to the Bengals. They haven't been out of the playoffs since 2009 (and even then they went 9-7).

18. Miami Dolphins: 17
Last Week: 19
Notes: Unless the Jets resolve a lot of their issues, I think the Dolphins will be the new #2 team in the AFC East for the next couple of years.

19. St. Louis Rams: -2
Last Week: 20
Notes: The Rams can end the season above .500 with a win next week against the Seahawks. Not as exciting of a turnaround as the Colts (also 2-14 last season), but still impressive nonetheless.

20.  San Diego Chargers -18
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Chargers take advantage of a deflated Jets team.

21. Carolina Panthers: -21
Last Week: 22
Notes: If the Panthers can play like they have been the last half of the season next year, they can contend for the playoffs.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -23
Last Week: 18
Notes: The Buccs need to find the spark that led them to a good first half this season, and actually hold onto it for an entire season.

23. New York Jets: -92
Last Week: 23
Notes: All the game against the Chargers did was ask more questions then answer. Specifically, who the hell is going to be QB for the Jets next year?
24. Cleveland Browns: -104
Last Week: 24
Notes: I was rooting for them to take 3rd in the AFC North (they could have with a win against the Broncos and Steelers), but the Broncos proved to be too tough for this Browns team.

25.  Arizona Cardinals -139
Last Week: 25
Notes: After finally snapping a 9 game losing streak, it's back to reality for this Cardinals team with a loss to the Bears.
26.  Detroit Lions: -146
Last Week: 26
Notes: I still can't believe this team is 4-11 (and now have lost 7 in a row). I don't think they've ever recovered from the Texans game on Thanksgiving.

27. Buffalo Bills: -166
Last Week: 27
Notes: The Bills need to figure out what they're going to do for a QB next season. They can't win with Fitzpatrick.

28. Philadelphia Eagles: -210
Last Week: 29
Notes: They couldn't play upset team against the Redskins. Even though the Giants have been playing horrible as of late, they probably won't be able to against them either.

29 Tennessee Titans: -213
Last Week: 28
Notes: This is the "true" Titans team, not the ones that beat the Jets the previous week. They're terrible.

30  Oakland Raiders: -239
Last Week: 30
Notes: The #30 spot has been a comfortable spot for the Raiders for most of the year and they will likely stay here next week.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -322
Last Week: 31
Notes: They somehow find ways to play really good teams close (although they can never win).
32. Kansas City Chiefs: -328
Last Week: 32
Notes: Still the worst and will likely end the season that way.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 16

The playoff picture is starting to come together in the AFC, while the NFC is still up for grabs.

1. New England Patriots 345
Last Week: 1
Notes: Even with the loss Sunday night, I still think the Pats are the best team in the league. All the loss did, in my opinion, was confirm that there really isn't a team that is by far the best (like the Packers were last year).

2Houston Texans 320
Last Week: 2
Notes: A win against the Colts and the loss by the Patriots puts the Texans in good shape for the #1 seed.

3. Denver Broncos 314
Last Week:3
Notes: Nine wins in a row now for the red hot Broncos. Nobody wants to play this team come playoff time.
4. Atlanta Falcons 312
Last Week: 4
Notes: That impressive win against the Giants helped to shut up critics (for now) stating the Falcons are overrated.
5. San Francisco 49ers 289
Last Week: 5
Notes: A great win against the Patriots that keeps them a game and a half ahead of the Seahawks in the division.

6.  Seattle Seahawks: 233
Last Week:7
Notes: 2 wins in a row now on the road including a 50-17 dismantling of the Bills. The Seahawks have pretty much secured a spot in the playoffs.

7. Green Bay Packers: 203
Last Week:9
Notes: The Packers, once again, win the NFC North.

8.  Baltimore Ravens148
Last Week: 8
Notes:  The Ravens have lost 3 in a row now, but still have clinched a wildcard birth in the playoffs. Things don't get easier for this Ravens team with a game against a desperate Giants who find ways to win when they need to.

9. New York Giants 147
Last Week: 6
Notes: Despite being a 9th seed currently, the Giants control their own destiny. The Redskins and Cowboys still have a game against each other. If the Giants win out (10-6) they will end up with a better record than either the Redskins or the Cowboys (at minimum) and would hold the tiebreaker over any potential 10-6 teams like the Vikings and Bears.

10. Chicago Bears 145
Last Week: 10
Notes: From 7-1 to 8-6. The Bears are in trouble. They do have have a fairly easy schedule to close out the season, but even if they win out, they might not make it.

11.  Cincinnati Bengals 126
Last Week: 11
Notes:  With the Bengals winning and the Steelers losing, they can clinch a playoff spot with a win against the Steelers next week. With the way the Ravens are playing, they can even take over the division.

12. Washington Redskins: 105
Last Week: 13
Notes: The red hot Redskins find themselves in first after a win with their second string QB. Five wins a row makes it the longest active streak in the NFC.
13.  Minnesota Vikings 81
Last Week: 16
Notes: Adrian Peterson has been keeping this Vikings team in the playoff picture. Forget Comeback Player of the Year, he might win MVP.

14. Dallas Cowboys:63
Last Week: 17
Notes: The Cowboys win against the Steelers and keep their playoff hopes very much alive.

15. Indianapolis Colts: 51
Last Week: 12
Notes: The Colts need to find ways to win against teams like the Texans in order to have a shot in the playoffs.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers:44
Last Week: 15
Notes: Surprising to think at this point, the Steelers look like they have more of a chance to NOT make the playoffs, then make it.

17. New Orleans Saints: 16
Last Week: 22
Notes: Every once in a while, the Saints show the brilliance of their previous seasons like they did in Sunday's game against the Buccs.
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:7
Last Week: 14
Notes: All but mathematically eliminated now.

19. Miami Dolphins: -13
Last Week: 23
Notes: The Dolphins hope to win out their last 2 games to end the season at .500, a high note for this team. 

20. St. Louis Rams: -31
Last Week:18
Notes: Tough loss for the Rams, but am excited to see what Fisher does with this team next year.

21.  San Diego Chargers -48
Last Week: 19
Notes: The Chargers are officially out of the playoff race (not that they would have made it anyway). Norv Turner better have his resume ready.

22. Carolina Panthers: -52
Last Week: 26
Notes: If the Panthers played like they have been playing their last 2 games all season, they might actually be in the playoff hunt. Too little too late.

23. New York Jets: -63
Last Week: 20
Notes: You're fighting for your playoff life and you lose to the Titans? Pathetic.
24. Cleveland Browns: -69
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Browns playoff hopes are now officially over. Weeden and Richardson might make this team a lot more competitive the next couple of years though.

25.  Arizona Cardinals -107
Last Week: 28
Notes: The Cardinals finally snap out of their 9 game losing streak with a win against the Lions.
26.  Detroit Lions: -118
Last Week: 24
Notes: Can you tell this team has given up? After losing close games, and being on the wrong end of bad calls, this team looks defeated emotionally and physically.

27. Buffalo Bills: -133
Last Week: 25
Notes: Another loss for the Bills drops them even further in the rankings.

28 Tennessee Titans: -146
Last Week: 29
Notes: Not what you'd call a great Monday Night football game by any means, but the Titans played the role of upset well and eliminated the Jets from playoff contention.
29. Philadelphia Eagles: -188
Last Week: 27
Notes: That was one of the sloppiest games of football I've seen in a long time. It sums up the Eagles season. 

30  Oakland Raiders: -213
Last Week: 30
Notes: The Raiders finally find a competitor that even they can beat.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -296
Last Week: 31
Notes: Now competing with the Chiefs for the worst record in the league.
32. Kansas City Chiefs: -306
Last Week: 32
Notes: See #31.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 15

What  a week. So many upsets and ranking shifts.

 1. New England Patriots 365
Last Week: 2
Notes: The Patriots find themselves in the #1 spot for the first time after 13 games. They destroyed the Texans and showed why they are the team to beat in the AFC and NFL.

2Houston Texans 290
Last Week: 1
Notes: I thought the Patriots were going to win this game, but didn't think they'd absolutely destroy the Texans. This can't be good for the Texans confidence. Their two losses this year have been huge margins. They might need to win out the season now in order to secure a #1 seed.

3. Denver Broncos 276
Last Week: 4
Notes: Now winners of 8 in a row, the Broncos are cruising. If they beat Baltimore next week (who has been playing poorly as of late), they look great to end the season winning 11 in a row.
4. Atlanta Falcons 266
Last Week: 3
Notes: The Falcons get upset against the Panthers, but still are a game and a half ahead for the #1 seed in the NFC. No matter what seed they end the season, they could face a lot of issues come playoff time.
5. San Francisco 49ers 262
Last Week: 5
Notes: Another win for Kaepernick. Things get tougher, however, Sunday night against the Pats.

6. New York Giants 192
Last Week: 9
Notes: The Giants have been looking great since the bye. They've gone 2-1, with two convincing wins against the Packers and Saints. Their loss was only by one point on the road against the red hot Redskins. 

7.  Seattle Seahawks: 189
Last Week: 10
Notes: Wow. I get the Cardinals are playing horrible football, but this was still a very impressive win on both sides of the ball for Seattle. They now find themselves controlling the 5th seed in the NFC. The 49ers better not let their foot off the gas because the Seahawks are right behind.

8.  Baltimore Ravens 181
Last Week: 7
Notes: Two losses in a row for this Ravens team and now they face a red hot Broncos on Sunday. They still are in good shape to take the AFC North with both the Steelers and Bengals losing, but it might be a lot closer than expected.

9. Green Bay Packers: 179
Last Week: 8
Notes: Winners of two in a row, the Packers look to have control over the NFC North.
10. Chicago Bears 177
Last Week: 6
Notes: The Bears went from looking like a sure thing to make the playoffs to things getting very scary for this team. Injuries on D have caused them to lose their dominance in this area and are now the 6th seed after being a 3 seed a couple of weeks ago. 

11.  Cincinnati Bengals 85
Last Week: 11
Notes:  Tough loss for the Bengals. A win would have put them in the 6th seed. Given how the Steelers have been playing, however, they are still far from being out of it.

12. Indianapolis Colts: 73
Last Week: 14
Notes: They don't make it look easy, but the Colts are now at 9-4. This is incredible for a team that was 2-14 the year before and who has a rookie QB.

13. Washington Redskins: 68
Last Week: 15
Notes: One of the hottest teams in football right now. The Redskins have an easier schedule than the Giants to close out the season, but they can't take teams like the Browns and Eagles lightly.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 61
Last Week: 13
Notes: Two weeks ago, they looked like they would be competing for a playoff spot until the very last game. Now, the Buccs playoff hopes are slowly getting away from them.
15. Pittsburgh Steelers:58
Last Week: 12
Notes: The Steelers losing against the Chargers with Big Ben back shows that the team has some big issues that their starting QB can't fix.

16.  Minnesota Vikings 47
Last Week: 16
Notes:  A huge win for the Vikings that keeps them right in the thick of things.

17. Dallas Cowboys:40
Last Week: 17
Notes: It looked like a loss for this Cowboys team but they managed to pull out the win against the Cowboys and now find themselves above .500 where they haven't been since week 3.

18. St. Louis Rams: 0
Last Week:19
Notes: Don't count the Rams out yet. 6-6-1 is far from out of the playoff picture.

19.  San Diego Chargers -11
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Chargers played like they had something to prove. A good win that won't save their season, but a good win nonetheless.

20. New York Jets: -39
Last Week: 23
Notes: The Jets win and keep their playoff hopes alive, but Sanchez was far from convincing.

21. Cleveland Browns: -40
Last Week: 25
Notes: The Browns now have won 3 in a row after destroying the Chiefs. 
22. New Orleans Saints:-45
Last Week: 18
Notes: Officially the nail in the coffin. The best that these disappointing Saints can do now is finish at .500 which won't make the playoffs.

23. Miami Dolphins: -49
Last Week: 20
Notes: Remember back when the Dolphins were fighting against the Colts for a playoff spot? Seems like a distant memory. They've gone 1-5 since that game (including the loss against the Colts).
24.  Detroit Lions: -74
Last Week: 22
Notes: Raise your hands if you thought the Lions would finish last in the NFC North this year? If you said yes, you're a liar. Still, they have officially clinched last place in the division.

25. Buffalo Bills: -80
Last Week: 24
Notes: It's crazy what a few minutes in a game can do. They were minutes away from being very alive in the playoff picture to now all but mathematically out of it.

26. Carolina Panthers: -96
Last Week: 27
Notes: The Panthers are now in upset mode and played a great game against the Falcons.
27. Philadelphia Eagles: -150
Last Week: 29
Notes: The Eagles finally get a win. Foles looked good which is the only positive thing you can say about this season.
28.  Arizona Cardinals -151
Last Week: 26
Notes: From bad to worse. 9 losses in a row with their latest being a 58-0 shutout against the Seahawks, Pathetic. 

29 Tennessee Titans: -166
Last Week: 28
Notes: Since the loss to the Jags, I've been saying this team will end the season 4-12. So far so good.

30  Oakland Raiders: -243
Last Week: 30
Notes: Even at 30, I probably have them ranked higher than most in their power rankings.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -262
Last Week: 31
Notes:Well, I guess they're still sticking with Henne despite being pretty terrible.
32. Kansas City Chiefs: -280
Last Week: 32
Notes: Back to reality for the Chiefs who got destroyed by the Browns.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 14

This week's power rankings below.

1Houston Texans 378
Last Week: 1
Notes: The Texans chances of getting a #1 seed gets even better with the Ravens losing and the Texans winning.

2. New England Patriots 361
Last Week: 2
Notes: Very excited to see the Patriots take on the Texans. These two teams are the best in the NFL in my opinion.
3. Atlanta Falcons 319
Last Week: 3
Notes: The Falcons have wrapped up the NFC South and hope to do the same with the #1 seed in the conference.

4. Denver Broncos 284
Last Week: 6
Notes: Broncos already have more wins this year than they had in all of 2011 (and also clinched the NFC West 4 weeks earlier).
5. San Francisco 49ers 268
Last Week: 4
Notes: Another OT game against the Rams, but this time the 49ers find themselves on the losing end. Harbaugh has to stick with Kaepernick at this point. Going back and forth would be a bad move for a time fighting for a good seed in the playoffs.

6. Chicago Bears 237
Last Week: 5
Notes: Tough OT loss for the Bears. The loss knocks them back into second place in the division.

7.  Baltimore Ravens 235
Last Week: 7
Notes: The Ravens finally lose a game to the Steelers without Big Ben. They're still two games ahead in the AFC North and are in good shape to take the division.

8. Green Bay Packers: 187
Last Week: 9
Notes: The Packers find themselves in first place in the NFC North after beating the Vikings and are only a half game back of a #2 seed (and first round bye in the playoffs).

9. New York Giants 131
Last Week: 8
Notes: All of a sudden the Giants go from looking in good shape for a playoff birth to it getting very very close. They are still in the driver's seat and could sneak in as a wildcard if they lose out the division, but they are likely going to have to win the NFC East to make it. They probably will need to go 3-1 to make it which isn't easy with games left against the Ravens, Saints, Eagles, and Falcons.

10.  Seattle Seahawks: 109
Last Week: 11
Notes: The Seahawks finally win another game on the road and keep a hold onto the 6th seed.

11.  Cincinnati Bengals 101
Last Week: 12
Notes:  One of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. Steelers better keep winning because the Bengals are right behind them.
12. Pittsburgh Steelers: 89
Last Week: 13
Notes: The Steelers face the Chargers and Cowboys before taking on the Bengals at home. I have a feeling that Bengals game will decide the 6th seed of the playoffs.
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:77
Last Week: 10
Notes: After two very tough opponents, things get easier for the Buccs with a home against the Eagles. However, they shouldn't overlook this Eagles team who is beyond desperate for a win.

14. Indianapolis Colts: 54
Last Week: 15
Notes: I probably have them ranked lowest out of all power rankings. The Colts are a good team and are finding ways to win games. Andrew Luck has also been sensational as a rookie. In terms of overall talent, I put them thought right in the middle of all 6-6 / 7-5 teams (which I think they are at the same level as).

15. Washington Redskins: 40
Last Week: 16
Notes: 3 divisional wins in a row and all of a sudden the Redskins have a legit shot of making the playoffs.

16.  Minnesota Vikings 20
Last Week: 14
Notes:  That loss makes the road ahead to the playoffs even more difficult, but it's good to see the Vikings have a much improved season over 2011.

17. Dallas Cowboys:16
Last Week: 19
Notes: They beat the Eagles and are now only 1 game behind the Giants in the NFC East.

18. New Orleans Saints: -8
Last Week: 17
Notes: Their technically still in the playoff race, but that loss to the Falcons pretty much ends it for this Saints team.

19. St. Louis Rams: -21
Last Week: 22
Notes: I doubt the Rams will make the playoffs (the best they can do is 9-6-1 which might not even be good enough for a playoff birth), but this team is definitely going in the right direction under Fisher's leadership.

20. Miami Dolphins: -22
Last Week: 18
Notes: The Dolphins lose and are now in a 3 way tie with the Jets and Bills for 2nd place (or last..however you want to look at it).
21.  San Diego Chargers-39
Last Week: 20
Notes: The Chargers will likely finish even worse than they did in 2011. It will be hard for Norv Tuner to come up with excuses for why.

22.  Detroit Lions: -54
Last Week: 21
Notes: Probably having the worst luck out of any team in the NFL right now. They lose one to the Texans that they should have won (due to a bad call) and then they lose to the Colts in the last drive of the game after a great comeback by them. Hard for a team to bounce back after that especially after sitting at 4-8.

23. New York Jets: -62
Last Week: 24
Notes: It will be interesting to see what the Jets do next week in terms of starting QB. I know they believe they still are in the playoff hunt, but at this point they might as well see what McElroy can do. 

24. Buffalo Bills: -63
Last Week: 26
Notes: Believe it or not, the Bills have four winnable games to close out the season (Rams, home against the Seahawks, Jets, and Dolphins) which would put them at 9-7.

25. Cleveland Browns: -78
Last Week: 25
Notes: The Browns are on a winning streak. A sentence I thought I'd never say this season.

26.  Arizona Cardinals -79
Last Week: 23
Notes: Wow..make it 8 losses in a row. The Eagles are the only other team with that many losses in a row.

27. Carolina Panthers: -135
Last Week: 27
Notes:  There are many things this 3-9 team will need to address in the off season.

28 Tennessee Titans: -147
Last Week: 28
Notes: 4-16 is my prediction for this bad, bad team.

29. Philadelphia Eagles: -173
Last Week: 29
Notes: Andy Reid is reaching for anything positive in these press conferences, but he knows he's gone after this season.
30  Oakland Raiders: -215
Last Week: 30
Notes: . The Raiders better watch out. The Chiefs are only a game behind them.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -240
Last Week: 31
Notes: .Almost were dropped to 32 in the rankings, but still think they are slightly better than the Chiefs.
32. Kansas City Chiefs: -241
Last Week: 32
Notes: An emotional filled game for this Chiefs. Can't imagine what they were / are going through. A well earned victory.