Monday, December 24, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 17

One more week to go! The AFC teams are all clinched while there are still two seeds up for grade in the NFC.

The playoff picture is starting to come together in the AFC, while the NFC is still up for grabs.

1. New England Patriots 362
Last Week: 1
Notes: They kept it a lot closer than anticipated against the Jaguars, but the Pats pull off the win.

2. Atlanta Falcons 355
Last Week: 4
Notes: The Falcons now hold the best record, by themselves, in the NFL and have clinched the #1 seed in the NFC. Critics won't give this team credit, however, until they win a playoff game.

3. Denver Broncos 350
Last Week:3
Notes:  They Broncos now have won 10 in a row and can claim the #1 seed in the AFC with a win next week and a Texans loss.

4Houston Texans 288
Last Week: 2
Notes:  Very uninspired play against the Vikings. Everyone's been asking if the Falcons are not as good as their record, but maybe people should be asking the same thing about the Texans.

5.  Seattle Seahawks: 285
Last Week: 6
Notes: No team has been playing as well as the Seahawks have been over the past 3 games. With the Redskins looking in good shape to take the division, two rookie QBs might find themselves playing each other for the first round of the playoffs.

6. Green Bay Packers: 260
Last Week: 7
Notes:  Remember when people were concerned that the Packers might not make the playoffs? They are now a #2 seed in the NFC and look like one of the best in the NFL.

7. San Francisco 49ers 245 
Last Week: 5
Notes: Not the type of performance the 49ers wanted against the team they are fighting against for the division. 

8.  Baltimore Ravens 185
Last Week: 8
Notes:  A win that might have rejuvenated this team. The Ravens now have officially clinched the AFC North.

9. Chicago Bears 184
Last Week: 10
Notes: The Bears keep their playoff hopes alive with a win against the Cardinals.

10.  Cincinnati Bengals 149
Last Week: 11
Notes:  The Bengals now have clinched a playoff for the second year in a row under the greatness of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. I'm excited to see how these two players lead this team for years to come.

11. Washington Redskins: 132
Last Week: 12
Notes: Remember when this team was 3-6 and their season was considered over? They now have won 6 straight and are in very good shape to take the NFC East. A win against Dallas next week will clinch it for them.

12.  Minnesota Vikings 118
Last Week: 13
Notes: They won with Adrian Peterson running for less than 100 yards against a 12-2 Texans team. That's a very good sign for this Vikings team.

13. New York Giants 109
Last Week: 9
Notes:  They've played absolutely horrible these past two games. Now with the loss against the Ravens, they not only need to beat the Eagles next week, they need some help to get in. Even if they somehow squeek into the playoffs, they don't look like a team that can repeat this year.

14. Indianapolis Colts: 69
Last Week: 15
Notes: The Colts, yet again, keep things extremely close, but they pull out the win against the Chiefs and now have 10 wins on the season. Here's something crazy..the Colts are 10-5 yet have a net points of -42. Unheard of.

15. Dallas Cowboys: 45
Last Week: 14
Notes: The Cowboys find themselves on the losing end of a close game this time against the Saints. They're still in the playoff race, but need to beat a red hot Redskins team to do it (along with some help).

16. New Orleans Saints: 39
Last Week: 17
Notes: I expect this Saints to rebound next year after having a subpar season this year.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: 26
Last Week: 16
Notes: At this point, usually the Steelers are playing for playoff seeding, but they are now out of the playoff race after losing to the Bengals. They haven't been out of the playoffs since 2009 (and even then they went 9-7).

18. Miami Dolphins: 17
Last Week: 19
Notes: Unless the Jets resolve a lot of their issues, I think the Dolphins will be the new #2 team in the AFC East for the next couple of years.

19. St. Louis Rams: -2
Last Week: 20
Notes: The Rams can end the season above .500 with a win next week against the Seahawks. Not as exciting of a turnaround as the Colts (also 2-14 last season), but still impressive nonetheless.

20.  San Diego Chargers -18
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Chargers take advantage of a deflated Jets team.

21. Carolina Panthers: -21
Last Week: 22
Notes: If the Panthers can play like they have been the last half of the season next year, they can contend for the playoffs.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -23
Last Week: 18
Notes: The Buccs need to find the spark that led them to a good first half this season, and actually hold onto it for an entire season.

23. New York Jets: -92
Last Week: 23
Notes: All the game against the Chargers did was ask more questions then answer. Specifically, who the hell is going to be QB for the Jets next year?
24. Cleveland Browns: -104
Last Week: 24
Notes: I was rooting for them to take 3rd in the AFC North (they could have with a win against the Broncos and Steelers), but the Broncos proved to be too tough for this Browns team.

25.  Arizona Cardinals -139
Last Week: 25
Notes: After finally snapping a 9 game losing streak, it's back to reality for this Cardinals team with a loss to the Bears.
26.  Detroit Lions: -146
Last Week: 26
Notes: I still can't believe this team is 4-11 (and now have lost 7 in a row). I don't think they've ever recovered from the Texans game on Thanksgiving.

27. Buffalo Bills: -166
Last Week: 27
Notes: The Bills need to figure out what they're going to do for a QB next season. They can't win with Fitzpatrick.

28. Philadelphia Eagles: -210
Last Week: 29
Notes: They couldn't play upset team against the Redskins. Even though the Giants have been playing horrible as of late, they probably won't be able to against them either.

29 Tennessee Titans: -213
Last Week: 28
Notes: This is the "true" Titans team, not the ones that beat the Jets the previous week. They're terrible.

30  Oakland Raiders: -239
Last Week: 30
Notes: The #30 spot has been a comfortable spot for the Raiders for most of the year and they will likely stay here next week.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -322
Last Week: 31
Notes: They somehow find ways to play really good teams close (although they can never win).
32. Kansas City Chiefs: -328
Last Week: 32
Notes: Still the worst and will likely end the season that way.

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