Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who Will Make The Top 4 - Hell's Kitchen Season 10

Season 10 of Hell's Kitchen doesn't exactly have a clear favorite like previous seasons. That being said, there are definitely a few contestants that stand out from the others. Here's my prediction on who will be the last 4 remaining (in order of best to worst).

1. Christina: She fits the criteria in what Chef Ramsey is looking for. She can cook, she doesn't get overly stressed when things get tough, and she's a leader in the kitchen. She's had very little hiccups this season and is the favorite so far.

2. Justin: Justin is definitely a close second. Achieving the perfect score on the pallet challenge definitely helped and he has had very little mishaps in the kitchen as well. While he has demonstrated some leadership abilities, it can be misconstrued sometimes as "Barking orders" more than leading a team which makes him slightly below Christina.

3. Dana: Dana was in the top 2 until the last couple of episodes where she has demonstrated some inconsistencies. She will definitely get the coveted black jacket (6 chefs total get it), but can't see her beating out Justin and Christina unless something big happens.

4. Barbie: The #4 spot could be almost anyone at this point, but giving it to Barbie. Chef Ramsey likes her for whatever reason and she has proven herself to be a great cook. While she's too quiet and can be slow at times, she'll probably beat out everyone else. Brian and Clemenza have messed up too many times at this point (especially Clemenza), Kimmie is way too quiet, and Robyn can't seem to work with everyone else (her or Clemenza are next to go).