Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

The below power rankings are based on a formula that includes record, strength of schedule, net points, home & away records and other factors instead of doing an opinion based power ranking. Below are the rankings heading into week 5.

1. Cincinnati Bengals: 107
Notes: Normally a match-up against New England would be considered one of the hardest games on a schedule, but the Bengals are the clear favorite here.

2. Baltimore Ravens: 98
Notes: The Ravens look much improved over their mediocre performance from last year.

3. San Diego Chargers: 84
Notes: Philip Rivers has been dominant. Could the Chargers actually win the AFC West?

4. Arizona Cardinals: 81
Notes: Who would have thought that the Cardinals would be leading the NFC West at this point of the season? It's early, but still a surprise.

5. Dallas Cowboys: 74
Notes: Another surprise team. The Cowboys were expected to be one of the worst this year, but have started off at 3-1.

6. Detroit Lions: 68
Notes: The Lions are the team to beat in the NFC North right now.

7. Houston Texans: 55
Notes: The Texans avoided the trend of last year, starting off 2-0 and then going 0-14, with a win against the Bills.

8. Philadelphia Eagles: 53
Notes: The Eagles lost a tough one against the 49ers. After the Rams, they have an important divisional game against the Giants.

9. Seattle Seahawks: 42
Notes: No surprise they've been dominant at home. The away loss against the Chargers is a little concerning. They should turn it around though against the Redskins.

10. Indianapolis Colts: 41
Notes: After 0-2, the Colts win big their next two games (although against mediocre teams).

11. Atlanta Falcons: 38
Notes: In a surprisingly sub-par NFC South, the Falcons look like the best team.

12. Denver Broncos: 33
Notes: The Broncos have an exciting match-up against the undefeated Cardinals. Will the Broncos bring them "back to reality?"

13. Kansas City Chiefs: 33
Notes: The Chiefs absolutely destroyed the Patriots and showed that they're still contenders.

14. New York Giants: 32
Notes: The Giants looked good their last 2 games. They have a tough schedule ahead which will decide their playoff fate.

15. San Francisco 49ers: 19
Notes: I know the 49ers started off mediocre last year, but this 49ers team doesn't look as good as last year's team. The win against the Eagles might bring this team back on track though.

16. Minnesota Vikings: 17
Notes: A much improved Vikings team this year.

17. Buffalo Bills: 14
Notes: The Bills are going with Orton. Smart decision.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: 8
Notes: A heartbreaking loss against the Bucs. In what's expected to be a tight AFC North race, this could be the deciding game.

19. Green Bay Packers: 6
Notes: Aaron Rodgers told everyone to relax and he proved himself to be right. Complete inhalation against the Bears.

20. Chicago Bears: 2
Notes: A tough loss against the Packers. Tough games ahead on the road against the Panthers and Falcons.

21. Miami Dolphins: -1
Notes: The Dolphins looked like they had something to prove with that win against the Raiders.

22. New England Patriots: -10
Notes: The Patriots look mediocre at best. This might be the first year we seem struggle to win the division, if they win it at all.

23. Carolina Panthers: -13
Notes: The Panthers are really struggling against AFC North opponents.

24. Cleveland Browns: - 13
Notes: The Browns have a winnable game against the Titans in hopes to get back to .500.

25. St. Louis Rams: -39
Notes: The Rams look on pace to be in last place again this year.

26. New Orleans Saints: -40
Notes: The Saints are in trouble already only 4 games in. They need to be Tampa Bay next week.

27, Washington Redskins: -49
Notes: After a couple of great games, Cousins looked terrible.

28. New York Jets: -52
Notes: They showed signs of a potential comeback, but the Jets couldn't get it done. Smith isn't close to being a top tier quarterback, but he is showing some signs of improvement. Can't fault him for frequent dropped passes by Ivory and other teammates.

29. Tennessee Titans: -65
Notes: A bad loss against the Colts that shows why they aren't in the same class.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -72
Notes: What a win against the Steelers. Might be the highlight of their year.

31. Oakland Raiders: -112
Notes: Would be the worst team in the league if it wasn't for how bad the Jaguars are playing.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars: -154
Notes: The Jaguars look like the same Jaguars of last year, but not sure I can picture this team winning 4 games.