Sunday, March 29, 2009

5 Reasons Why Digg Will Eventually Fail

Digg is known as the ultimate social bookmarking website. The #1 when it comes to user-generated content. It has survived over the past couple of years past many imitation websites and through the clutter of other social networking outlets, but will it last forever? In my opinion, the popularity of Digg will die down significantly over the next year or two. Here is why...

1. The Power User - If you're active among the Digg community, you are well aware of Mr. Baby Man, the #1 Digger. Pretty much everything he submits makes the front page of Digg because he is the ultimate power user. There are a select few of these individuals who pretty much rule Digg's front page. I've read stats that have said that Digg's top 100 user's submissions are on the front page anywhere between 50% - 75% of any given time..this doesn't count stories that they are shouting that they have not submitted. The problem with this is that many individuals will submit the same story prior to the power user and will maybe get 2 Diggs while the power user can submit the same story an hour later and will make the front page with great ease. Digg's users have frequently expressed their frustration with this (I've noticed this more and more). If you look at other social bookmarking websites that are similar to Digg such as Reddit, you'll see that the best story makes the front page regardless of who submits it...which is the way it should be.

2. Frequent Banning - Digg has gotten extremely strict over the past year and has alienated a lot of their user base. I understand that every website has their TOS and if you don't play by the rules you'll get banned, but Digg has gotten way overboard. I got banned last month because there were two accounts running from the same computer. I have my own laptop, but when it was busted I started to sign on the desktop computer inside my house which is used by someone else frequently with a Digg account. Digg banned me because they claimed I was running multiple accounts on the same IP (even though we never have dugg each other's stories). After two days of arguing I got "unbanned", but couldn't get over the fact that something like this could get you banned. I know people who have been banned for Digging too many stories in a short period of time (despite the fact that Digg sends out a warning if you're doing this), people who have been banned for using scripts (even the ones that don't Digg other people's stories or do anything that would compromise the integrity of an account).

3. Better Websites Do Exist - One of the reasons why Digg is popular because it was really one of the first websites do incorporate the concept of having user's submit stories and other user's voting on these stories. This doesn't necessarily make it the best. While this is merely a matter of opinion, I personally find the content on Reddit and Plime to be a lot better. An argument can be said that Digg does have a lot more "top news stories" than Reddit and Plime which have more "offbeat content", but then all you have to do is go to a non-social media website such as CNN, CBS, or even Yahoo and you'll find more of these "top news stories" than you would on Digg (and if you want to find another social media website that focuses on top news stories that is always Yahoo! Buzz).

4. Banned Domain Names - If you submit a piece of content that gets buried by a whole bunch of Digg users, there is a good chance that the domain name will get banned by Digg permanently. The problem with this is that it should take more than one occurrence for this to occur. You might submit content that Digg users do not enjoy, but if this was the first time that there were a significant amount of buries related to the domain name, the website should not be banned. Digg is way too quick to ban a website. I do understand that the bury button includes the option of reporting a story as "spam" which usually is the contributor of a domain name being banned, but it should take more than one time for this to result in a ban. This is something else that has frustrated Digg users. If a user is submitting spam frequently ban the user, not the site.

5. Everything New has Been Negative - In order for a website to succeed it needs to grow with their user base. The only changes that Digg have made are negative i.e the message you get when Digging too many stories, how it is a helluva lot easier to get banned, etc. There are a couple of new featrues (such as showing Digg stories based on keywords and showing similar stories based on user's Digging behavior), but they are hardly innovative or even all that noticable where they'd draw a lot of attention. All of the other industry leaders have made significant changes to their website. Facebook went from being a social networking website just for college students to open to everybody. They have added fan pages, groups, and Facebook applications to their website among a dozen other new features. YouTube has included a "Statistics & Data" feature with all of their videos, runs a PPC program similar to Adwords, created their own analytics program (insight), and numerous of other features that listened to the demands of their user base. If Digg continues to stay the same, there will be no room for growth.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Top 5 Non-Google Search Engines

I know Google is great, but you can't just live your life using only one search engine. There's alot of good options out there, that are just as good, maybe even better then Google. Google is great for general information, but when you want some more concrete, and reliable answers, it may be best to look elsewhere. Here are the top 5 Non-Google search engines (sans Yahoo and MSN)

1. Sweet Search

Sweet Search is a new engine provided by, an encylopedic guide site. You'll find that it's a lot more selective then your average search engine: For a search that might return millions on Google you'll get 500 from Sweet Search. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. All the results from Sweet Search are reliable: They are hand selected by findingDulcinea's staff to ensure that they are all high quality websites. You won't be finding any R. Kelly fansites from Kim in Wisconsin. It also doesn't hurt that Sweet Search prefaces their search results with a handful of relevant guide selections from FindD.

2. Kosmix

The great thing about this page is that it covers all the bases: Anything you search, you get the
web results, audio, video, tweets, shopping, images, conversations taking place on sites like Yahoo! Answers and Answerbag, and related searches, all on the same page. Needless to say it's extremely comprehensive, and if you're searching on a more general level you'll get more then enough information.

3.'s greatest feature isn't in it's web search function, but it's answer search. It has questions and answers catalogued from all kinds of sites like Yahoo! Answers, Ehow, Askville, Answerbag, and Wiki Answers. Those however, are not the only sites it is limited to. It includes really any site that the relevant question, or questions close to it, has been asked or discussed.

4. Silkwise

Where as is an answer search, Silkwise is more of a comprehensive question database. You ask your question and in time it is answered by at least one expert. Every answer you get is nigh guaranteed to be comprehensive and highly detailed.

5. ChaCha

Chacha is a question and answer site but with a twist: You text your questions to them and the answers are texted back to you on the fly, written by real people. Unlike pages like or Silkwise which have only specific questions answered, you can literally ask anything at ChaCha. Of course you are not going to be asking deep philosophical questions, or for a how-to on assembling a car, but for a quick fact check or just a short answer it's great. It doesn't hurt that you can look in the online database for anything that might've already been asked.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are ever having trouble finding anything, a change of search engine might be all you need.

The Top Five Places to Store Fine Art

Since you can never be too protective over your invaluable pieces of fine art, it’s important to be sure you are getting the highest quality fine art storage service available. Below is a list of the top five places to store the artwork you cherish.

1. Storage Deluxe – This brand new, high security, climate controlled fine art storage facility located just minutes from Manhattan topped our list of the top five places to store fine art. Ideal for art dealers, gallery owners and artists alike, this art storage facility has gone to great lengths to improve art handling, shipping, packing, installation and delivery services to surpass the expectations of top tier art collectors, galleries and institutions. Throw in some top-notch humidity control, a private viewing room, high ceilings, wide hallways, an oversized freight elevator and a large off-street parking area, and you’ve got yourself one exceptional fine art storage facility.

2. ICA – ICA came in at number two on our list, a fine art storage facility that has accommodated individual collectors with short-and-long-term housing of collections in transit, along with long-term storage for single art pieces or entire collections. Any and all of the collections stored in an ICA facility are accessible to collectors during regular working hours, providing for a convenient method of storing your pieces of art. The storage area is temperature-controlled, secured by a 24-hour armed response service, a 27-point security-detection system and second-tier monitoring system, so collectors can rest assured that their fine art is safe.

3. Crozier Fine Arts, Inc. – Although this fine art storage facility provides for a variety of long-and-short-term storage solutions similar to Storage Deluxe and ICA, Crozier Fine Arts, Inc. has a unique storing method that sets it apart from the rest. Crozier can store an individual piece, as well as an entire collection, in a private vault that has an attached custom-built office complete with separate phone lines, T1 lines and other comfort amenities. Crozier Fine Arts, Inc. also has a private viewing room available for presentations, sales, photography, conversation and framing, with additional temperature, air and UV radiation control for optimum storing.

4. Mana Fine Arts – Mana Fine Arts is a storage and handling company that routinely handles professional art collections both large and small across the New York tri state area. Mana is the fine art storage facility of choice for many New York museums, galleries, auction houses and private as well as commercial fine art collectors. Mana’s quality standard of excellence guarantees the best possible experience, providing unsurpassed customer service and constant monitoring of temperature, humidity and light exchange, offering collectors 24-hour digital access to their pieces from the convenience of their home or office.

5. Bayshore Fine Art Storage – Bayshore can accommodate for a single piece of art work, or an entire museum collection, and is a trusted fine art storage facility by collectors, museums and dealers alike. The expert Bayshore team is specially trained in the handling and storage of your invaluable artwork and is equipped with thousands of square feet of secure storage space. This modern facility is secured with 24-hour on-site surveillance, fire and theft protection systems and other

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Top Ten Underground Philadelphia Bands

We recently searched through phrequency, an affiliate partner of, to find the ten hottest up-and-coming underground bands currently performing in the Philadelphia area. Read on to learn more and to find out who made our list.

Three Legged Fox – Winner of the University of Delaware’s 2006 Battle of the Bands, this up-and-coming rock band has shared the stage with recording artists Jeffrey Gaines, SOJA, John Brown’s Body, Ballyhoo and Passafi. Their music is comprised of a unique blend of rock, reggae and alternative roots, and Three Legged Fox has plans of starting their own national tour in support of their second album entitled “Not as Far.” The tour will feature their new hit song, “Soul Thief.”

Fruit Punch – A genuine blend of Ska, Surf, Rock, Punk and Metal, Fruit Punch is a political band from Philly, with members who are unafraid to scratch the surface on some rather “touchy” issues. Their lyrics embrace a dynamic mix of metaphors and sarcasm to express important topics ranging from Human Rights to nuclear apocalypse, backed with a unique sound unlike most rising bands today. Be sure to download their most popular track, entitled “Damage Done.”

Bound by Nothing – This modern rock band promises to deliver music that is beautiful, edgy and original, while remaining appropriate for audiences of all ages. Band members and writers Matt Clarke and Jim Dallett design their lyrics around sensitive topics of love, loss and inner conflict, all of which projected through a fusion of post-hardcore and alternative rock. Bound by Nothing demonstrates their heavy rock side with their hit song “Root,” but remain versatile in their ability to switch gears into power ballad mode.

Showin’ Tell – Showin’ Tell is another modern rock band making their way into the Philly scene, playing several times monthly at the Mazda Rev It Up Tour at the Philadelphia Racetrack, and hosting the monthly Jagermeister Original Music Party. The band’s music is about the excitement of “discovering something new,” which is the cornerstone of the beloved grade school activity that inspired the band’s name. Discover this up-and-coming band for yourself by listening to Showin’ Tell’s hit song, “RockStar.”

The Matt Noffsinger Band – Headed by lead singer and guitar player Matt Noffsinger, the Matt Noffsinger Band is quickly gaining popularity along the Jersey shore tri-state area. The band has adopted a diverse and unique style of classic and modern rock, and Noffsinger has been playing songs like “Set Me Free” up and down the Jersey shore for more than ten years.

Pawnshop Roses – Pawnshop Roses got their big break in 2005 when they were selected out of hundreds of bands by WMMR, a legendary Philly radio station, to open for Velvet Revolver and Hoobastank with their hit song “Fading Out.” Since then, Pawnshop Roses has been working on their first full length album that promises to be full of “heartaches, hangovers and hell fire.”

The Brakes – A genuine rock band at first glance, The Brakes reveal elements of folk, jazz and post-rock in their music, creating a unique sound intertwined with American culture. The band performs memorable songs with insightful lyrics, often switching instruments and trading places during their performance, including hit songs such as “Into the Ground.”

Jon DeLise – Born and raised to a family of classical musicians in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Jon DeLise was surrounded by music his entire life. DeLise wrote, performed and co-produced the hit song, “Two Steps Away,” which was recorded by Patti Labelle and released as a single on her album entitled, “Timeless Journey.” Jon then went on to perform the hit “Hold On” (also known as “The Piano Song”) for The Starting Line.

The Last Call – Originally assembled as a three-piece acoustic cover act, The Last Call put together a band in the spring of 2005 without the presumed need for a bassist and drummer. With the acquisition of talented drummer Chris McLachlan and bass, guitar, drum and vocal extraordinaire Jack Sparks in 2007, The Last Call became the “new sound” in the Philadelphia area, performing songs like “Kids” from their smash hit rock album.

Bojibian – Bojibian consists of band members Stephen Lorek, Niles Weiss, James Scullion and Dylan Mulcahy, who have been playing together for several years despite the fact that none of them are older than age 22. The group’s sound draws from many influences, including pop, post-punk, classic rock, post-grunge, Southern rock and arena rock, and they have been performing hit songs like “Still There” throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, at World Café Live and the North Star Bar in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ten Interesting Facts About Women In Honor of Women’s History Month

Interesting Fact # 1- Women assuming new professional roles during World War II: While thousands of American soldiers were fighting for their country, women started adopting several professional roles that were previously unavailable to them, serving as engineers, manufacturers, nurses and members of the armed forces, eventually becoming professional baseball players, journalists and secret military communications agents.

Interesting Fact #2 –Women as Nobel Prize winners:
Elizabeth Blackwell, one of the most influential women in medicine during the modern era, set a trend for notable achievements among women in the fields of science, politics and the arts. Blackwell, who established a hospital and medical school before she died at age 90, encouraged more than 7,000 women to become doctors in the U.S. alone. Other notable women of the era include Nobel Prize winners Marie Curie (Physics, 1903), Pearl Buck (Literature, 1938), Barbara McClintock (Medicine, 1983) and Aung San Suu Kyi (Peace, 1991).

Interesting Fact #3 – The role of women in the modern workforce: According to an educational series on The History Channel, more and more women are realizing their professional potential. Statistics on women’s income, profession, military service and businesses have dramatically improved since 2002, where the number of women-owned businesses climbed to nearly 6.5 million, up 20 percent from 1997.

Interesting Fact #4 – Famous firsts:
Mary Katherine Goddard was the first woman publisher in America (printing the Providence Gazette newspaper and the annual West’s Almanack) in 1766. She also became the first woman postmaster in the country in 1775, the first printer to offer copies of the Declaration of Independence(including the signer’s names) in 1777, and the first woman in America to open a Baltimore bookstore in 1789.

Interesting Fact #5 – Women in sports:
Because there wasn’t a women’s figure skating competition at the time, Madge Syers of Britain entered the men’s world championship in 1902 and placed second. She then went on to win the first women’s Olympic gold medal in 1908.

Interesting Fact #6 –
Women in war: Harriet Tubman risked her life for over a decade to lead hundreds of enslaved people out of the South towards freedom in the North during the Civil War, where she worked as a nurse and scout. Her last major project was her Home for the Aged, which is now a museum honoring her life and work.

Interesting Fact #7 –Working women:
In 1992, two-thirds (66 percent) of all part-time workers were women. In addition, of the 54 million women employed in the U.S. during that year, 40 million worked full-time (35 hours or more per week) and nearly 14 million held part-time jobs.

Interesting Fact #8 – Women in Congress:
Jeannette Rankin, a Republican from Montana, was the first woman elected to serve in Congress on November 9, 1916, to the House of Representatives as Montana’s Representative –at-Large to the 65th Congress. She served from 1917 until 1919.

Interesting Fact #9 – Women inventors:
On May 15, 1809, Mary Dixon Kies received the first U.S. patent issued to a woman for inventing a process for weaving straw with silk or thread. Before then, most women inventors didn’t bother to patent their new inventions because they couldn’t legally own property independent of their husbands.

Interesting Fact #10 – Women and college
Graduating first in her class from Oberlin College in 1847, Lucy Stone (1818-1893) was one of the first women in the United States to earn a college degree. Stone later went on to organize the first national women’s rights convention.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Most Anticipated Las Vegas Events of March, 2009

This up and coming month is filled with spectacular events that will bring a world of entertainment to the Las Vegas strip. Music-lovers, sports fans and the comically inclined can enjoy any or all of the following shows that topped our list as the most anticipated Las Vegas events for March of 2009.

1. DJs Carl Cox and Mark Lewis - Sunday, March 8th @ 10:30p.m.

GOODLIFE welcomes DJs Carl Cox and Mark Lewis to Moon Nightclub where ladies drink complimentary champagne from 10:30 PM – midnight. Fans can visit for additional information including photos, Carl Cox’s gig guide and a weekly radio show.

2. 2009 Conoco Mountain West Conference Basketball Championships – Game 1 - Tuesday, March 10th @ 2:00p.m.

March 10th kicks off the Mountain West Conference women’s basketball championship with three first round games being held at the Thomas & Mack Center. Game one begins at 2:00p.m. Pacific Standard Time with the #9 women’s seed versus the #4 seed followed by game two at 4:30p.m. and game three at 7:00p.m. The tournament will consist of sixteen games over five days, concluding on March 14th, and will determine the men’s and women’s champions to go on to the 2009 NCAA Division Championships. Single-session tickets are only available at the Thomas & Mack box office or through

3. Barry Manilow – ULTIMATE MANILOW: The Hits – Thursday, March 19th @ 8:00p.m.

Barry Manilow’s “The Hits” at the Hilton hotel gives fans a memorable concert experience with Manilow singing all of his familiar and most beloved songs including “Daybreak,” “It’s a Miracle,” "Bandstand Boogie” and “Weekend in New England.” Manilow has also incorporated some of his older hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s into his performance and has condensed them into a powerful medley of songs promised to entertain “fanilows.” Reservations are suggested and ticket prices range from $110.45 to $198.45.

4. Jay Leno – The Best Late-Night in Las VegasFriday, March 20th @ 10:00p.m.

Jay Leno will be performing the Best of Late-Night at the Terry Fator Theatre in the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas and any fan of the Tonight Show should prepare themselves for a night filled with laughs. Doors for the event will open 1 hour prior to show time and tickets are now on sale for $89 with the option of adding a dinner package.

5. Hope Dworaczyk - Sunday, March 22nd @10:00p.m.

After Dark Sundays welcomes the April 2009 Playboy Playmate, Hope Dworaczyk, to Playboy Club. For more information about upcoming events at Playboy Club, contact Julie Cane from the N9NE GROUP at 702.944.3464.