Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Top Ten Underground Philadelphia Bands

We recently searched through phrequency, an affiliate partner of, to find the ten hottest up-and-coming underground bands currently performing in the Philadelphia area. Read on to learn more and to find out who made our list.

Three Legged Fox – Winner of the University of Delaware’s 2006 Battle of the Bands, this up-and-coming rock band has shared the stage with recording artists Jeffrey Gaines, SOJA, John Brown’s Body, Ballyhoo and Passafi. Their music is comprised of a unique blend of rock, reggae and alternative roots, and Three Legged Fox has plans of starting their own national tour in support of their second album entitled “Not as Far.” The tour will feature their new hit song, “Soul Thief.”

Fruit Punch – A genuine blend of Ska, Surf, Rock, Punk and Metal, Fruit Punch is a political band from Philly, with members who are unafraid to scratch the surface on some rather “touchy” issues. Their lyrics embrace a dynamic mix of metaphors and sarcasm to express important topics ranging from Human Rights to nuclear apocalypse, backed with a unique sound unlike most rising bands today. Be sure to download their most popular track, entitled “Damage Done.”

Bound by Nothing – This modern rock band promises to deliver music that is beautiful, edgy and original, while remaining appropriate for audiences of all ages. Band members and writers Matt Clarke and Jim Dallett design their lyrics around sensitive topics of love, loss and inner conflict, all of which projected through a fusion of post-hardcore and alternative rock. Bound by Nothing demonstrates their heavy rock side with their hit song “Root,” but remain versatile in their ability to switch gears into power ballad mode.

Showin’ Tell – Showin’ Tell is another modern rock band making their way into the Philly scene, playing several times monthly at the Mazda Rev It Up Tour at the Philadelphia Racetrack, and hosting the monthly Jagermeister Original Music Party. The band’s music is about the excitement of “discovering something new,” which is the cornerstone of the beloved grade school activity that inspired the band’s name. Discover this up-and-coming band for yourself by listening to Showin’ Tell’s hit song, “RockStar.”

The Matt Noffsinger Band – Headed by lead singer and guitar player Matt Noffsinger, the Matt Noffsinger Band is quickly gaining popularity along the Jersey shore tri-state area. The band has adopted a diverse and unique style of classic and modern rock, and Noffsinger has been playing songs like “Set Me Free” up and down the Jersey shore for more than ten years.

Pawnshop Roses – Pawnshop Roses got their big break in 2005 when they were selected out of hundreds of bands by WMMR, a legendary Philly radio station, to open for Velvet Revolver and Hoobastank with their hit song “Fading Out.” Since then, Pawnshop Roses has been working on their first full length album that promises to be full of “heartaches, hangovers and hell fire.”

The Brakes – A genuine rock band at first glance, The Brakes reveal elements of folk, jazz and post-rock in their music, creating a unique sound intertwined with American culture. The band performs memorable songs with insightful lyrics, often switching instruments and trading places during their performance, including hit songs such as “Into the Ground.”

Jon DeLise – Born and raised to a family of classical musicians in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Jon DeLise was surrounded by music his entire life. DeLise wrote, performed and co-produced the hit song, “Two Steps Away,” which was recorded by Patti Labelle and released as a single on her album entitled, “Timeless Journey.” Jon then went on to perform the hit “Hold On” (also known as “The Piano Song”) for The Starting Line.

The Last Call – Originally assembled as a three-piece acoustic cover act, The Last Call put together a band in the spring of 2005 without the presumed need for a bassist and drummer. With the acquisition of talented drummer Chris McLachlan and bass, guitar, drum and vocal extraordinaire Jack Sparks in 2007, The Last Call became the “new sound” in the Philadelphia area, performing songs like “Kids” from their smash hit rock album.

Bojibian – Bojibian consists of band members Stephen Lorek, Niles Weiss, James Scullion and Dylan Mulcahy, who have been playing together for several years despite the fact that none of them are older than age 22. The group’s sound draws from many influences, including pop, post-punk, classic rock, post-grunge, Southern rock and arena rock, and they have been performing hit songs like “Still There” throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, at World CafĂ© Live and the North Star Bar in Philadelphia.


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Epic Failure should of def been considered!! They are from the fishtown part of philly. They should be famous. They are better than the crap on the radio by far!
ANd did i mention they are actually from philly!!

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the band unit theory should be number 1 on this list.come on guys search harder.

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You forgot clairvoyance, a band coming up in Philadelphia. Check the out at the north star bar on August 26th 2012 and see for yourself.