Friday, March 20, 2009

Top 5 Non-Google Search Engines

I know Google is great, but you can't just live your life using only one search engine. There's alot of good options out there, that are just as good, maybe even better then Google. Google is great for general information, but when you want some more concrete, and reliable answers, it may be best to look elsewhere. Here are the top 5 Non-Google search engines (sans Yahoo and MSN)

1. Sweet Search

Sweet Search is a new engine provided by, an encylopedic guide site. You'll find that it's a lot more selective then your average search engine: For a search that might return millions on Google you'll get 500 from Sweet Search. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. All the results from Sweet Search are reliable: They are hand selected by findingDulcinea's staff to ensure that they are all high quality websites. You won't be finding any R. Kelly fansites from Kim in Wisconsin. It also doesn't hurt that Sweet Search prefaces their search results with a handful of relevant guide selections from FindD.

2. Kosmix

The great thing about this page is that it covers all the bases: Anything you search, you get the
web results, audio, video, tweets, shopping, images, conversations taking place on sites like Yahoo! Answers and Answerbag, and related searches, all on the same page. Needless to say it's extremely comprehensive, and if you're searching on a more general level you'll get more then enough information.

3.'s greatest feature isn't in it's web search function, but it's answer search. It has questions and answers catalogued from all kinds of sites like Yahoo! Answers, Ehow, Askville, Answerbag, and Wiki Answers. Those however, are not the only sites it is limited to. It includes really any site that the relevant question, or questions close to it, has been asked or discussed.

4. Silkwise

Where as is an answer search, Silkwise is more of a comprehensive question database. You ask your question and in time it is answered by at least one expert. Every answer you get is nigh guaranteed to be comprehensive and highly detailed.

5. ChaCha

Chacha is a question and answer site but with a twist: You text your questions to them and the answers are texted back to you on the fly, written by real people. Unlike pages like or Silkwise which have only specific questions answered, you can literally ask anything at ChaCha. Of course you are not going to be asking deep philosophical questions, or for a how-to on assembling a car, but for a quick fact check or just a short answer it's great. It doesn't hurt that you can look in the online database for anything that might've already been asked.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are ever having trouble finding anything, a change of search engine might be all you need.


Charles Knight said...

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Silk said...

This is a great list, they make lots of sense on what Google cannot do, especially the

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know which of the search engines invade one's privacy the least. I know that the Orwell analogy has been overworked but I truly believe that Google and Facebook are the beginning of the big brother scenario described by Orwell in "1984".

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous's statement

Anonymous said...

yes im still looking and having trouble finding a reliable source...

Anonymous said...

Is there an updated list? If so, is there a way of knowing what political agenda they support? I'd rather support people who back what I believe in.