Friday, March 20, 2009

The Top Five Places to Store Fine Art

Since you can never be too protective over your invaluable pieces of fine art, it’s important to be sure you are getting the highest quality fine art storage service available. Below is a list of the top five places to store the artwork you cherish.

1. Storage Deluxe – This brand new, high security, climate controlled fine art storage facility located just minutes from Manhattan topped our list of the top five places to store fine art. Ideal for art dealers, gallery owners and artists alike, this art storage facility has gone to great lengths to improve art handling, shipping, packing, installation and delivery services to surpass the expectations of top tier art collectors, galleries and institutions. Throw in some top-notch humidity control, a private viewing room, high ceilings, wide hallways, an oversized freight elevator and a large off-street parking area, and you’ve got yourself one exceptional fine art storage facility.

2. ICA – ICA came in at number two on our list, a fine art storage facility that has accommodated individual collectors with short-and-long-term housing of collections in transit, along with long-term storage for single art pieces or entire collections. Any and all of the collections stored in an ICA facility are accessible to collectors during regular working hours, providing for a convenient method of storing your pieces of art. The storage area is temperature-controlled, secured by a 24-hour armed response service, a 27-point security-detection system and second-tier monitoring system, so collectors can rest assured that their fine art is safe.

3. Crozier Fine Arts, Inc. – Although this fine art storage facility provides for a variety of long-and-short-term storage solutions similar to Storage Deluxe and ICA, Crozier Fine Arts, Inc. has a unique storing method that sets it apart from the rest. Crozier can store an individual piece, as well as an entire collection, in a private vault that has an attached custom-built office complete with separate phone lines, T1 lines and other comfort amenities. Crozier Fine Arts, Inc. also has a private viewing room available for presentations, sales, photography, conversation and framing, with additional temperature, air and UV radiation control for optimum storing.

4. Mana Fine Arts – Mana Fine Arts is a storage and handling company that routinely handles professional art collections both large and small across the New York tri state area. Mana is the fine art storage facility of choice for many New York museums, galleries, auction houses and private as well as commercial fine art collectors. Mana’s quality standard of excellence guarantees the best possible experience, providing unsurpassed customer service and constant monitoring of temperature, humidity and light exchange, offering collectors 24-hour digital access to their pieces from the convenience of their home or office.

5. Bayshore Fine Art Storage – Bayshore can accommodate for a single piece of art work, or an entire museum collection, and is a trusted fine art storage facility by collectors, museums and dealers alike. The expert Bayshore team is specially trained in the handling and storage of your invaluable artwork and is equipped with thousands of square feet of secure storage space. This modern facility is secured with 24-hour on-site surveillance, fire and theft protection systems and other


chris wise said...

Hey thanks for the kind words about our storage faclility. I run the Storage Deluxe art storage facility and am quite proud to have such a positive review. We've worked very hard to provide the absolute best in art storage.

You should know that we have a new name and new website. SD Fine Art. We think our new name is easier for our customers. Our ownership or commitment to being the best storage provider has not changed.


Chris Wise

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,
Congratulations to receiving such great comment.

We have been thinkign about realizing such interesting idea in Eastern Europe (were Iam based) and I was wondering, whether you would be so kind and share with us your experiences with launching this facility. All your comments/advices would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you don`t find my request too daring.

Wish you all the best with your business.


Jana Pitrikova