Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 15

What  a week. So many upsets and ranking shifts.

 1. New England Patriots 365
Last Week: 2
Notes: The Patriots find themselves in the #1 spot for the first time after 13 games. They destroyed the Texans and showed why they are the team to beat in the AFC and NFL.

2Houston Texans 290
Last Week: 1
Notes: I thought the Patriots were going to win this game, but didn't think they'd absolutely destroy the Texans. This can't be good for the Texans confidence. Their two losses this year have been huge margins. They might need to win out the season now in order to secure a #1 seed.

3. Denver Broncos 276
Last Week: 4
Notes: Now winners of 8 in a row, the Broncos are cruising. If they beat Baltimore next week (who has been playing poorly as of late), they look great to end the season winning 11 in a row.
4. Atlanta Falcons 266
Last Week: 3
Notes: The Falcons get upset against the Panthers, but still are a game and a half ahead for the #1 seed in the NFC. No matter what seed they end the season, they could face a lot of issues come playoff time.
5. San Francisco 49ers 262
Last Week: 5
Notes: Another win for Kaepernick. Things get tougher, however, Sunday night against the Pats.

6. New York Giants 192
Last Week: 9
Notes: The Giants have been looking great since the bye. They've gone 2-1, with two convincing wins against the Packers and Saints. Their loss was only by one point on the road against the red hot Redskins. 

7.  Seattle Seahawks: 189
Last Week: 10
Notes: Wow. I get the Cardinals are playing horrible football, but this was still a very impressive win on both sides of the ball for Seattle. They now find themselves controlling the 5th seed in the NFC. The 49ers better not let their foot off the gas because the Seahawks are right behind.

8.  Baltimore Ravens 181
Last Week: 7
Notes: Two losses in a row for this Ravens team and now they face a red hot Broncos on Sunday. They still are in good shape to take the AFC North with both the Steelers and Bengals losing, but it might be a lot closer than expected.

9. Green Bay Packers: 179
Last Week: 8
Notes: Winners of two in a row, the Packers look to have control over the NFC North.
10. Chicago Bears 177
Last Week: 6
Notes: The Bears went from looking like a sure thing to make the playoffs to things getting very scary for this team. Injuries on D have caused them to lose their dominance in this area and are now the 6th seed after being a 3 seed a couple of weeks ago. 

11.  Cincinnati Bengals 85
Last Week: 11
Notes:  Tough loss for the Bengals. A win would have put them in the 6th seed. Given how the Steelers have been playing, however, they are still far from being out of it.

12. Indianapolis Colts: 73
Last Week: 14
Notes: They don't make it look easy, but the Colts are now at 9-4. This is incredible for a team that was 2-14 the year before and who has a rookie QB.

13. Washington Redskins: 68
Last Week: 15
Notes: One of the hottest teams in football right now. The Redskins have an easier schedule than the Giants to close out the season, but they can't take teams like the Browns and Eagles lightly.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 61
Last Week: 13
Notes: Two weeks ago, they looked like they would be competing for a playoff spot until the very last game. Now, the Buccs playoff hopes are slowly getting away from them.
15. Pittsburgh Steelers:58
Last Week: 12
Notes: The Steelers losing against the Chargers with Big Ben back shows that the team has some big issues that their starting QB can't fix.

16.  Minnesota Vikings 47
Last Week: 16
Notes:  A huge win for the Vikings that keeps them right in the thick of things.

17. Dallas Cowboys:40
Last Week: 17
Notes: It looked like a loss for this Cowboys team but they managed to pull out the win against the Cowboys and now find themselves above .500 where they haven't been since week 3.

18. St. Louis Rams: 0
Last Week:19
Notes: Don't count the Rams out yet. 6-6-1 is far from out of the playoff picture.

19.  San Diego Chargers -11
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Chargers played like they had something to prove. A good win that won't save their season, but a good win nonetheless.

20. New York Jets: -39
Last Week: 23
Notes: The Jets win and keep their playoff hopes alive, but Sanchez was far from convincing.

21. Cleveland Browns: -40
Last Week: 25
Notes: The Browns now have won 3 in a row after destroying the Chiefs. 
22. New Orleans Saints:-45
Last Week: 18
Notes: Officially the nail in the coffin. The best that these disappointing Saints can do now is finish at .500 which won't make the playoffs.

23. Miami Dolphins: -49
Last Week: 20
Notes: Remember back when the Dolphins were fighting against the Colts for a playoff spot? Seems like a distant memory. They've gone 1-5 since that game (including the loss against the Colts).
24.  Detroit Lions: -74
Last Week: 22
Notes: Raise your hands if you thought the Lions would finish last in the NFC North this year? If you said yes, you're a liar. Still, they have officially clinched last place in the division.

25. Buffalo Bills: -80
Last Week: 24
Notes: It's crazy what a few minutes in a game can do. They were minutes away from being very alive in the playoff picture to now all but mathematically out of it.

26. Carolina Panthers: -96
Last Week: 27
Notes: The Panthers are now in upset mode and played a great game against the Falcons.
27. Philadelphia Eagles: -150
Last Week: 29
Notes: The Eagles finally get a win. Foles looked good which is the only positive thing you can say about this season.
28.  Arizona Cardinals -151
Last Week: 26
Notes: From bad to worse. 9 losses in a row with their latest being a 58-0 shutout against the Seahawks, Pathetic. 

29 Tennessee Titans: -166
Last Week: 28
Notes: Since the loss to the Jags, I've been saying this team will end the season 4-12. So far so good.

30  Oakland Raiders: -243
Last Week: 30
Notes: Even at 30, I probably have them ranked higher than most in their power rankings.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -262
Last Week: 31
Notes:Well, I guess they're still sticking with Henne despite being pretty terrible.
32. Kansas City Chiefs: -280
Last Week: 32
Notes: Back to reality for the Chiefs who got destroyed by the Browns.

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