Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 16

The playoff picture is starting to come together in the AFC, while the NFC is still up for grabs.

1. New England Patriots 345
Last Week: 1
Notes: Even with the loss Sunday night, I still think the Pats are the best team in the league. All the loss did, in my opinion, was confirm that there really isn't a team that is by far the best (like the Packers were last year).

2Houston Texans 320
Last Week: 2
Notes: A win against the Colts and the loss by the Patriots puts the Texans in good shape for the #1 seed.

3. Denver Broncos 314
Last Week:3
Notes: Nine wins in a row now for the red hot Broncos. Nobody wants to play this team come playoff time.
4. Atlanta Falcons 312
Last Week: 4
Notes: That impressive win against the Giants helped to shut up critics (for now) stating the Falcons are overrated.
5. San Francisco 49ers 289
Last Week: 5
Notes: A great win against the Patriots that keeps them a game and a half ahead of the Seahawks in the division.

6.  Seattle Seahawks: 233
Last Week:7
Notes: 2 wins in a row now on the road including a 50-17 dismantling of the Bills. The Seahawks have pretty much secured a spot in the playoffs.

7. Green Bay Packers: 203
Last Week:9
Notes: The Packers, once again, win the NFC North.

8.  Baltimore Ravens148
Last Week: 8
Notes:  The Ravens have lost 3 in a row now, but still have clinched a wildcard birth in the playoffs. Things don't get easier for this Ravens team with a game against a desperate Giants who find ways to win when they need to.

9. New York Giants 147
Last Week: 6
Notes: Despite being a 9th seed currently, the Giants control their own destiny. The Redskins and Cowboys still have a game against each other. If the Giants win out (10-6) they will end up with a better record than either the Redskins or the Cowboys (at minimum) and would hold the tiebreaker over any potential 10-6 teams like the Vikings and Bears.

10. Chicago Bears 145
Last Week: 10
Notes: From 7-1 to 8-6. The Bears are in trouble. They do have have a fairly easy schedule to close out the season, but even if they win out, they might not make it.

11.  Cincinnati Bengals 126
Last Week: 11
Notes:  With the Bengals winning and the Steelers losing, they can clinch a playoff spot with a win against the Steelers next week. With the way the Ravens are playing, they can even take over the division.

12. Washington Redskins: 105
Last Week: 13
Notes: The red hot Redskins find themselves in first after a win with their second string QB. Five wins a row makes it the longest active streak in the NFC.
13.  Minnesota Vikings 81
Last Week: 16
Notes: Adrian Peterson has been keeping this Vikings team in the playoff picture. Forget Comeback Player of the Year, he might win MVP.

14. Dallas Cowboys:63
Last Week: 17
Notes: The Cowboys win against the Steelers and keep their playoff hopes very much alive.

15. Indianapolis Colts: 51
Last Week: 12
Notes: The Colts need to find ways to win against teams like the Texans in order to have a shot in the playoffs.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers:44
Last Week: 15
Notes: Surprising to think at this point, the Steelers look like they have more of a chance to NOT make the playoffs, then make it.

17. New Orleans Saints: 16
Last Week: 22
Notes: Every once in a while, the Saints show the brilliance of their previous seasons like they did in Sunday's game against the Buccs.
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:7
Last Week: 14
Notes: All but mathematically eliminated now.

19. Miami Dolphins: -13
Last Week: 23
Notes: The Dolphins hope to win out their last 2 games to end the season at .500, a high note for this team. 

20. St. Louis Rams: -31
Last Week:18
Notes: Tough loss for the Rams, but am excited to see what Fisher does with this team next year.

21.  San Diego Chargers -48
Last Week: 19
Notes: The Chargers are officially out of the playoff race (not that they would have made it anyway). Norv Turner better have his resume ready.

22. Carolina Panthers: -52
Last Week: 26
Notes: If the Panthers played like they have been playing their last 2 games all season, they might actually be in the playoff hunt. Too little too late.

23. New York Jets: -63
Last Week: 20
Notes: You're fighting for your playoff life and you lose to the Titans? Pathetic.
24. Cleveland Browns: -69
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Browns playoff hopes are now officially over. Weeden and Richardson might make this team a lot more competitive the next couple of years though.

25.  Arizona Cardinals -107
Last Week: 28
Notes: The Cardinals finally snap out of their 9 game losing streak with a win against the Lions.
26.  Detroit Lions: -118
Last Week: 24
Notes: Can you tell this team has given up? After losing close games, and being on the wrong end of bad calls, this team looks defeated emotionally and physically.

27. Buffalo Bills: -133
Last Week: 25
Notes: Another loss for the Bills drops them even further in the rankings.

28 Tennessee Titans: -146
Last Week: 29
Notes: Not what you'd call a great Monday Night football game by any means, but the Titans played the role of upset well and eliminated the Jets from playoff contention.
29. Philadelphia Eagles: -188
Last Week: 27
Notes: That was one of the sloppiest games of football I've seen in a long time. It sums up the Eagles season. 

30  Oakland Raiders: -213
Last Week: 30
Notes: The Raiders finally find a competitor that even they can beat.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -296
Last Week: 31
Notes: Now competing with the Chiefs for the worst record in the league.
32. Kansas City Chiefs: -306
Last Week: 32
Notes: See #31.

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