Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 10

1. Kansas City Chiefs 271
Last week: 1
Notes:  The Chiefs are now 9-0 after beating the Bills on the road. Amazing after only winning 2 games last year.

2. Denver Broncos 243
Last week: 2
Notes: Can't wait until the Broncos face the Chiefs two weeks from now.

3. Seattle Seahawks: 217
Last week: 3
Notes:Just when it looked like they were going to hand Tampa Bay their first win, the Seahawks found a way to bounce back and win. Yes, they shouldn't have been down 21 points to begin with, but good teams find ways to bounce back and they did.

4.  San Francisco 49ers 164
Last week: 5
Notes:  The 49ers have a "losing" bye week with the Seahawks winning against Tampa Bay.

5. New England Patriots: 159
Last week: 9
Notes: The Patriots looked like the Patriots we all expect them to be against the Steelers. Could this be the sign that Brady is back?

6New Orleans Saints 153
Last week: 4
Notes: The Saints couldn't handle the Jets D and lost a surprising one on Sunday.

7. Indianapolis Colts: 152
Last week: 7
Notes: Another comeback from a great team. The Colts continue to hold a two game lead in the division over the Titans.
8. Carolina Panthers:  140
Last week: 10
Notes:  The Saints can't get too comfortable because the Panthers are right behind them. They have a brutal schedule the rest of the season though including upcoming games against the 49ers and the Patriots.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals:129
Last week: 6
Notes: Tough OT loss against the Dolphins, but the Ravens losing continues to put the Bengals in good shape of the division.
10. Green Bay Packers: 100
Last week: 8
Notes: Losing Aaron Rodgers is a huge for this Packers team. If they don't get him back soon, it could cost them the division and the playoffs altogether.

11Dallas Cowboys: 92
Last Week: 12
Notes: The Cowboys finally find themselves on the winning end of a close game. 
12. Detroit Lions: 73
Last week: 11
Notes: The Lions face an important divisional game next week against the Bears.

13. Chicago Bears: 61
Last week: 14
Notes: They were able to take advantage of a Rodgers-less Packers team and now are in a 3 way tie with Packers and Lions for 1st in the division.

14. Tennessee Titans: 35
Last week: 15
Notes: Big win for the Titans. The Titans hold tiebreakers over the Chargers and the Jets which could be the deciding factor in the 6th seed.

15. San Diego Chargers:31
Last week: 13
Notes: Just when everyone started to say the Chargers were underrated they lose to the Redskins. Their next 3 games are brutal; Broncos, Dolphins, and Chiefs.  

16.  Miami Dolphins: 13
Last week: 18
Notes: The Dolphins find life again with a win over the Bengals; snapping their losing streak and keeping them right in the mix of the playoff hunt.

17. Arizona Cardinals 7
Last week: 16
Notes: Hard to gauge how good this Cardinals team is. Will be interesting to see how their second half goes. Their next two games are winnable; home against the Texans and on the road against the Jags.

18. Philadelphia Eagles: -2
Last Week: 25
Notes: The Eagles bounced back nicely against the Raiders and maintain a one game distance from Dallas.

19. Cleveland Browns: -15
Last week: 20
Notes: The Browns continue to prove why they aren't the weakest in the division anymore. They hold the best division record in the AFC North at 2-1.
20. Baltimore Ravens: -17
Last week: 17
Notes: The loss against the Browns might have sealed the Ravens fate.

21. New York Jets: -26
Last week: 23
Notes: The most inconsistent team in football beat one of the league's best. The Jets hope that their bye week counts as a "loss" so they beat the Bills on the road next week.

22. Washington Redskins: -57
Last week: 27
Notes:   The Redskins keep pace in the NFC East with a win over the Chargers in OT.  Don't count this team out, they can pull off another comeback and win the division again this year.

23. Oakland Raiders -63
Last week: 19
Notes: Just when the Raiders started to look like a decent team, they get killed against the Eagles.

24. Buffalo Bills -64
Last week: 21
Notes: Not a bad showing against the Chiefs, but another loss for the Bills.

25 St. Louis Rams -75
Last Week: 22
Notes: The Rams have now lost 3 in a row and face the Colts on the road (which should make it 4 in a row).
26.  Atlanta Falcons -93
Last week: 24
Notes: Amazing that this team was 13-3 last year.

27. Pittsburgh Steelers: -104
Last week: 26
Notes: The Steelers showed why they aren't the same Steelers as years prior with a terrible game against the Patriots.

28. Houston Texans  -107
Last week: 28
Notes: Heartbreaking loss for the Texans. This team had such high expectations.

29. New York Giants: - 125
Last week: 29
Notes: The Giants had a terrible bye week with everyone in the NFC East winning. They need to not focus on that and win against the Raiders at home.
30. Minnestota Vikings -154
Last week: 30
Notes: At least this team is still fighting.
31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -178
Last week: 31
Notes: Wow. That win would have been a great morale booster for Tampa Bay. Instead they blow a 21 point lead.
32. Jacksonville Jaguars:-275
Last week: 32
Notes: The Jags can't even win on a bye week with Justin Blackmon being suspended indefinitely.

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