Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 12

1. Denver Broncos 308
Last week: 2
Notes: The Broncos reclaim the #1 spot after beating the undefeated Chiefs. They face another challenge next week; on the road against the Pats.

2. Seattle Seahawks: 295
Last week: 3
Notes: With their latest win over the Vikings, the Seahawks now have the best record in the NFL.

3. Kansas City Chiefs 256
Last week: 1
Notes:  They finally faced an elite opponent and couldn't pull a win. They should rebound at home next week against the Chargers.
4New Orleans Saints 229
Last week: 4
Notes: A big win (controversial call or not). 
5. Carolina Panthers:  194
Last week: 5
Notes:  The question of whether or not this team is "legit" gets a more definitive yes with an impressive win over the Patriots.

6. Cincinnati Bengals:152
Last week: 8
Notes: A big win that puts them further ahead in the AFC North division.

7. New England Patriots: 147
 Last week: 6
Notes: Things don't get easier for the Pats next week with a game against the 9-1 Broncos.

8.  San Francisco 49ers 129
Last week: 7
Notes:  Tough loss for the 49ers. That call could end up costing them a playoff spot.

9. Indianapolis Colts: 128
Last week: 9
Notes: The division is pretty much theirs at this point.

10. Chicago Bears: 75
Last week: 13
Notes: Don't look now, but the Bears are now tied for first in the NFC North with the Lions.

11. Detroit Lions: 69
Last week: 10
Notes:  The Lions didn't pull off a last minute win like they did against the Cowboys. They can't overlook a recently hot Tampa Bay team next week.

12. Philadelphia Eagles: 68
Last Week: 14
Notes: The Eagles pull into lone possession of 1st place in the NFC East. The way Foles has been playing, it will be tough for anyone to beat them.

13Dallas Cowboys: 51
Last Week: 12
Notes:  The Cowboys face one of their most important games of the season next week, on the road against the Giants. Could decide the division.

14. Arizona Cardinals 50
Last week: 15
Notes:The Cardinals are quietly in the NFC wildcard hunt at 6-4.

15. Green Bay Packers:41
Last week: 11
Notes: The Packers need Rodgers back ASAP or they have no chance.

16.  Miami Dolphins: 13
Last week: 19
Notes: The Dolphins have life again and move back to .500 on the season. 

17. San Diego Chargers: -7
Last week: 16
Notes: The Chargers now have lost 3 in a row. Things don't get easier with a road game against the Chiefs next week.

18. Tennessee Titans: -8
Last week: 18
Notes:They couldn't hold on to the elad against the Colts and now are one of about a zillion teams in the AFC who are 4-6.

19. Baltimore Ravens: -12
Last week: 17
Notes: With how tight things are in the AFC, that OT loss could decide the season for the Ravens.

20 St. Louis Rams -26
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Rams had a losing bye week with the Bears and Cardinals both winning.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers: -39
Last week: 23
Notes: The Steelers are right back in the playoff picture after beating the Lions. They have two very important divisional games coming up against the Browns and Ravens.

22. New York Giants: -51
Last week: 26
Notes: The Giants are now winners of 4 in a row. Not only are they competing for the NFC East, they are even int he wildcard race. That being said, 3 of their wins came against teams with issues at QB (Eagles and Packers using a 3rd string and Vikings using a beyond unprepared Freeman). The game against the Cowboys will help to see how improved this team really is.
23. New York Jets: -57
Last week: 22
Notes: I guess the bye week didn't count as a loss. The Jets looked terrible, like they have with a lot of their loses. Geno Smith should be benched. Surprisingly, this team would be the 6th seed still if the playoffs started today.

24. Oakland Raiders -60
Last week: 24
Notes: The Raiders are remarkably one game out of the wildcard after beating the Texans.
25. Cleveland Browns: -64
Last week: 20
Notes: After looking like the clear 2nd place choice in the AFC North, they could very well find themselves in last.

26. Buffalo Bills -71
Last week: 27
Notes: Hard to tell if that win was the Bills looking great or the Jets looking terrible.. Probably more of the latter, but the win saved their season.

27. Washington Redskins: -108
Last week: 25
Notes: I guess the Redskins won't go from 3-6 6 to 10-6 like last season.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -125
Last week: 31
Notes: Tampa Bay has looked solid these past two games.

29.  Atlanta Falcons -153
Last week: 29
Notes: This team has rolled over and died.

30. Houston Texans  -154
Last week: 30
Notes: The Texans have the longest losing streak in the NFL with 8. The second longest is at a, not even close, 4 (Falcons). They have a good chance of snapping the streak with a home game against the Jaguars.
31. Minnestota Vikings -155
Last week: 28
Notes: The Vikings looked like their old selves again with that brutal loss against the Seahawks.
32. Jacksonville Jaguars: -289
Last week: 32
Notes: The way Tampa has been playing, the Jags are now the clear favorite for the #1 draft pick.

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