Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 11

1. Kansas City Chiefs 276
Last week: 1
Next Sunday is the match we've all been eagerly waiting for. If they can beat the Broncos on the road (with Manning playing), they have a legit shot of going 16-0.

2. Denver Broncos 273

Last week: 2
Notes: The Broncos pulled off the win and find themselves 8-1 on the season. Hopefully Manning's MRIs come up negative.

3. Seattle Seahawks: 253
Last week: 3
Notes: A nice road win for the Seahawks. They pull even further away from the 49ers in the division.
4New Orleans Saints 205
Last week: 6
Notes: Drew Brees and the Saints bounce back nicely against the Cowboys.
5. Carolina Panthers:  166
Last week: 8
Notes:  In the beginning of the season, I'd say there's no way the Panthers would ever crack the top five in the power rankings, but here they are. They deserve it after going on the road against the 49ers and beating them. The Panthers now have won 5 in a row.

6. New England Patriots: 162
 Last week: 5
Notes: The Patriots face the Panthers at home next week. In the beginning of the year, you might say this is an easy game, but now this is one of the toughest remaining games on their schedule.

7.  San Francisco 49ers 144
Last week: 4
In a defensive battle, the 49ers find themselves on the losing end. With the way the Panthers are playing, a wildcard isn't a gimme for this team.

8. Cincinnati Bengals:111
Last week: 9
Notes: A win would have put them almost out of reach in the division, but now things get more interesting. 

9. Indianapolis Colts: 106
Last week: 7
Notes: What was that? After looking like one of the best teams in the league, they get killed at home against the Rams.
10. Detroit Lions: 94
Last week: 12
Notes:  The Lions beat the Bears and are now in sole possession of 1st place. With Rodgers being injured and the Lions the better team over the Bears, they might go from worst to first.

11. Green Bay Packers: 70
Last week: 10
Notes: The Packers have to find ways to win without Rodgers otherwise it'll be too late when he returns. With Wallace getting inured, and relying on 3rd string Tolzien, things don't get easier. 

12Dallas Cowboys:  53
Last Week: 11
Notes:  The Cowboys (terrible) D couldn't hold up against the Saints. They now are tied with the Eagles for 1st.

13. Chicago Bears: 52
Last week: 13
Notes: The Bears lose a close one against the Lions, but remained tied with the Packers in the division.
14. Philadelphia Eagles: 38
Last Week: 18
Notes: Foles looks excellent and could help turn this team around. They have a winnable game at home against the Redskins (a team they already beat on the road).
15. Arizona Cardinals 19
Last week: 17
Notes: The Cardinals are quietly having a good season at 5-4.  They have impressive wins against the Lions and Panthers, which could be a deciding factor for a 6th seed.
16. San Diego Chargers: 12
Last week: 15
Notes: A tough game that they needed to win. Things don't get easier with road games against Miami and Kansas City.

17. Baltimore Ravens: 6
Last week: 20
Notes: Just when it looks like all is lost for the Ravens, they beat the Bengals and find themselves only 2 games back in the division.
18. Tennessee Titans: 3
Last week: 14
Notes: The Titans definitely underestimated the Jaguars and it cost them. 5-4 would have been big for a team that holds tiebreakers over the Chargers and Jets.

19.  Miami Dolphins: -15
Last week: 16
Notes: The off-field issues with Martin / Icognito could be effecting their game. A loss against the, at the time, winless Bucs could end up hurting them come wildcard time.

20. Cleveland Browns: -16
Last week: 19
Notes: The Browns have to be happy with the Bengals losing. They hope to continue their losing streak when they face-off next week.
21 St. Louis Rams -26
Last Week: 25
Notes: The Rams sometimes look like the worst in the league or the best, regardless who is playing the QB position. This week, they looked excellent on the Road against the Colts.
22. New York Jets: -28
Last week: 21
Notes: An above .500 at #22? Still not sold on the inconsistent Jets. A win on the road against an imploding Buffalo team and the Ravens would help to change my mind on them.
23. Pittsburgh Steelers: -75
Last week: 27
Notes: The Steelers are still fighting. It's a stretch, but they aren't completely out of the AFC North yet with the Bengals losing and are only 2 games out of the wildcard (and hold the tiebreaker over the Jets).
24. Oakland Raiders -80
Last week: 23
Notes: The Raiders looked lackluster against the Giants and now find themselves at 3-6.

25. Washington Redskins: -85
Last week: 22
Notes: A game you expect the Redskins to win. They now find themselves in last place in the NFC East.
26. New York Giants: -89
Last week: 29
Notes: The Giants now have won 3 in a row and are amazingly only 1.5 games out of 1st after starting the season 0-6. They have to take advantage of a Rodgers-less Packers team next week.
27. Buffalo Bills -92
Last week: 24
Notes:  The Bills are separating themselves from everyone else in the AFC East, and not in a good way.

28. Minnestota Vikings -124
Last week: 30
Notes: The Vikings have been looking better these past couple of weeks, but too little too late.
29.  Atlanta Falcons -126
Last week: 26
Notes: The Falcons look like they've officially rolled over and given up.
30. Houston Texans  -131
Last week: 28
Notes: Another 27-24 loss for the Texans, who have now lost 7 in a row.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -155
Last week: 31
Notes: They finally get their first win. The defense looked good, but the Dolphins are facing a lot of issues and probably would have lost to anyone that game.
32. Jacksonville Jaguars: -234
Last week: 32
Notes: Hey they did it! Didn't think they're first win would be on the road against the Titans, but there you go.

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