Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 8

1. Kansas City Chiefs 212
Last week: 2
Notes:  The Chiefs were last on many people's power rankings last year (including the finish of last year) and now are at #1 after being the only undefeated team left.

2. Denver Broncos 192
Last week: 1
Notes: If anyone was going to beat the Broncos, it's no surprise that it was against Peyton's former team on the road. Despite the loss, they still look like the best team in the NFL right now.

3. Seattle Seahawks174
Last week: 3
Notes: The best in the NFC gets another road win against the Cardinals.

4New Orleans Saints 136
Last week: 4
Notes: The Saints next 3 games are all against opponents they should beat before facing the 49ers.

5. Indianapolis Colts: 129
Last week: 6
Notes: An impressive win by the Colts. They have proven that they could beat anyone in the NFL after beating the Broncos, 49ers, and Seahawks.

6.  San Francisco 49ers 115
Last week: 7
Notes:  Another win by the 49ers. Remember when everyone was worried about this team?

7. Green Bay Packers: 92
Last week: 11
Notes: The Packers have climbed their way into first place after beating up on the Browns. I expect them to keep this spot.
8. New England Patriots: 91
Last week: 5
Notes: A tough loss against the Jets. Yes, they would have won if it wasn't for the penalty call, but the Patriots of last year (and before) wouldn't have even let the game get to that point.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: 84
Last week: 9
Notes:  The Bengals continue to separate themselves from everyone else in the AFC North.

10Dallas Cowboys: 82
Last Week: 12
Notes: Despite being in the worst division in football, the Cowboys look fairly decent. They're the obvious pick for a #4 seed, but don't be surprised if they get a playoff win or even two if they end up winning the NFC East.

11. Carolina Panthers: 64
Last week: 15
Notes:  The Panthers need to start getting more recognition. You should find them in the wildcard hunt all season long.
12. Detroit Lions: 52
Last week: 8
Notes: A close game against the Bengals, but the loss drops them into second place in the NFC North.

13. San Diego Chargers: 51
Last week: 17
Notes: An easy game against an easy opponent, but it doesn't take away the good season the Chargers are having. Too bad they play in the toughest division in football. 
14. Chicago Bears 34
Last week: 10
Notes: They were on the losing end in an offensive shootout. Definitely not the Bears D everyone is used. The Bears now need to find a way to win without Cutler.

15.  Miami Dolphins: 13
Last week: 14
Notes: The loss against the Bills drops them back to .500.

16. Tennessee Titans: 8
Last week: 13
Notes: At one point it looked like the Titans might compete with the Colts for the AFC South. Not so much anymore.

17. Baltimore Ravens: 4
Last week: 16
Notes: Another close rivalry game against the Steelers in which the Ravens were on the losing end. Harbaugh has never started a season with the Ravens below .500 after 7 games. Will be interesting to see if they can turn it around.

18. New York Jets: 0
Last week: 22
Notes:  The Jets finally win against the Pats and move about .500. 2 out of 4 wins, however, were decided by a penalty within the last minute of the game (Tampa Bay being the other one).

19. Buffalo Bills -17
Last week: 23
Notes: The Bills finally didn't blow a lead and held on to win against the Dolphins. 
20. Cleveland Browns: -26
Last week: 18
Notes: The Browns are starting to look the Browns we all are used to.

21.  Atlanta Falcons -27
Last week: 25
Notes: The Falcons won a game that they needed to. Games against the Cardinals and Panthers will show whether or not they are any good this year.

22. Arizona Cardinals -31
Last week: 20
Notes:Tough divisional loss against the Seahawks that moves them further away from them and the 49ers.

23. Philadelphia Eagles: -32
Last Week: 19
Notes: A mess of a QB situation proved to hurt the Eagles against the Cowboys.
24. St. Louis Rams -36
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Rams look like one of the most inconsistent teams in football. When they win, they win convincingly and when they lose, they look like one of the worst teams in the league.  Now that Bradford is out for the season, the Rams might find themselves on the losing end more often.
25. Oakland Raiders -44
Last week: 24
Notes: The Chargers winning moves the Raiders further behind in the standings.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers: -47
Last week: 26
Notes: The Steelers now have won 2 in a row and look to be back on track.

27. Washington Redskins: -52
Last week: 28
Notes:  RGIII looked good against the Bears. If he keeps up this level of play, the Redskins can pull off another come from behind season in the subpar NFC East.

28. Houston Texans  -95
Last week: 29
Notes: Give the Texans credit for keeping it close against the undefeated Chiefs with issues on QB and Foster leaving the game with an injury. Too bad "almost wins" don't count for anything.

29. Minnestota Vikings -112
Last week: 27
Notes: The Vikings looked downright awful on offense with Freeman leading the way.
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -132
Last week: 30
Notes: Vincent Jackson looks great, but pretty much the rest of the Bucs do not. 
31. New York Giants: - 153
Last week: 31
Notes: Despite the win, the Giants still looked like a team that's struggling significantly. They were great on D, but a lot of offensive mistakes and a ton of mistakes on special teams. They face a must win situation against the Eagles on the road.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars:-238
Last week: 32
Notes: Another week, another loss.

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