Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

1. Denver Broncos 164
Last week: 1
Notes: Still the best. They might be more dominant than the 2007 Patriots.

2. Seattle Seahawks 135
Last week: 2
Notes:  Just when you think the Seahawks would lose, they bounce back and have an impressive road win.
3New Orleans Saints 126
Last week: 4
Notes:  The Saints look like they can give the Seahawks a run for their money come playoff time.
4. Kansas City Chiefs 125
Last week: 6
Notes:  Their schedule might have been "weak" so far, but they're playing great football.

5. New England Patriots: 105
Last week: 7
Notes: The Pats almost let a comeback happen against the Falcons, but find themselves at 4-0 and look to be a lock again for the AFC East.

6. Indianapolis Colts:88
Last week: 9
Notes: The Colts look like the best team in the AFC South.

7. Tennessee Titans: 67
Last week: 13
Notes:  The Titans have defied expectations so far this year, but the injury to Locker might ultimately hurt this team.

8. Detroit Lions: 66
Last week: 11
Notes: Can the Lions go from worst to first? The way they've been playing, it certainly looks like it.
9.  Miami Dolphins: 52
Last week: 5
Notes:  They lost against a very good Saints team. I think the Dolphins will continue to be competitive for a playoff spot all year.
10. Chicago Bears 51
Last week: 3
Tough loss and almost an impressive comeback against the Lions. With the competition in the NFC, they'll need to maintain the same level of play they showed the first 3 games of the season.

11Dallas Cowboys: 29
Last Week: 10
Notes: It's pretty sad when 2-2 is "dominating" in your respective division.
12. Baltimore Ravens: 21
Last week: 12
Notes: Hard to say who is the best in the AFC North right now. Even with a surprising loss to the Bills, the Ravens look to be the best.
13. Green Bay Packers: 19
Last week: 16
Notes: The Packers will need to play at their best with the Lions and Bears both having great seasons.
14. Carolina Panthers: 18
Last week: 17
Notes:  They went into the bye week strong and hopefully will continue the same level of play.
15. San Diego Chargers: 16
Last week: 19
Notes: The Chargers get back to .500 after a great win over the Cowboys.
16. Buffalo Bills 12
Last week: 22
Notes: What a confidence boost for this Bills team.

17.  San Francisco 49ers 11
Last week: 20
Notes: A must need win against the Rams, but they need to beat better quality opponents moving forward to prove themselves.
18. Cleveland Browns: 4
Last week: 23
Notes:  Can Hoyer lead this team to a division win? The way the Ravens and Bengals have been playing, it certainly can happen.
19. Cincinnati Bengals: 3
Last week: 8
Notes:  Originally the favorite to win the division, the Bengals will have a tough time getting ahead of the Ravens and, surprisingly, the Browns.

20. Houston Texans  2
Last week: 15
Notes: They're 2-2, which isn't terrible, but they look like a bad 2-2 team.

21. Arizona Cardinals -10
Last week: 26
Notes: A win against the Buccs puts them back at .500.
22 New York Jets: -11
Last week: 14
Notes:  Smith looked bad and the Jets lost two of their starting receivers. Things don't look great for the Jets.
23.  Atlanta Falcons -21
Last week: 18
Notes: The Falcons are now at 1-3 after losing to the Pats. Sure, they're 3 losses came against great teams, but they already matched their loss total from last year.
24. Minnestota Vikings -40
Last week: 28
Notes: The Vikings win the battle of the 0-3 teams in London.
25. Oakland Raiders -45
Last week: 24
Notes: The Raiders only win has come against the lowly Jags.
26. Washington Redskin: -46
Last week: 31
Notes: The Redskins finally get a win. 1-3 in the NFC East means you're far from out of it.

27. Philadelphia Eagles: -50
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Eagles look to be little improved from their 4-12 record last year.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: - 72
Last week: 29
Notes: They play teams close, but 0-4 is still 0-4.

29. St. Louis Rams -97
Last Week: 25
Notes: I expected the Rams to either be around .500 this year or a little above, but they look to be the worst in the NFC West.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: -101
Last week: 27
Notes: The way the Browns have been playing, the Steelers look to be a lock for last place in the AFC North.

31. New York Giants: - 131
Last week: 30
Notes: As a Giants fan, it pains me to put them in this spot, but how can I not? They've been playing terribly. The only bright side is that they are in the NFC East and only two games out of first.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars:-144
Last week: 32
Notes: Still terrible.

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