Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 6

1. Denver Broncos 184
Last week: 1
Notes: A close one against the Cowboys, but Peyton Manning's offense continues to look unstoppable. The Broncos didn't punt once against the Cowboys and put up 51 points.

2New Orleans Saints 154
Last week: 3
Notes:  They deserve to be here after starting the season 5-0 (when last year they were 0-5). They should easily take hold of the NFC South.

3. Kansas City Chiefs 153
Last week: 4
Notes:  They keep continuing to win and are now one of only 3 undefeated teams left in the league.
4. Seattle Seahawks124
Last week: 2
Notes: Tough game on the road against the Colts. They should win the next one at home against the Titans.

5. Indianapolis Colts: 121
Last week: 6
Notes: The Colts continue to further themselves from everyone else in the AFC South. Impressive win against the Seahawks.
6. New England Patriots: 83
Last week: 5
Notes: The Pats finally lose and now hold only a one game lead in the division.

7.  San Francisco 49ers 51
Last week: 17
Notes: The 49ers look to be back. The win puts them one game behind the Seahawks.
8. Tennessee Titans:50
Last week: 7
Notes:  The Titans lost to a very good Chiefs team. They face another difficult match up next week against the Seahawks on the road.

9. Baltimore Ravens: 44
Last week: 12
Notes: In a very close division (minus the Steelers), the Ravens look to be slightly better than the Browns and the Bengals. Although who wins the division is anyone's guess right now. 
10. Detroit Lions:38
Last week: 8
Notes: The Lions need to play teams like the Packers better if anyone is going to take them seriously as a threat for a division winner.
11.  Miami Dolphins: 37
Last week: 9
Notes:  Two losses in a row now for Miami. Things get easier next week with a game at home against the Bills.

12. Cleveland Browns: 36
Last week: 18
Notes: The Browns keep showing that their turnaround is no fluke.
13. Chicago Bears 35
Last week: 10
Notes:After starting the season strong, the Bears lose two in a row. They should rebound against a beyond struggling Giants team.

14. Cincinnati Bengals: 34
Last week: 19
Notes:  Impressive defense showing against the Pats. Their next four games aren't easy, but all winnable, before two very important match ups against the Ravens and the Browns.

15. Green Bay Packers: 31
Last week: 13
Notes: An important win for the Packers that puts them back in the division race.

16. Arizona Cardinals 26
Last week: 21
Notes:The Cardinals are 3-2 this year after starting last season 4-1 but this Cardinals team looks much improved.
17Dallas Cowboys: 18
Last Week: 11
Notes: The Cowboys played the Broncos a lot closer than people expected, but the defense still gave up 51 points and Romo found a way to lose the game. Not a sign of a good team.

18 New York Jets: 5
Last week: 22
Notes:  At this point of the season, nobody expected the Jets to be above .500. The Jets might not look like an elite team, but they're finding ways to win games and remind me of the Jets from 3 years ago.

19. San Diego Chargers: -9
Last week: 15
Notes: The loss against the Raiders pretty much seals their fate for the AFC West. No way they're going to catch both the Broncos and the Chiefs.

20. Oakland Raiders -12
Last week: 25
Notes: The Raiders finally beat someone other than the Jaguars and show that they can potentially be a .500 team this year.
21. Carolina Panthers: -13
Last week: 14
Notes:  Back to reality for the Panthers. The way the Giants have been playing, that win two weeks ago doesn't seem so impressive anymore.

22. Buffalo Bills -20
Last week: 16
Notes: The Bills had a chance to be one game out from the Patriots, but instead they lose to the red hot Browns.
23. Philadelphia Eagles: -22
Last Week: 27
Notes: The Eagles schedule has consisted of either very easy (Giants, Redskins) or very hard (Chiefs, Broncos) games with only one middle of the road game (Chargers) which makes it hard to gauge how good this team actually is.

24. Minnestota Vikings -40
Last week: 24
Notes: The Bears and Lions losing keeps the Vikings hopes alive, but they'll need to do a lot better than they have been their first 4 games. Don't think Freeman will be the answer.

25.  Atlanta Falcons -42
Last week: 23
Notes: Now at 1-4, the Falcons already lost more games than they did all of 2012.

26. Washington Redskin: -46
Last week: 26
Notes: The Redskins somewhat benefited from the bye week with the Cowboys losing against the Broncos.
27. Houston Texans  -48
Last week: 20
Notes: Yes they are the Texans and yes they won the division last year, but they don't look like the same team.

28. St. Louis Rams -50
Last Week: 29
Notes: The Rams gain a confidence boost by playing the Jaguars. 
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -76
Last week: 28
Notes: Freeman's gone, but don't think it will do much to improve the Bucc's.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: -101
Last week: 30
Notes: Now that the Ravens, Bengals, and Browns are all 3-2, the Steelers will have to play great football from here on out to have any chance to not end in the season in last place.

31. New York Giants: - 161
Last week: 31
Notes: When do the Giants officially give up? It seems like they have already from day one.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars:-174
Last week: 32
Notes: I don't see a winnable game on the Jags schedule. Closest is home against the Chargers or Bills, but I can't imagine them winning any of those games.

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