Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 7

1. Denver Broncos 213
Last week: 1
Notes: It wasn't the blowout that we expected, but the Broncos are now at 6-0 and look like they cannot be stopped.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 193
Last week: 3
Notes:   I can't remember the last time I saw a turnaround like the Chiefs in just one year.

3. Seattle Seahawks144
Last week: 4
Notes: Another win at home for the Seahawks. If they can secure a #1 seed for the playoffs, it will be almost impossible to stop them with home field advantage.

4New Orleans Saints 136
Last week: 2
Notes: The Saints finally lose (and a heartbreaking loss at that). Things get easier their two games after the bye with games against the Bills and Jets.
5. New England Patriots: 106
Last week: 6
Notes: Just when you thought it was over, the Patriots rallied back and pulled off an impressive win against the Saints. Even though we expect a lot of great things from the Pats, they do look like a subpar 5-1 team still.

6. Indianapolis Colts: 96
Last week: 5
Notes: Even with the loss, the Colts are in good shape to win the AFC South.

7.  San Francisco 49ers 83
Last week: 7
Notes: Another win by the 49ers keeps them a game back from the Seahawks.

8. Detroit Lions: 66
Last week: 10
Notes: A win by the Lions over the Browns keeps them in first in the NFC North.

9. Cincinnati Bengals:60
Last week: 14
Notes:  The Bengals pull into lone possession of first after a (close) win over the Bills and losses by the Ravens and Browns.
10. Chicago Bears51
Last week: 13
Notes: The Bears hope to head into the bye 5-2 with a game against the struggling Skins. After the bye they have two very important divisional games against the Packers and the Lions.

11. Green Bay Packers: 50
Last week: 15
Notes: The Packers now have won 2 in a row and should win their next 2 against the Browns and the Vikings.

12Dallas Cowboys: 49
Last Week: 17
Notes: Despite being in the weakest division in football, the Cowboys don't look that bad. 3-3 isn't impressive (and expected of the Cowboys), but two of their losses came against the undefeated Broncos and Chiefs.
13. Tennessee Titans:35
Last week: 8
Notes:  The Titans put up a decent fight against the Seahawks on the road, but came out on the losing end. A Colts loss keeps them one game back of the division.

14.  Miami Dolphins: 30
Last week: 11
Notes: The Dolphins next two games are two important divisional games against the Bills and Patriots. They'll need to win both to have a shot at the division.

15. Carolina Panthers: 29
Last week: 21
Notes: When the Panthers win, they win convincingly. A dominant win over the Vikings.

16. Baltimore Ravens:27
Last week: 9
Notes: The loss drops the Ravens to second place. Their next 3 games are divisional games.

17. San Diego Chargers:21
Last week: 19
Notes: A lot of people are surprised by the Chargers "upset", but the Chargers are an improved team this year (despite their 3-3 record). If Rivers and co. can keep up their level of play, 10-6 isn't an unrealistic expectation from this team even in the difficult AFC West.
18. Cleveland Browns:5
Last week: 12
Notes: The Browns finally lose. Things don't get easier with road games against the Packers and Chiefs.

19. Philadelphia Eagles: -1
Last Week: 23
Notes: No Vick? No problem. The Eagles were able to take advantage of a beyond struggling Tampa Bay.
20. Arizona Cardinals -5
Last week: 16
Notes: A win over the 49ers would have been huge for this Cardinals team.

21. St. Louis Rams -8
Last Week: 28
Notes: After looking like one of the weaker teams in the NFL, the Rams absolutely destroyed the Texans and are now back at .500.
22 New York Jets: -26
Last week: 18
Notes:  Rex Ryan said next week's game isn't a "must win", but it really is for the Jets to have any shot of the division.

23. Buffalo Bills -38
Last week: 22
Notes: A good effort against the Bengals, but in typical Bills fashion, they end up just missing out on a win. They now have even more issues with the QB position.

24. Oakland Raiders -41
Last week: 20
Notes: The Raiders looked competitive against the Chiefs up until the 4th quarter (which is what the Chiefs have been doing to opponents all year).

25.  Atlanta Falcons -46
Last week: 25
Notes: The Falcons hope to rebound after their bye week. Their first game is against the Bucs. If they can't win this game, you can put a fork in them.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers: -71
Last week: 30
Notes: The Steelers finally win a game. In order for them to pull of a miracle, they cannot lose to the Ravens next week.

27. Minnestota Vikings -76
Last week: 24
Notes: They looked terrible against the Panthers.

28. Washington Redskin: -77
Last week: 26
Notes: The Redskins were 3 games out of first last year after playing 9 games in 2012 and ended up making the playoffs, but this team doesn't look like they can pull up the same feat.
29. Houston Texans  -88
Last week: 27
Notes: The Texans aren't just underperforming, they look terrible.
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -106
Last week: 29
Notes: Another week, another loss for Tampa Bay.
31. New York Giants: - 182
Last week: 31
Notes: If anything positive can be said about the game against the Bears is that they at least looked somewhat competitive. They actually have a shot of winning next week with a home game against he Vikings.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars:-198
Last week: 32
Notes: Give the Jags credit for coming out swinging and looking competitive for some of the game against the Broncos.

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