Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 4

The chiefs and dolphins are a surprising 3-0 and the giants have yet to win a game. How did the rankings change? See below

1. Denver Broncos 130
Last week: 1
Notes: The Broncos are just cruising so far this season. It makes me wonder if anyone can beat them.

2. Seattle Seahawks 129
Last week: 2
Notes:  Yes, they beat up on arguably the worst team in the NFL, but nobody wants to play the Seahawks right now.

3. Chicago Bears 95
Last week: 4
Notes: The Bears look like the best team in the NFC North. However, they need to maintain this pace throughout the year to avoid the collapse they had in 2012.

4New Orleans Saints 92
Last week: 6
Notes:  The saints look like the best by far in the NFC south.

5.  Miami Dolphins: 88
Last week: 5
Notes:  They now are 3-0, including two wins against playoff teams last year. They look like they could be challenging the patriots for the AFC east all year 

6. Kansas City Chiefs 80
Last week: 7
Notes:  the chiefs already won more games than they did last year

7. New England Patriots: 78
Last week: 9
Notes:  They finally looked like the Pats we all know against Tampa bay.
8. Cincinnati Bengals: 48
Last week: 11
Notes: A win that wasn't perfect but shows that the bengals are for real this year.

9. Indianapolis Colts: 47
Last week: 18
Notes: A big win for the colts. With how the texans have been playing, they could take the AFC south this year.
10Dallas Cowboys: 46
Last Week: 15
Notes:  In a mediocre at best division, the cowboys are looking like the clear best.

11. Detroit Lions: 45
Last week: 14
Notes: The Lions are already halfway to their win total last year.

12. Baltimore Ravens: 39
Last week: 22
Notes: the win against the texans shows that this team can still compete at the level they did during their brilliant Super Bowl run.

13. Tennessee Titans: 36
Last week: 17
Notes:  Don't be surprised if the Titans compete for a wildcard spot all year.

14 New York Jets: 32
Last week: 20
Notes: 2-1 is a lot better than anyone expected from the jets at this point. If they can end the season at 8-8 or better, Rex just might keep his job. 

15. Houston Texans  30
Last week: 3
Notes: The texans barely scraped together two wins against "easy" opponents and then they get destroyed against the ravens. Maybe everyone spoke to soon putting them amongst the elite in the AFC.

16. Green Bay Packers: 29
Last week: 8
Notes: a tough loss against a good bengals team.

17. Carolina Panthers: 28
Last week: 25
Notes: A fantastic and much needed win by the panthers.

18.  Atlanta Falcons -13
Last week: 12
Notes: The falcons are now 1-2 and will have a hard time catching up to the saints.
19. San Diego Chargers: -14
Last week: 13
Notes: Even at 1-2 the chargers look improved over last year

20.  San Francisco 49ers -16
Last week: 10
Notes: didn't think I'd be seeing that the 49ers would be in trouble in week 3, but they are 1-2 and will have a hard time catching up to the red hot Seahawks.

21. Philadelphia Eagles: -17
Last Week: 16
Notes: Are the eagles that bad or the chiefs that good? Probably a little bit of both.

22. Buffalo Bills - 18
Last week: 24
Notes: would have been a big win for the bills, but instead they find themselves dead last in the division.

23. Cleveland Browns: -20
Last week: 30
Notes: Hoyer provided a much needed spark (and win) for the browns. He should remain the starter.

24. Oakland Raiders -23
Last week: 23
Notes: So far, the Raiders have beat the worst team in the league and lost to two Playoff teams (including one that is the best in the league). The next two games against the Redskins and the Chargers will show what type of team the Raiders are this year.

25. St. Louis Rams -38
Last Week: 19
Notes: An ugly loss to the cowboys.

26. Arizona Cardinals -40
Last week: 21
Notes: although Carson Palmer is an improvement for this cardinals team, this is not the type of performance they can afford to put up.

27. Pittsburgh Steelers: - 69
Last week: 28
Notes: Didn't expect the Steelers to be the best in the AFC this year, but certainly expected better than this.

28. Minnestota Vikings -71
Last week: 26
Notes: now at 0-3, the Vikings will have a tough time making the playoffs 2 straight years in a row.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: - 81
Last week: 29
Notes: even without the 0-3 record they look by far the worst in the NFC south.
30. New York Giants: - 94
Last week: 27
Notes: They don't just look out of sync, they look terrible. Like jaguars terrible.

31. Washington Redskin: - 98
Last week: 31
Notes: They join the giants as a team who are severely underperforming. 

32. Jacksonville Jaguars:-123
Last week: 32
Notes: they'll go 0-16, maybe 1-15. I don't see how they're going to find a way to win a game.


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