Sunday, December 7, 2008

The 10 Most Hilariously Offensive South Park Moments

South Park, one of the funniest shows in the history of television, is known to push the envelope no matter what topic they are discussing. You can't sit through an episode for more than five minutes without witnessing something that is hilariously offensive. Every once in a while, there will be a moment that is so "over the top" that it will shock even the most hardcore South Park fan (in a good way). Below are the ten most hilariously offensive South Park moments.

10. Tom Cruise - Trapped in the Closet: A favorite by many, this episode hilariously makes fun of Scientology, Tom Cruise's gayness, and R. Kelly's violent nature. Instead of just selecting one scene from this episode, I'm going to include the entire episode.

9. Cripple Fight: Move over Timmy, there is a new cripple in town and he can do a lot more than just say his name. Timmy becomes enraged with jealousy because everybody thinks Jimmy is a much cooler handicapped person than Timmy. Eventually Timmy has enough and they both throw down in a parking lot for a good 5 minutes while a crowd of hundreds of bystanders watch.

8. Cartman Gives Kyle AIDS: Cartman gets AIDS due to a botched blood transfusion from a tonsillectomy (don't worry, the doctor gives him free ice cream for it). Kyle finds this very funny (in an ironic way) and frequently laughs about this. Cartman has had enough, so he ends up injecting Kyle with his AIDS. Kyle tells the principal about this, only to be told "not to be a tattle tale".

7. Cartman has Tourette's: Cartman fakes having tourette's syndrome so he can whatever he wants. Need I say more? Cartman uses this to his full advantage by saying all the most offensive things he can think of.

6. Butter Gets a Surprise in his Mouth: Cartman keeps inviting Butters over for a sleepover. Not because he likes him, but because he keeps taking pictures of Butters is in very awkward positions (one has Butters with a tampon in his mouth). Cartman takes a picture of Butters' penis in is mouth. When the boys tell Cartman that doing this makes Cartman the gay one, he freaks out and (because of Kyle's suggestion) invites Butters over to "reverse the gay polarity" by sticking his penis in Butters' mouth. He tells Butters he has a surprise, blind folds him, and just before anything happens Butters Dad walks in and witnesses everything. Because of this, Butters gets shipped off to a Christian retreat to turn him straight because (according to his father) he is "bi-curious".

5. Kyle's Cousin Kyle's Jewishness: This isn't so much as offensive as it is hilarious. Kyle's cousin Kyle was the best non-main character on South Park (I wish he was used more often than just two episodes). He takes pretty much every Jewish stereotype imaginable and brings it to the forefront. This ranges from his voice, his lack of athleticism, his dream to become an investment banker, his constant complaining, and his frugality.

4. The Death of Strawberry Shortcake: All of the Imaginationland episodes were easily the weirdest in the South Park catalog. One scene that stands out for its offensiveness and hilarity is the death of Strawberry Shortcake. The evil imaginary characters have her tied up and pluck out one of her eyes. The woodland critters don't think this is evil enough so they decide that her dying by having somebody pee in her with AIDS would do the trick. Later on in the episode Stan mentions that all he sees is Strawberry Shortcake dead with pee in her eye.

3. Eric Cartman Gets Sexually Excited Over Butters Getting Beaten by his Parents: Butters is grounded (as usual), but he needs to leave his house for a scheme that the boys have came up with to make money. Cartman tells Butters he will stay home and pretend to be him when his Dad calls in to check on him. Cartman takes advantage of this opportunity and when Butters' Dad calls in, he is overly offensive towards him and ends up calling him a pussy. He follows this trend when the Mother calls in as well. Butter gets back in time, Cartman leaves and sets up a lawn chair in front of the house, and when Butters parents arive home Butter happily exclaims "Hi Mom and Dad!". Butter's Dad responds with a "Don't you hi Dad me!" and proceeds to beat him. Cartman enjoys this tremendously and mentions his sexual excitement over this.

2. Scott Tenorman Eats his Parents: This was easily the most evil thing Eric Cartman has ever done. In my opinion, this was the best overall episode of South Park. Cartman hates Scott Tenorman because of all the tricks he plays on Cartman. Cartman tries to seek revenge multiple times with very little success. How does he finally do the trick? He gets Scott's parents killed by luring them into a crazy farmer's property (where he shoots them for trespassing). Cartman takes the bodies, chops them up, and puts them into a chili. He then hosts a Chili Con Carnival where he ends up feeding Scott the chili and makes him eat his parents. Scott starts to cry, Radiohead (his favorite band) comes to the carnival, sees him cry and calls him a cry baby repeatedly. Cartman takes pleasure in this and starts drinking his tears. Messed up, but very funny.

1. Randy Marsh's Wrong Answer on Wheel of Fortune: This was the most brilliant opening scene in South Park history. The producers were smart in not giving away any part of this episode in the previews. Randy Marsh is in the final round of Wheel of Fortune. The category is "people who annoy you". It is seven letters long and after receiving the letters "r", "s", "t", "l", and "e", it is spelt out _ _ _ _ E R S. Randy guesses B, G, N, and an "O" to reveal N _ G G E R S. The audience looks on with blank faces as the black cameraman has an angry look on his face. Randy becomes nervous and starts to say how he knows the answer, but shouldn't say it. Eventually, with time running out, he exclaims eagerly in anticipation of winning a lot of money "NIGGERS!". Time runs out, Vanna (looking very ashamed) walks over to the puzzle to reveal that the answer was actually naggers. Extremely funny and genius opening scene to a great South Park episode.


Anonymous said...

dude, the scott tenorman one is false, cartman switches chilis with him because scott made chili with pubes in it just go to south park studios if you want to know

Top 10 Lists said...

The info from here isn't false. He gives Scott his chili which has scott's parents. Cartman switches out the pube chili with chef's.

Anonymous said...

Great List of episodes. The show is my all time Favorite.To Download Southpark episodes i found

Marissa said...

Kyle's cousin Kyle was in more than two episodes. The ones I know of are "The Entity", "The Losing Edge" and "Red Sleigh Down". Okay...thats three. :D

But I love this list anyways. (:

Anonymous said...

I think the episode Fat Butt and Pancake Head should of made the list.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. The most offensive moment was the end of Fantastic Easter Special.

Justin Ross said...

Ummm, can someone justify not even mention the episode where they get the Taliban to crash airliners into the ranks of a new jersey army 9/11-style to stop them from taking over the world??