Monday, November 24, 2008

10 Most Unique Gift Ideas

Last year for the holidays, I bought a bunch of gifts my family. I don't think they were too fond of them. Videos games were sold, dvds were scratched up,earrings were lost, mp3 players that broke, etc. This holiday season I decided I want to get everyone different, unique gifts that people will never forget and cherish forever. The following list is compiled of the 10 most unique gifts I found and will purchase this year.

10. Buy a Star - Who wouldn't want a star? You can see it most nights, you can't break it or loose it and seems to be popular among girlfriends everywhere.

9. Design Your Own Lego Model - This is perfect for the kids, Lego lovers, The LEGO Factory lets you design, share and buy your very own custom LEGO models. Design your own, town, car, animal, robot, plane, etc, get the parts in the mail, and build it.

8.'s Best - A little on the pricey side, but if you have the money, this is a great gift (especially for a boss, colleague, close friend, etc.). This gift basket is a mixture of Masi Masianco Wine, Masi Costasera Wine, assorted gourmet spreads, crackers, chocolate, Moet & Chandon champagne, and coffee.

7. Houdini's Tooth - AnswersTV sells awesome magic tricks. This is an example of a really cool magic trick that you can purchase for really cheap. May not be for everyone, but it's great for children and magic enthusiasts ('ll be surprised by how much kids will like this).

6. Custom Puppets - The thinking behind this is from the Muppet Show from when the Muppets would give the guest celebrity a "Muppet Likeness" of the themselves. Children and adults should get a kick out of a puppet version of themselves.

5. Fake Fire Places - I actually purchased this as an inside joke for one of my friends who always complained about not having a fireplace. It is a random gift, but a good one (if you give it to the right person).

4. Angel Chocolate Ornaments - Practical and scrumptious. They look really nice and after you use them you can eat them. This is the kind of gift you obviously might not get for a significant other or family member, but it is a perfect gift for a secret santa.

3. The Gustbuster - Its a walking stick, an umbrella and a chair. Might be one of the most unique and interesting combinations I've seen in recent memory. Probably the epitome of the word "pimp".

2. Custom Bobbleheads -Have you ever wanted a custom bobblehead of yourself? If you said no then you are . This is such a unique and great gift idea for a friend or family member. Imagine their reaction when they receive a bobblehead doll of themself.

1. Digital Photobook- This is a great gift for a significant other or family member as it is one of those "come from the heart" presents. Photobooks are better then photo albums because they look professional and are fully customizable. is a great place to purchase a digital photo book (I believe they have a sale for this on Black Friday). This is perfect for a grandparent (you really can't get a grandmother or grandfather a better gift), parent, or a significant other.


susan booth said...

A good website that I would recommend is oddbins, they do some fabulous gift baskets and gift sets at very reasonable prices.
I have used them for thank you gifts, birthday presents and I will be almost certainly using them this Christmas time.

Hien said...

I would like to recommend, it's a hooded sweatshirt with an insulated pouch for your beer/beverage. You can customize your own saying on the beer hoodie or pick from the list that they have. Great Christmas gift idea!

Anonymous said...

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HopeLess Romantic said...

I really like your list! You should check out MyDayRegistry, they offer ownership of a day! It's one of the most unique gifts I've ever come across..


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Anonymous said...

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Unique Christmas Stockings said...

These are some pretty unique gifts. I'm not a big fan of buying the star, seems like a lame gift. However, I really like the idea of designing your own Lego model, and the GustBuster seems pretty neat as well. Thanks for sharing, this was a fun article.

Anonymous said...

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shehbaz michael said...

Do you have some designs of lego model? I want to use this idea about gifts for kids.

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