Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top 10 Videos - October

October produced some funny, entertaining videos. Here is a list of the top 10 videos for the month of October.

10. Fork in the Garbage Disposal - Two men dressed in drag singing "Lets to do the fork in the garbage disposal" then go "ding ding ding ding ding duh ding" and spin around while a bunch of fans cheer on. Seriously. This is a 13 second clip, but apparently a longer version of this exists. While very funny, I feel 13 seconds of this is more than enough.

9. Worst Best Man Ever - Short, but funny clip of a best man tripping and knocking the bride and priest into a pool.

8. When the Oranges Grow by MONO MONO - One of the weirdest music videos in recent memory ended up gaining a LOT of exposure on MySpace.

7. If All Movies Had Cell Phones - This video takes a humorous look at how a bunch of movies would be over in a minute if the main characters had cell phones. Very funny and very smart idea.

6. Sarah Silverman in the Great Schlep - Sarah Silverman users humor to get people to vote for Obama. Effective and also very funny.

5. Stocked Fridge - A guy makes a video on how to get chicks using his refrigerator.

4. Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version - One of many in a series where they take a music video and actually sing about what is going on. This is the most popular of the bunch. Very funny.

3. Fred Wants to be a Star - Can't tell you why, but the Fred Figglehorn series on YouTube has gathered a lot of attention. This particular clip is Fred's attempt at becoming a movie star.

2. 5 More Friends - This YouTube video packs in over 20 celebrities all sarcastically asking everyone not to vote. While there is some humor to this, the reason why it ranks so high is because of the powerful message it conveys on going out and voting this election.

1. Election Parody 2008 - The most popular of the 2008 election parodies, this funny video is this year's version of the Bush and Kerry JibJab video. This video is entertaining and funny while being unbiased.

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Anonymous said...

wow these videos suck balls. the first video sucks the cheese of balls. It might be the worst video out right now. all of these videos suck. especially the first one