Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Top 10 Best Movies from the 90s

The 90s were responsible for producing some of the best forms of entertainment, be it albums, movies, and television shows. Here's a look at the top 10 best (not necessarily successful) movies of the 1990s.

Honorable Mention: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

10. Basketball Diaries

Before Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the ultimate chick flick known as "Titanic", he played a high school basketball star turned junkie in "Basketball Diaries". In one of his most underrated roles in his entire career, DiCaprio accurately depicts the struggles of a "good kid" going through a downward spiral of drug addiction and how it negatively effects his life.

9. The Matrix

Keanu Reeves is hardly a good actor. In fact, he's a rather shitty one. However, he seems like he was born to play the role of Neo in the sci-fi movie "The Matrix". This was easily the best and most original sci-fi movie of the 90s. It was unfortunate that "The Matrix" produced two very subpar sequels (especially the 3rd one), but it still doesn't take away from the brilliance of the original.

8. The Sixth Sense

M. Night Shyamalan's "The Sixth Sense" was not only his first successful movie, but also his best. No other M. Night Shyamalan had a better plot, better acting, and a better twist (which gets my vote for the best movie ending of the 90s).

7. Clerks

Costing less than $27,000 to produce, Kevin Smith's debut "Clerks" was way ahead of it's time. This classic film has more funny one-liners than most director's entire catalog. Even after 14 years, it is still considered a very important film and an influence on newer comedic movies. This movies was also responsible for introducing the greatness of "Jay and Silent Bob".

6. Trainspotting

No other drug movie ever produced combined humor, the fun of using drugs, and the pain that comes with it better than Trainspotting. Ewan McGregor is at the top of his game here and so is pretty much the entire cast. The way the soundtrack is used throughout the movie also plays a pivotal role (especially Lou Reed's "Perfect Day").

5. American Beauty

Kevin Spacey's portrayal of Lester Burnham, a middle aged upper class male going through a midlife crisis, is my 2nd favorite role of the 1990s. This movies captures your attention from the very first scene and keeps you there throughout the entire duration it is playing, incorporating some great cinematography throughout.

4. Forrest Gump

The reason for Lester Burnham being number 2 on the "best roles of the 90s" is because Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump beats him out. In my opinion, this is the role that established Tom Hanks as a top of the line actor. However, Hanks' acting wouldn't nearly mean as much if the story wasn't as great as it is. This is not only one of the best movies of the 90s, but also one of the greatest movies of all time.

3. Fight Club

A cult classic and for good reason. Edward Norton is the most underrated actor of all time and his talent shines through this movie. This movie has so many curveballs, so much action, so much humor, and is so enjoyable that you can easily watch this movie over a hundred times and not get sick of it.

2. American History X

Yes two Edward Norton movies in a row. Edward Norton gives the best performance of his career as Derek Vinyard, a skinhead who changes his ways after spending a couple of years in jail. This movie boasts great performances all around and is a big shame that it didn't get the recognition that it deserved.

1. Pulp Fiction

This should be on everyone's top 5 90's movies list. This has all the essentials of a great movie; humor, action, twists, amazing acting, and a unique plot. Each actor plays a vital role in this movie and they are all at the top of their game.


Anonymous said...

This should be re-titled "Top 10 Best AMERICAN Movies from the 90's"...also, how can you NOT have Schindler's List on here?

serghei_romanu said...

Man the fact that you missed Usual Suspects it's unforgivable.If you put Fight Club on 3rd position you must place Usual Suspects on no2 or no4, depends on preferrence.In Usual suspects Spacey shines even more than in American Beauty.Basketball diaries doesn't belong here.Also 1991 T2 shold be here.

Top 10 Lists said...

Serghei: Usual Suspects is a good movie, but I happen to think it was a bit overrated. If there was a top 50 best movies from the 90s I would probably put it on here, but I think a lot better films exist. American Beauty, in my opinion, easily trumps Usual Suspects.

Basketball Diaries, on the other hand, is such an underrated movie. I thought it was one of Leonardo Dicaprio's best roles.

T2 is the best The Terminator movie (hands down), but it doesn't even come close to making the list.

Again, it's all a matter of opinion (everybody's list would look different).

Anonymous said...