Tuesday, November 3, 2015

NFL Power Rankings - Week 9

The top 3 sees a big shift this week. A lot of movement in the middle of the rankings as well.

1. New England Patriots: 256
Last Week: 1
Notes:  They continue to show every week why they are the best team in the league. Another dominant win by the Patriots.

2. Cincinnati Bengals:206
Last Week: 3
Notes: It was a close one against an amped up Steelers team, but the Bengals pull of the win and remain undefeated.

3. Carolina Panthers: 200
Last Week: 4
Notes: They almost let the game get away from them, but the Panthers go 7-0 with a win over the Colts. They'll have a very tough time against a Packers team looking to rebound from a tough Broncos loss.

4. Arizona Cardinals 198
Last Week: 5
Notes: They lost 2 games, but are as good as the top teams in the league. They face two tough match-ups against the Seahawks on the road and then the Bengals. 

5. Denver Broncos: 196
Last Week: 6
Notes: I had the Broncos losing big against the Packers, but this team showed how dominant their defense is this season and how they can beat anyone in this league.

6. Green Bay Packers: 155
Last Week: 2
Notes:  After losing a tough game against the Broncos, they face another tough match-up on the road against the Panthers.

7. Atlanta Falcons: 128
Last Week: 7
Notes: The Falcons are starting to show their true colors. 6-2 is better than most thought this team would do, mostly because they are more like an 8-8 / 9-7 team. 

8. Minnesota Vikings: 96
Last Week: 9
Notes: They've only played one team with a winning record (a loss to the Broncos), but this is still a playoff caliber team. They have brutal 6 game stretch coming up, playing against teams with a combined record of 30-15. They'll need to take 3 out of 6 of these games.

9. New York Jets: 79
Last Week: 8
Notes: Tough loss and even tougher if they lose Fitzpatrick. 

10. Seattle Seahawks: 57
Last Week: 12
Notes: They squeak out a win against the Seahawks and continue to remain in the mix. After the bye, they have a tough match-up against the Cardinals.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers: 51
Last Week: 10
Notes: After that loss, this team will likely be playing for a wild card. They have an extremely important game against the Raiders which could be the deciding game for the 6th seed.

12. Oakland Raiders: 50
Last Week: 15
Notes:  This game is huge against the Steelers. If they win this, they will own tiebreakers against the Jets and Steelers.

13. St. Louis Rams: 47
Last Week: 17
Notes: Could this be the year that the Rams rise above mediocrity and get into the playoffs?  A win against the Vikings next week would be a step in the right direction.

14. Philadelphia Eagles: 28
Last Week: 13
Notes: A great bye week for the Eagles with the Giants and Cowboys both losing.

15. New York Giants: 27
Last Week: 11
Notes: The Giants scored 49 points and still managed to lose this game. Their defense looked awful against the Saints. Despite all of this, they still are in first in the NFC East. 

16. Buffalo Bills: 11
Last Week: 16
Notes: A big divisional game next week against the Dolphins to keep their playoff hopes alive.

17. Kansas City Chiefs: 8
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Chiefs went out to prove that they're still contenders with a dominant performance against the Lions in London.

18. New Orleans Saints: 4
Last Week: 18
Notes: Wow, what a game against the Giants.  Despite the ridiculous offensive performance against the Giants, Rob Ryan's defense still looks terrible. That being said, they carry a 3 game win streak against the 1-6 Titans.

19. Miami Dolphins: -16
Last Week: 14
Notes: The Dolphins were brought back to reality with a brutal loss against the Patriots.

20. Washington Redskins: -20
Last Week: 19
Notes:  A good bye week for the Redskins with losses by the Giants and Cowboys.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -23
Last Week: 23
Notes: They almost blew another big lead against the Falcons, but they held on for the win. With the Giants known for blowing 4th quarter leads, next week's game should be interesting.

22. Indianapolis Colts: -37
Last Week: 20
Notes: The Colts fought their way back to OT, but this loss puts them at 3-5 on the season. With how terrible the AFC South is, it's still good enough for 1st place.

23. Houston Texans: -43
Last Week: 26
Notes:  All of a sudden the Texans are now tied for 1st place. After the bye, they face very tough match-ups against the Bengals and Jets.

24. Dallas Cowboys: -58
Last Week: 22
Notes: Losers of 5 straight and missing Romo tremendously. If they lose against the Eagles next week, their season is pretty much over even with how badly the NFC East is playing.

25. Baltimore Ravens: -64
Last Week: 30
Notes: The Ravens might get their first winning streak of the season with a game against the Jaguars after the bye week.

26. San Diego Chargers: -81
Last Week: 24
Notes:  Rivers continues to do well while the rest of the Chargers team isn't. 2-6 is extremely disappointing for this team.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars: -85
Last Week: 29
Notes: Might be the highest we see this team all season, but they benefited from a lot of losses from 28-32. 

28. Cleveland Browns: -96
Last Week: 25
Notes: It looks like the Browns are taking a step back this season.

29. Tennessee Titans: -104
Last Week: 27
Notes:  Remember how much they dominated in week 1 against Tampa Bay? They haven't won a game since then.

30. Chicago Bears: -117
Last Week: 28
Notes: The Bears are now 0-3 in the division, including a loss to a terrible Lions team.

31. San Francisco 49ers: -146
Last Week: 31
Notes: They look, by far, the worst in an above average division.

32. Detroit Lions: -176
Last Week: 32
Notes: One of their worse losses of the season. This is saying a lot considering how bad the Lions have played all season long.

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