Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NFL Power Rankings - Week 11

One of the craziest weeks of football all year.  The Vikings enter the top 5 and there's a new #2 team.

1. New England Patriots: 312
Last Week: 1
Notes:  Wow, what a nail biter against the Giants. A 54 yard field goal keeps the Patriots undefeated and in the top of the power rankings.

2. Carolina Panthers: 258
Last Week: 3

Notes: The Panthers are now on a 13 regular game winning streak. They're most difficult match-up for the remaining of the season are two games against the Falcons. 16-0 is possible for the this team.

3. Cincinnati Bengals:222
Last Week: 2
Notes: A surprising Bengals loss. Good teams are the ones with "short memories" and don't let losses like that effect the next game. They face a tough match-up against the Cardinals next week.

4. Arizona Cardinals 221
Last Week: 4
Notes: They blew their lead, but fought their way back for the win and pretty much clinched the NFC West in the process.

5. Minnesota Vikings: 150

Last Week: 7
Notes: Everyone's now taking the Vikings seriously (if they weren't already). 7-2 and now atop of the NFC North.

6. Denver Broncos: 145
Last Week: 5
Notes: What an ugly game by the Broncos. Manning breaks Favre's record, but gets benched in the same guy and puts up numbers that any QB in the league would be embarrassed about.

7. Green Bay Packers: 117
Last Week: 6
Notes:  Losing 3 in a row is very un-Packers like, especially against a team like the Lions who are terrible this year and who always struggle on the road against the Packers.  Forget the division, if they lose to the Vikings next week, they might be struggling to find their way into the playoffs.

8. Atlanta Falcons: 110
Last Week: 8
Notes: The Falcons look to bounce back against a Luck-less Colts.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers: 106

Last Week: 10
Notes: Their offense is one of the best in the leagues and can win them any game, but their defense is what prevents them from being a top 5 team. If their offense holds up, they should find their way into the playoffs.

10. New York Jets: 83
Last Week: 9
Notes:  A tough loss by the Jets that makes their playoff hopes a lot more difficult. The last game of the season against the Bills might be a deciding factor for the 6th seed.

11. Buffalo Bills: 80

Last Week: 14
Notes: Rex Ryan was pumped up to be playing his former team and gets the win. Things get a lot tougher on Monday with a game against the Patriots.

12. New York Giants: 53

Last Week: 12
Notes: Nobody thought the Giants would come this close. They had this game, but their defense couldn't hold Brady on the last drive and the lose on a field goal. Fans and the team have to be happy though with how this Giants team looked. They look like the best in the NFC East.

13. Kansas City Chiefs: 44
Last Week: 17

Notes: The Chiefs are back! After looking all but mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, they win 2 in a row including this week against the Broncos. Only one team (the Bills) they face for the remainder of the season has an above .500 record. 10-6 isn't unrealistic.

14. Seattle Seahawks: 41
Last Week: 11
Notes: Nobody fears the Seahawks anymore. They look like a .500 team instead of the Super Bowl caliber team they were the last two seasons.

15. Philadelphia Eagles: 39
Last Week: 13
Notes: Tough loss by the Eagles that keeps them out of 1st in the NFC East. Bradford also gets injured, but what else is new.

16. Washington Redskins: 11
Last Week: 21

Notes:  An impressive showing by the Redskins. Two weeks ago, people were picking either the Giants, Eagles, or even the Cowboys to win the NFC East - not the Redskins. This team will likely be in the race all year.

17. Indianapolis Colts: -2
Last Week: 18
Notes: The Colts will need to find a way to win without Luck. Given the Texans' win over the Bengals, 7-9 might not cut it anymore in this division.

18. Houston Texans: -6

Last Week: 20
Notes:  The Texans get the surprising win over the Bengals and now are in first in the AFC South. If they can beat the Jets next week, they have a chance of competing for either the division or wild card.

19. St. Louis Rams: -10
Last Week: 15
Notes: Somebody needs to invest in glasses for the Rams' that make their opponents all look like a team from their division. They look like a 2-14 team against non-divisional opponents.

20. Oakland Raiders: -11
Last Week: 16
Notes:  Are the Raiders not as good as we thought? The game showed that the Vikings are easily the better team. Fortunately for the Raiders, their next two games are against the Lions and the Titans.

21. Miami Dolphins: -21
Last Week: 22

Notes: A 1 point victory over the Eagles puts the Dolphins right back into the playoff race.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -33
Last Week: 23
Notes: They squeak by with a win against the Cowboys, which seems to be the case with everyone who faces them.

23. Chicago Bears: -30

Last Week: 25
Notes: All of a sudden the Bears are relevant and Jay Cutler is one of the best QBs in the league. Probably too little too late for the playoffs, but 9-7 doesn't seem unreasonable anymore for this team.

24. New Orleans Saints: -64
Last Week: 19
Notes: Rob Ryan finally gets fired. Any replacement is an upgrade.

25. Baltimore Ravens: -85
Last Week: 24
Notes: The loss is typical of the Ravens entire season. What a mess.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars: -85

Last Week: 28
Notes: The Jaguars get a win in ugly fashion and all of a sudden they are 1 game out of first. Who would have thought Jaguars would be in the race to win the division heading into week 11.

27. San Diego Chargers: -98
Last Week: 29

Notes:  The Chargers look to snap their 5 game losing streak against the red hot Chiefs.

28. Tennessee Titans: -102
Last Week: 26
Notes:  The Titans get a more favorable match-up against the Jaguars next week. 

29. Dallas Cowboys: -103
Last Week: 27
Notes: Too little too late for Romo's return. Even if they go 6-0, 9-7 might not be enough to win the division.

30. San Francisco 49ers: -127
Last Week: 30
Notes: Can the 49ers make it two in a row? Unlikely.

31. Detroit Lions: -151
Last Week: 32

Notes: The Lions get out of the cellar with a win over the Packers. They still played like a terrible team, but a win is a win.

32. Cleveland Browns: -165
Last Week: 31
Notes: Same ol' Browns. This is a spot they're used to in the rankings.

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