Friday, April 17, 2015

Top 10 Restaurants in Long Island - 2015

10. Tesoro
Location: Westbury
Overview: Most would include Vincent's Clam Bar or The Trattoria as their favorite Italian place on Long Island, but my favorite is a lesser known one called Tesoro in Westbury. The staff always treats you like family (which isn't unusual for Italian places, but I feel they do an extra great job at that) and the food is the best I had relative to Italian cuisine.
Must Get: Veal Castagna

9. New Chili & Curry
Location: Hicksville
Overview: Picking a place for Indian food can be overwhelming in Hicksville with all of the options, but New Chili & Curry stands out as the best. Always a wait, but worth it. You can get great Indian food elsewhere in Hicksville, but  none are as good as New Chili & Curry.
Must Get: Mango Chicken

8. Kotobuki
Location: Roslyn, Babylon, Hauppauge
Overview: I can only vouch for the Roslyn location, but I've been to maybe 100 sushi places on Long Island and Kotobuki is the best. The fish is always fresh and delicious and they offer a variety of unique rolls. You can't go wrong with any roll you get! Only downside is no reservations and a long wait.
Must Get: Puff the Magic Dragon Roll

7. Noah's
Location: Greenport
Overview: Greenport is a popular tourist destination which results in a bunch of dining options in the area. Many are "tourist traps", overpriced, and not great, but Noah's stands out among the clutter of mediocre dining options. I've heard that service here isn't great, but I've always had good experiences with the wait staff and always have found their food to be delicious.
Must Get: Lobster Mac and Cheese

6. Swallow
Location: Huntington
Overview: An always changing, but always delicious menu of small plates. You're lucky that they offer small plates because when you come here you're going to want to get a bunch of different options. They also have a great selection of beer.
Must Get: Crispy Calamari

5. Vitae Restaurant & Wine Bar
Location: Huntington
Overview: Huntington is the best town for dining options in Long Island and Vitae stands out as one of the best restaurants in the area. Delicious food and great service - you can't go wrong with any dish here. They aren't a steakhouse, but their steak is better than any steak I've gotten at a steakhouse.
Must Get: Filet Mignon with Bernaise Sauce

4. Smokin' Al's
Location: Massapequa Park
Overview: The opposite of fine dining, but Smokin' Als is the best option for delicious BBQ on Long Island. Their meat, sauce, and sides are all delicious and it's rare you won't walk away with two days worth of leftovers. Sure, there are better options in the south for BBQ, but when it comes to the Long Island (and NYC), you can't beat Smokin' Als for BBQ.
Must Get: The Big Melt with Brisket

3. Lola
Location: Great Neck
Overview: Great Neck is known for having a ton of Asian restaurants (especially sushi), but the best dining option in the tow is modern American at Lola's. Lola's offers a variety of small plates and entrees that are unique and delicious. The chef / owner has his own duck farm which results in a bunch of delicious duck options.
Must Get: Brussel Sprouts (the best sprouts you'll ever eat).

2. Waterzooi
Location: Garden City
Overview: For out of this world mussels, you can't beat Waterzooi in Garden City. I've had all of their broths and they are all delicious. The garlic mayo that comes with the frites are addictive. This place has probably the best Belgian beer selection you can get on Long Island as well.
Must Get: Creole Mussels

1. Besito
Location: Roslyn & Huntington
Overview: Besito offers absolutely delicious upscale Mexican and the best table side guacamole you can get it in Long Island. This, along with their extensive tequila menu, great drinks, and great service, puts them at #1 on the list
Must Get: Budin de Mariscos (Tortilla Pie with Shrimp)

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