Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NFL Playoff Predictions - 2015

The NFL playoffs start this weekend after an exciting week 17 that decided the AFC playoff picture and an NFC conference that has a below .500 team in it..


Wild Card

Steelers 28 - Ravens 17

Colts 24 - Bengals 16

The Steelers and Ravens are 1-1 in the series against each other this year, but with wins at home. The Steelers play at home and I don't buy the whole "Flacco is elite in the Playoffs"

They last time these two teams faced, the Colts dominated them at home 27-0. It won't be as substantial as a win, but the Colts are the better team.


Broncos 30 - Steelers 24

Patriots 33 - Colts 21

I actually think the Steelers have a chance for the upset, but hard to go against a Broncos team who's undefeated at home and who has Manning leading the way.

The Pats are simply the better team here. The Colts are outmatched and will have a hard time winning this game.


Patriots 30 - Broncos 27

Safe prediction having these two teams in the championship game and having the Pats winning, but it is definitely the most logical choice. Brady and Pats find themselves back in the Super Bowl.


Wild Card

Lions 31 - Cowboys 17

Panthers 17 - Cardinals 12

Can a home game actually hurt the Cowboys? It just might. The Cowboys have a ton of weapons on offense, but the Lions are fortunate to have Suh back in on D. Romo still has to prove himself in high pressure situations like this in order for me to pick a team who is .500 at home (even if the opponent is .500 on the road)

The Panthers and Cardinals is a tough one to predict. I see it being a low scoring game, with the Cardinals team keeping them in it, but the offense not able to do enough to win the game. The Panthers are 7-8-1, but they've been playing like a playoff team their last four games.


Seahawks 24 - Lions 14

Packers 31 - Panthers 20

The Seahawks are the hottest team in football right now and the Lions are .500 on the road. I think Stafford will have a hard time against the Seahawks team and their 12th man.

Packers are the better team, are undefeated at home, and have Aaron Rodgers. Simple as that. I'd be shocked if Rodgers doesn't play this game with his injury. If he doesn't, I'd pick the Panthers here.


Packers 28 - Seahawks 20

On paper, you'd pick the Seahawks (especially at home), but I think Rodgers will find a way to get it done.

Super Bowl

Packers 27 - Patriots 24

In a close battle, I'm picking the Packers. This will be one of those games where it comes down to the QB. Both are one of the best in the league, but giving Rodgers the slight edge.

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