Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 7

We have a new #1 and a new #32 this week. Rankings below.

1. Atlanta Falcons 169
Last Week: 2
Notes: They didn't make it look easy, but the Falcons are now the only team without a loss in the NFL. Good teams find ways to win games no matter how poor they played in the beginning and the Falcons have been proving themselves capable of doing this. They'll lose a game (probably even at least 2), but for now they deserve the #1 spot.

2. Chicago Bears 140
Last Week: 4

Notes: Might be one of the only people to have Bears at #2 in the power rankings, but they deserve it.  With the next 3 games against the Lions, Panthers, and Titans, it's not unlikely to think this team will go 7-1 when half of the season is done.

3. Houston Texans  138
Last Week: 1
Notes: Hard for any team to beat the Packers when Aaron Rodgers has an amazing game. They have another difficult test ahead against the Ravens.

4.  Baltimore Ravens 122

Last Week: 6

Notes: It was a nail biter, but the Ravens pulled off the win and now have won 15 consecutive home games.

5. New York Giants 109
Last Week: 9
Notes: The Giants are a missed Tynes field goal away from being 5-1. What an impressive win against the 49ers. Two very important divisional games coming up against the Redskins and Cowboys (especially since they are 0-2 in the division).
6. San Francisco 49ers 108

Last Week: 3

Notes: Alex Smith looked like the Alex Smith of old against the Giants. This team, while still the best in the NFC West in my opinion, might not find the road to a divisional win as easy as they had hoped.

7.  Minnesota Vikings 76
Last Week: 5
Notes: Don't quickly write off this team as a fluke after a loss to a good Redskins team.  I'm excited to watch them face off against the Cardinals: the two positive surprises of 2012.

8. New England Patriots 69

Last Week: 7

Notes: Who would have thought that the NFC West would be the Patriots kryptonite (and that's without even facing the 49ers yet). With their loss, everyone in the division now has the same record at 3-3.
9. Arizona Cardinals 63
Last Week: 8
Notes: So are the Cardinals now revealing their true selves or are these just two losses that they'll bounce back from? I say somewhere in between. They have a very tough schedule ahead and don't expect them to keep up with their great start.

10.  Seattle Seahawks: 59
Last Week: 11
Notes: Wilson is looking impressive as a starting QB. Don't be surprised if the Seahawks are a playoff team this year.

11. Denver Broncos 55
Last Week: 12
Notes: A good comeback and a very important win that puts them in first place in the AFC West, for now. Peyton will only continue to improve.

12. Green Bay Packers: 53
Last Week: 18
Notes: Aaron Rodgers is angry which is dangerous for every team the Packers are playing. A very impressive win against the Texans. I expect the Packers to be the team we expect them to be from here on out.

13. Washington Redskins: 22
Last Week: 19
Notes: The Redskins go from last place in the division to potentially in first place if they beat the Giants.

14.  San Diego Chargers 20
Last Week: 10
Notes: The Chargers are looking like they did in 2011, a strong start and then they start to tail off.

15. Miami Dolphins:18
Last Week: 17
Notes: Don't look now, but the Dolphins are now in a four way tie in the AFC East lol. In terms of how they're playing, I put them behind the Pats, but they're at the same level as the Jets right (maybe even a little better).
16. St. Louis Rams: 17
Last Week: 13
Notes: A win against the Rams would have put them into a four way tie in the NFC West. This team is still much improved and should be around the .500 mark all season.

17. New York Jets: 10
Last Week: 22
Notes: That impressive win against the Colts could be a nice confidence booster for the Jets. They looked great on both sides of the ball (even on defense without Revis). They'll need to bring that level of playing next week against the Pats.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 8
Last Week: 24
Notes: The Buccs look to get back to .500 against the Saints next week. 

19. Pittsburgh Steelers: -7
Last Week: 15
Notes: Even with the injuries, it was a game they should have won against the Titans. I know it's early, but a loss against the Bengals might seal their playoff fate.

20. Philadelphia Eagles: - 8
Last Week: 16
Notes: In yet another close game, the Eagles find themselves on the losing end. Michael Vick has talent, but his turnovers are a huge issue for this team. They cannot be a playoff team if he keeps making all of these mistakes.

21.  Cincinnati Bengals -10
Last Week: 14
Notes: Always tough to be the team to give up the first win against a winless team, but the Bengals need to bounce back against the Steelers.

22.  Detroit Lions: -16
Last Week: 23
Notes: They won, but they don't look to be the same team as last year.

23. Dallas Cowboys: -27
Last Week: 21
Notes: They had two big chances to win against the Ravens, but couldn't pull it off. They played very well, but not being able to win games like this is a sign of a struggling team. They are the worst in the NFC East in my opinion.

24. Buffalo Bills: -46
Last Week: 27
Notes: Usually we see a blowout either way with the Bills, but it was a close one this week against the Cardinals and they were on the winning end. They have a home game against the Titans (which they are a better team than in my opinion) which means they could be 4-3, 7 games in. Better than expected.
25. Indianapolis Colts:- 55
Last Week: 20
Notes: The bright spot in the Colts loss continues to be Andrew Luck who looks like a natural born leader behind QB.

26. New Orleans Saints: -63
Last Week: 25
Notes: The Saints hope to do the exact opposite in their next 5 games (4-1 at least). 

27. Carolina Panthers: -68
Last Week: 26
Notes: Cam Newton has to be the one to turn this team around.

28. Cleveland Browns: -81
Last Week: 32
Notes: They get their first win and can breathe a little easier. Even at 0-5 they weren't the worst in the league. Certainly not a playoff team, but don't expect this team to be at the bottom 3 of the rankings anymore.

29.  Oakland Raiders: - 93
Last Week: 29
Notes: So close, but they couldn't hand the Falcons their first loss. Fortunately for them, they have two upcoming games against the Jaguars and Chiefs.

30. Tennessee Titans: - 107
Last Week: 31
Notes: You can chalk up their win as being due to the Steelers' injuries. That being said, they've had a very tough schedule so far.
31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -115
Last Week: 30
Notes: The Jaguars are the new Colts of the AFC South. I expect them to match their record this year.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: -126
Last Week: 28
Notes: The new #32. They have no solution for QB 

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