Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NFL Power Rakings - Week 8

Even though Atlanta Falcons had a bye week and are still the only undefeated team, we have a new #1 this week.

1. Houston Texans  190
Last Week: 3
Notes: Such an impressive win against the Ravens on Sunday that we moved this team back into the #1 spot. They look like a better team than the Falcons even with the loss.

2. Atlanta Falcons 172
Last Week: 1
Notes: The Falcons face a tougher than you might think game away against the Eagles who likely will do anything they can to get back above .500.

3. Chicago Bears 166
Last Week: 2
Notes: Their defense had another great showing in holding the Lions to only 7 points. If the defense continues to play like they've had all season, this team can beat anyone.

4. New York Giants132
Last Week: 5
Notes: A close one against the Skins, but Eli did what he does best and lead the Giants to a game winning drive. They now have a 1.5 game cushion lead in the NFC East.

5. San Francisco 49ers 131

Last Week: 6

Notes: The 49ers are now the lone divisional leader after beating the Seahawks Thursday night.

6.  Minnesota Vikings 103
Last Week: 7
Notes: In the battle of the two surprise 4-2 teams, the Vikings showed they were the better team.
7. New England Patriots 89

Last Week: 8

Notes: They didn't win as big as we expected them to, but still got the very important win against the Jets.

8.  Baltimore Ravens 83

Last Week: 4

Notes: That game did little to prove Flacco's statement of being "elite". After the bye, things get easier against the Browns and Raiders.

9. Green Bay Packers:80
Last Week: 12
Notes: The Packers look to be back on track. Unfortunately for them the Bears and Vikings continue to play great football.

10. Denver Broncos 58
Last Week: 11
Notes: Their next 3 games are against teams below .500 before facing San Diego again. If they can take 2 out of 3 and then beat the Chargers they'll be in good shape for the division.
11. Arizona Cardinals 41
Last Week: 9
Notes: Now with 3 losses in a row and QB issues, this team looks like they won't be the team we saw the first 4 games this season. Their next 3 games are against the 49ers, Packers, and Falcons. Ouch.

12.  Seattle Seahawks:37
Last Week: 10
Notes: Despite the loss, Wilson still looks great and this team is far from out of the playoff picture.

13.  San Diego Chargers 29
Last Week: 14
Notes: Before they face Denver again, they have winnable games against the Browns, Chiefs, and Buccs. They'll likely need to win all 3 of these and beat Denver.
14. Pittsburgh Steelers: 23
Last Week: 19
Notes: A big win against the Bengals that moves this team to the .500 mark.

15. Miami Dolphins: 21
Last Week: 15
Notes: Losses by the Bills and Jets moves this team to 2nd in the division. They'll stay there if they beat the Jets next Sunday.
16. Washington Redskins: 9
Last Week: 13
Notes: Despite the loss, RGIII looks fantastic as QB.

17. Dallas Cowboys: -2
Last Week: 23
Notes: They won a "must win" in a close battle against the Panthers. A win against the Giants puts them a half game back with the tie breaker advantage. A loss puts them 2.5 games back and makes the road ahead a lot more difficult.

18. New York Jets: -8
Last Week: 17
Notes: In typical Jets fashion, the game was lost on a fumble by Sanchez. After an impressive comeback, that's one of the worst ways you can lose.

19. Philadelphia Eagles: -10
Last Week: 20
Notes: The Eagles fire their defensive coordinator, but the real issue is the turnovers by Vick. If they can't fix this, the Eagles will not make the playoffs again this season.
20. St. Louis Rams: -11
Last Week: 16
Notes: A loss against the Packers is no surprise. However, this team now faces games against the Pats and 49ers making it very possible for the Rams to be 3-6 after 9 games.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -14
Last Week: 18
Notes: A loss to the Saints drops them to 3rd in the division.

22. Indianapolis Colts: -29
Last Week: 25
Notes: The win against the Browns puts them at .500

23.  Detroit Lions: -34
Last Week: 22
Notes: Their defense looked good (like the defense we saw last year), but the offense still has a ton of issues. Another loss by the Lions (and a divisional one at that) makes their season all but  officially over.

24.  Cincinnati Bengals -35
Last Week: 21
Notes: Tough loss against the Steelers that makes the road ahead to the playoffs that much more difficult.

25. New Orleans Saints: -42
Last Week: 26
Notes: Are the Saints back? Not quite, but as long as Brees continues to play like he's been playing this team can win a lot more games.

26. Buffalo Bills: -62
Last Week: 24
Notes: In an offensive juggernaut against the Titans, the Bills find themselves on the losing end and last in the division.

27.  Oakland Raiders: -73
Last Week: 29
Notes: Funny how a team plays at the same level against the Falcons and the Jags. They do get the win this time and now have an important divisional game against the Chiefs.

28. Tennessee Titans: -84
Last Week: 30
Notes: The Titans can find themselves at .500 with a win against the Colts next week.
29. Carolina Panthers: -85
Last Week: 27
Notes: What happened to this team? Even with a 6-10 record last season, 1-5 is a huge disappointment.

30. Cleveland Browns: -103
Last Week: 28
Notes: Another close game involving the Browns, another loss.
31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -125
Last Week: 31
Notes: If they lost in OT against the Raiders I can't imagine how much they'll lose by against the Packers.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: -126
Last Week: 32
Notes: Even with "winnable" games on the schedule, I can't imagine when this team will win next. 1-15 is a possibility.

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