Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 6

The Browns are now the only team without the win and remain on the bottom spot of this week's rankings.

1. Houston Texans  176
Last Week: 1
Notes: Another week, another win for the NFL's best team. They have two very tough games against the Packers and Ravens (fortunately for them, at home). If they're able to beat the Ravens, they'll be the clear favorite for the #1 seed for the playoffs.

2. Atlanta Falcons 155
Last Week: 2
Notes: They kept it close against the Redskins, but they pulled off the win and are now 5-0 on the season. They have 2 more wins then the Buccs, Panthers, and Saints combined.

3. San Francisco 49ers 146

Last Week: 4

Notes: Ever since the loss to the Vikings, the 49ers have been playing beyond dominant football completely destroying both the Jets and the Bills.

4. Chicago Bears 143 
Last Week: 5

Notes: Who would have thought that the Bears would be tied for first place in the NFC North 5 games in and it would be with the Vikings? This team, while having some issues, has been looking great on both sides of the ball.

5.  Minnesota Vikings 106
Last Week: 8
Notes: Their next 5 games are against the Skins, Cardinals, Buccs, Seahawks, and Lions before their bye week. All winnable games. If they take 4 out of 5, they'll go into the bye week with an 8-2 record. With the way they've been playing it's more possible than you might think.

6.  Baltimore Ravens 98

Last Week: 6

Notes: Not an impressive win against a subpar Chiefs team, but it allows them to be 2 games ahead of the Bengals in the NFC North.

7. New England Patriots 82

Last Week: 9

Notes: Patriots look like the better team in the AFC then the Broncos after Sunday's game. The Pats won't have to worry too much about winning the AFC East with how the rest of their division has been performing.
8. Arizona Cardinals 81
Last Week: 3
Notes: The Cardinals were brought back to reality with a loss against the Rams. They still remain a surprising team this year, but with a very tough schedule ahead i expect them to slip further and further into the rankings.

9. New York Giants 63
Last Week: 11
Notes: After struggling the first couple of minutes in the game, the Giants played great football and dominated the Browns. The outcome was what we expected them to do. After the 49ers, they two important divisional games against the Skins and Cowboys. 

10.  San Diego Chargers 55
Last Week: 7
Notes: They gave up the Saints' first win of the year. Will they trail off after a great start like last year or are they the real thing this year? Unfortunately, I say the former.

11.  Seattle Seahawks: 41
Last Week: 14
Notes: A good win against the Panthers. Don't be surprised to see this team in the wildcard hunt all season long.

12. Denver Broncos 33
Last Week: 10
Notes: Peyton looked great, but it wasn't enough to get the win against the Pats.

13. St. Louis Rams: 32
Last Week: 18
Notes: Besides the Vikings, they have my vote for most improved team of the year.

14.  Cincinnati Bengals 18
Last Week: 12
Notes: Not a loss the Bengals can afford with the Steelers having key players back from injury.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers: 14
Last Week: 17
Notes: They win their first game with a more solid D under their belt and should win a lot more moving forward.

16. Philadelphia Eagles: 4
Last Week: 13
Notes: Another close game for the Eagles, but this time they are on the losing end.  Michael Vick's issues with turning over the ball might be what keeps the Eagles out of the playoffs.

17. Miami Dolphins: 3
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Dolphins get a good underdog win against the Bengals.

18. Green Bay Packers: 1
Last Week: 15
Notes: Might be the biggest letdown of 2012. If you asked 100 ESPN analysts what the Packers record would be 5 games in, nobody would say 2-3. Yes, they should be 3-2 technically with a blown call against the Seahawks, but they haven't been playing good football especially by Packers standards.

19. Washington Redskins: - 4
Last Week: 16
Notes: If RGIII misses any games it will be very bad for the Redskins. Cousins cannot lead to this team to victories.

20. Indianapolis Colts: - 9
Last Week: 24
Notes: A great comeback win by the Colts against the Packers. Andrew Luck looks to be revitalizing this team.
21. Dallas Cowboys: - 13
Last Week: 19
Notes: Although the Eagles and Redskins lost, the Giants win makes their bye week an unsuccessful one.

22. New York Jets: - 31
Last Week: 22
Notes: On a positive note, the Jets didn't lose nearly as bad as was anticipated. They need to win at home against the Colts next week and will hope to pull an upset against the Pats the week after.

23.  Detroit Lions: - 41
Last Week: 23
Notes: After starting the season 1-3 (and almost 0-4 after barely beating the Rams), the Lions have a tough 3 games against the Eagles, Bears, and Seahawks. They'll need to take 2 out of 3 of these games in order to have a shot at the playoffs.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: - 44
Last Week: 25
Notes: Hopefully they can win the next 2 games against the Chiefs and Saints to get back to .500.

25. New Orleans Saints: - 53
Last Week: 29
Notes: They finally get their first win of the season. Still a lot of issues on defense, but this team is better than their 1-4 record would indicate. Drew Brees has been a top 3 QB all season long.

26. Carolina Panthers: - 65
Last Week: 27
Notes: A team that has very been disappointing so far.

27. Buffalo Bills: - 71
Last Week: 20
Notes: Who would have thought the Bills would have played just as poorly as the Jets did against the 49ers. What a horrific showing. 

28. Kansas City Chiefs: - 83
Last Week: 28
Notes: The Chief fans vented their frustration when they cheered Cassel getting injured. A very classless move by the fans.

29.  Oakland Raiders: - 93
Last Week: 30
Notes: Don't count on the Raiders handing the Falcons their first loss of the season next week.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars: -105
Last Week: 26
Notes: What a horrible game against the Bears.

31. Tennessee Titans: - 110
Last Week: 31
Notes: Based on how this team is playing, if they end the season ahead of the Jaguars for 3rd place in the division that will be a success.

32. Cleveland Browns: - 114
Last Week: 32
Notes: 2 minutes into the 1st quarter and you believed this team was going to upset the Giants for their first win of the season. Then they demonstrated all the characteristics of a winless team. Stupid, but critical, penalties, turnovers, and poor playing overall.  Despite all of this, a home win against the Bengals is possible next week.

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