Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top 5 New Restaurants in New York City

NYC is known for many things, including the wide variety and greatness of their restaurants. Every year there are many new (and delicious) eateries that sprout up in New York City. It is nearly impossible to be kept in the loop on all the new restaurants in the area making it highly likely that you are missing out on a new potential favorite food spot of choice. We've visited a few new ones over the past few months and narrowed it down to the five best new restaurants (3 months or later) in New York City.

1. This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef - Brand spanking new, but our favorite. Katz deli needs to watch out because This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef is one of the best sandwich joints I've ever been to. Seriously. Go now before the lines start to pick up because this place will catch on quickly. The menu is limited, but I think this works to their advantage given how great the food is.
Must Have: Pastrami Sandwich (the best I've ever had)
Location: 149 1st Avenue

2. Led Zeppole - Led Zeppole I believe is run by the same owners as This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef (if this is the case, congrats on having two kick ass new eateries). If you have a sweet tooth this place will satisfy your craving and then some. From deep fried Oreos, to soft serve ice cream, to fried dough this place has it all when it comes to desserts. Downside is the size (very small), but might make it's way as the best dessert spot in NYC.
Must Have: Funnel Cake
Location: 328 E 14th St

3. The Tax Club Cafe - You would never guess from the look of their website, but The Tax Club Cafe seems to pride itself on its exclusivity (made evident by the lack of address or phone number information). We'll tell you that it's on Lexington Avenue, but that's all we'll reveal :). The Tax Club Cafe is an American joint that specializes in brunch (although they do serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well). Food is excellent, service is great, just a pain in the ass to find. If you do find it, you'll be in for a treat.
Must Have: Breakfast Risotto with Quail Eggs.
Location: Lexington Ave

4. Matsukado - For those of you looking for a new Asian eatery look no further. If you're a fan of Japanese noodle, this place will be perfect for you as they offer amen, udon and soba. If you're on a budget, this place has plenty of food for a low price as well.
Must Have: Miso Ramen
Location: 104 2nd Ave

5. Carteles - I personally hate the decor (too vibrant), but it doesn't take away from the great food that this Cuban sandwich shop serves up. Service is a little slow (which is the only downside), but you can easily get around this by calling ahead of time. If Cuban sandwiches are your thing..or even if your'e not sure...definitely check this place out.
Must Have: El Cubano
Location: 443 E 6th St

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