Friday, February 19, 2010

Top 10 Best Unknown Websites - 2010 Addition

Given the success of our previous "top 10 best unknown websites" list (we still get about 50 hits a day to this year and a half old article), I decided to make an updated list with more current "unknown websites".  Feel free to add others in the comment section.

10. 27 B Slash 6 - Unusual name, unusual website.  This funny funny website, run by Australian Web Designer (maybe?) David Thorne, mostly consists of e-mail exchanges of David screwing with people.  These people range from landlords, gym staff, and coworkers.  You might recognize this site from the Spider Drawing Story, but there are a dozen more hilarious e-mail exchanges on the site.  Also a somewhat under the radar article are his son's rants on every day life.

9. Awkward Family Photos - They could be a little more strict with what they allow on their website, but Awkward Family Photos is still an entertaining time killer.  The website is exactly what it sounds like...a list of awkward family photos. 

8. Passive Aggressive Notes - Ever receive a "not so nice" e-mail or note? Submit to this blogging website and you'll likely see it appear in a future post.  Passive Aggressive Notes is entirely made up individuals submitting passive aggressive notes they come across to the website hosts who post it and blog about it.  Very addicting.

7. People of Walmart - This site might make you think twice before enterting a Walmart again (or maybe it will entice you to go even more).  People of Walmart highlights the weirdest breed of Walmart customers via hilarious pictures. 

6. Who's Your Champion - From Chuck Norris to Epic Beard Man, if you can think of a true "champion" you'll likely find them on here.  Who's Your Champion is a website that allows you to submit  who you think is a champion and vote for other people's submissions.  Submissions includes a bio of the person, video, and various imagery.  This is a great site to find a ton of "wtf" YouTube gems.

5. Please Rob Me - This is starting to get out of unknown territory given the fact that it was featured on TechCrunch and Mashable (not to mention that it was a front page story on Reddit).  This website is just more comical than anything else.  It's also a website where you probalbly will visit it once and never come back again.  I won't spoil the'll see what I'm referring to when you visit.

4.  The Engagement Club - The Engagement Club is a new Social Network that revolves around all things engagement related. Seek advice from the site owner Josh or various forum users, read some educational articles, or see how the love story between Tim and Jill unfold.  My personal favorite feature of the site are the proposal videos.  They have a directory of various engagement proposal videos sorted by "best", "worst", and "most romantic".  Definitely can spend hours watching these.

3. Chatroulette - Chatroulette is exactly how it sounds.  It's a random chat program where you don't know who you'll be speaking to. The program allows you to type in your text and see the other person via video.  Very interesting and often hilariously entertaining.

2. Lamebook -  To me, nothing is funnier than seeing a Facebook Status update gone wrong.  Lamebook has a ton of them.  You might have to sit through a few of them to find the truly hilarious ones, but definitely worth it once you do.

1. BoxerJam - I put CandyStand as one of my favorite "free online games" websites for my last post.  BoxerJam has TONS of extremely addicting games (mostly focused on mind challenging ones which are my favorite).  Favorite game here has to be MindStein.

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