Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NFL Power Rankings - Week 15

Skipped a week so last week's number isn't included.

1. Carolina Panthers: 426
Notes: 16-0 looks more like a possibility than it not happening. All remaining teams are 6-7 that the Panthers are facing.

2. Arizona Cardinals: 343

Notes: Outside of the Panthers, the Cardinals look like the most complete team in football.

3. New England Patriots: 341
Notes:  Injuries keep piling up for the Patriots. However, as long as Brady is under center, this remains the best team in the AFC.

4. Cincinnati Bengals:279
Notes: Tough loss, especially since there's a chance these two teams could very well face each other come playoff time.

5. Denver Broncos: 212
Notes: Upcoming game in Week 16 against the Bengals could decide who gets a bye week for the playoffs.

6. Seattle Seahawks: 207

Notes: The Seahawks are looking like the Super Bowl caliber team they were in 2013 and 2014. 

7. Green Bay Packers: 202
Notes:  Despite their 9-4 record, the Packers are hardly the Packers team we are all used to, even after a nice win over the Cowboys. The game against the Cardinals will really paint the picture of this team's playoff run potential.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: 179
Notes: The Steelers' offense is Super Bowl caliber, but their defense will likely prevent them from getting there. Still, a nice against the Bengals. 

9. Kansas City Chiefs: 173

Notes: Nobody wants to play the Chiefs right now. 7 wins in a row. Very likely can be 10 with the remaining schedule they have in place.

10. New York Jets: 155
Notes:  The Jets are starting to look like the team we saw the first 5 games of the season. 

11. Minnesota Vikings: 93
Notes: 2 losses in a row for the Vikings. They have a two game cushion for the playoffs, but they can't afford to lose to the Bears with remaining games against better team likes the Giants and even better teams like the Packers.

12. Buffalo Bills: 40

Notes: Has the makings of a .500 team. Rex Ryan will likely lead this team to better things next year.

13. New York Giants: 38
Notes: A win they needed to have. They finally didn't blow a 4th quarter lead. That being said, if they're on the outside looking in come playoff time, they'll be kicking themselves over not winning at least one of those 4th quarter losses. 

14. Philadelphia Eagles: 9
Notes: The Eagles went from dead and gone to 2 good wins against the Patriots and Bills. The Cardinals game next week likely won't matter much - it will be the two games against the Redskins and Giants that will likely decide their playoff ate.

15. Atlanta Falcons: 7
Notes: If the rankings were based on the last 6 weeks, this team would be 32. 6-10 is more likely than 7-9 or better at this point.

16. Washington Redskins: 4

Notes:  A win they needed to have to keep pace in the NFC East. They do control their own destiny and have all winnable games for the remainder of the season.

17. Houston Texans: -2

Notes:  A mediocre team, but will likely be the team that wins the AFC South. A win against the Colts will likely be the deciding factor here.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -11

Notes: Well it looks like any chances for a playoff birth is dead and gone, but expect better things to come from Tampa bay next year.

19. Oakland Raiders: -12

Notes:  The playoffs are unlikely, but at least the Raiders are relevant again.

20. Indianapolis Colts: -51
Notes: Without Luck, this team really has no chance. Maybe they can sneak into the playoffs, but they are a 1 and done team right now.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars: -52

Notes: The Jaguars keep things interesting in the AFC South, making it a 3 team race.

22. Chicago Bears: -57
Notes: 2 losses in a row pretty much ends their playoff chances.

23. New Orleans Saints: -71

Notes: Yes, they won, but no matter how they end their season it will be lower than what others expected.

24. St. Louis Rams: -81

Notes: A win against a non-divisional opponent, but it was the Lions.

25. Miami Dolphins: -84

Notes: Tannehill looks like he could be a good Quarterback that has the potential of being a leader to the Dolphins offense. Important when looking at next year.

26. Baltimore Ravens: -100
Notes: Injuries really killed this team this year.

27. Dallas Cowboys: -115

Notes: Miraculously at 4-9 they are still in the playoff race in the NFC East, but they'll need a miracle to happen.

28. Detroit Lions: -119
Notes: Expect Caldwell to go after this season.

29. Tennessee Titans: -155

Notes:  A brutal loss against the Titans. This team has a long way to go before becoming relevant again.

30. San Francisco 49ers: -159

Notes: After a nice win against the Bears, they get brought back to reality with a loss against the lowly Browns.

31. San Diego Chargers: -172
Notes:  The Chargers haven't had 10 or more losses in a season since 2003. If they don't win another game this season it will be their worse season since 2000.

32. Cleveland Browns: -200
Notes: Johnny football is looking good. As long as he can stay out of trouble, the Browns have hope.

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