Tuesday, December 1, 2015

NFL Power Rankings - Week 13

A new #1 emerges in the rankings while there are some other big changes to the top 10.

1. Carolina Panthers: 345
Last Week: 2

Notes: And then there was 1. The Panthers remain undefeated after destroying the Cowboys.

2. New England Patriots: 322
Last Week: 1
Notes:  The lose to a tough team, but worse is the potential of losing Gronk long term. They'll need him come playoff time.

3. Arizona Cardinals: 276
Last Week: 3
Notes: The Cardinals win a hard fought battle against the 49ers. They face a Rams team that's struggling tremendously, but is undefeated in the division.

4. Cincinnati Bengals:254
Last Week: 4
Notes: The Bengals have the division pretty much locked up after a win and a Steelers loss.

5. Denver Broncos: 201
Last Week: 5
Notes: Great win by the Broncos. Osweiler is now 2-0 as a starter, including beating an undefeated Patriots team.

6. Minnesota Vikings: 154

Last Week: 7
Notes: The Vikings reclaim the division with a win over the Falcons and a Packers loss.

7. Green Bay Packers: 139
Last Week: 6
Notes:  Rodgers is not saying "R-E-L-A-X" and with good reason. The Packers have lost 3 out of their last 4. The mediocrity of the NFL this season makes it hard for them to miss the playoffs unless they implode, but they hardly look like a Super Bowl caliber team.

8. Kansas City Chiefs: 118
Last Week: 10

Notes: Nobody wants to play the Chiefs right now. The Chiefs have 5 wins in a row, the longest outside of the Panthers (and tied with the Cardinals).

9. Seattle Seahawks: 104

Last Week: 11
Notes: The Seahawks certainly don't look like the team they were the last two years, but they are playing just good enough to likely get into the playoffs where anything can happen.

10. New York Jets: 95

Last Week: 14
Notes:  The Jets find their way into the top 10 again after destroying the Dolphins. Will be a great game against the Giants next week.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers: 91
Last Week: 8
Notes: The Steelers have a tough stretch ahead with games against the Colts, Bengals, and Broncos. They'll need to win 1 of these (at least) in order to secure a wildcard spot.

12. Atlanta Falcons: 69
Last Week: 9
Notes: The Falcons continue to implode. For the first time all season, if the playoffs started today, the Falcons would not be in it.

13. Indianapolis Colts: 52

Last Week: 15
Notes: The Colts win and maintain their lead in the AFC South.

14. Houston Texans: 52
Last Week: 16
Notes:  The Texans continue to play well and keep pace with the Colts after a win against the Saints. The division could come down to the week 15 match up against the Colts.

15. New York Giants: 42
Last Week: 12
Notes: Bye week blues or trouble afoot? Regardless, the Giants lose the division lead. Likely a must win coming up against the Jets.

16. Buffalo Bills: 35
Last Week: 13
Notes: The loss makes it more difficult for the Bills to secure a wildcard, but a fairly decent schedule ahead keeps them more than alive.

17. Washington Redskins: 2
Last Week: 21

Notes:  The Redskins find themselves atop the NFC East after beating the Giants. Huge game against the Cowboys coming up.

18. Oakland Raiders: -6
Last Week: 19
Notes:  The Raiders continue to struggle, but a win keeps their playoff hopes alive.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -13
Last Week: 17
Notes: Tough loss that makes their hopes for a playoff upset unlikely.

20. Chicago Bears: -19
Last Week: 22

Notes: The Bears are continuing to surprise everyone. A lot of people think this team was going to be the worst in the league. They might end the season close to a wildcard. 

21. Baltimore Ravens: -40
Last Week: 26
Notes: Crazy way to win, but the Ravens are still fighting despite all of the injuries.

22. Philadelphia Eagles: -46
Last Week: 18
Notes: If you think the Falcons are imploding, look at the Eagles. Like nobody wants to play the Chiefs right now, everyone wants to play the Eagles right now.

23. St. Louis Rams: -67
Last Week: 20
Notes: The Rams get destroyed in another non-divisional game. Will be interesting to see how they play against the Cardinals.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars: -72
Last Week: 24
Notes: Pretty much ends their playoff hopes with a loss and a win by both the Colts and Texans.

25. Detroit Lions: -79
Last Week: 29

Notes: The Lions are now winners of 3 in a row! Most rankings will likely have them higher, but we do it based off of a formula that factors in the entire season. Up until the winning streak, they were playing like the worst team in the league.

26. Miami Dolphins: -81
Last Week: 23
Notes: The Dolphins continue to clean house after a disappointing season.

27. New Orleans Saints: -93
Last Week: 25
Notes: Speaking of cleaning house, expect big changes from this organization after the season.

28. Dallas Cowboys: -99
Last Week: 27
Notes: Romo gets injured..again. The Cowboys lose...again.

29. San Diego Chargers: -123

Last Week: 30
Notes:  The Chargers are still fighting - a win ends their 6 game losing streak.

30. Tennessee Titans: -141
Last Week: 28
Notes:  They weren't expected to be a great team this season,  but 2-9 is a lot worse then expected.

31. San Francisco 49ers: -175
Last Week: 31
Notes: They fought hard, but the 49ers find themselves on the losing end again.

32. Cleveland Browns: -188
Last Week: 32
Notes: The Browns lose in typical Browns fashion and find themselves still on the bottom of the rankings.

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