Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NFL Power Rankings - Week 11

 With Atlanta's first loss, we have a new #1!

1Houston Texans 257
Last Week: 3
Notes: They look like the best team in football right now on both sides of the ball. Now that there are no undefeated teams anymore, the Texans could be at the top of the rankings for the remainder of the season.

2. Chicago Bears 216
Last Week: 2
Notes: The Bears to me are the best in the NFC right now. Even though they were on the losing end to a very good Texans team, their defense still played great. Hopefully Jay Cutler can be cleared to play next week.

3. Atlanta Falcons 210
Last Week: 1
Notes: It was bound to happen eventually. After going 8-0 the Falcons finally lost in a close battle to the Saints. Given the big lead they have in the division, they should have no problem winning the NFC South unless they suffer from a monumental collapse.

4. New England Patriots 196

Last Week: 5
Notes: A closer battle than anticipated, but the Patriots continue to show why they are by far the best in the AFC East and one of the best overall in the NFL.
5. San Francisco 49ers 166
Last Week: 4
Notes: Who would have thought the first tie in the NFL this season would be a game involving the 49ers and the Rams? With the Seahawks right on the 49ers tail, it will be interesting to see if the tie might negatively impact the 49ers towards the end of the season.

6. Denver Broncos164
Last Week: 8
Notes: Winners of 4 in a row, the Broncos are playing excellent football behind the superb playing of Peyton Manning.

7.  Baltimore Ravens 162
Last Week: 9
Notes: That game helped to quiet critics who said the Ravens' offense couldn't carry this team with all the injuries they have on defense. What an impressive game against the Raiders.
8. Green Bay Packers: 141
Last Week: 7
Notes: The Packers look to extend their winning streak to 5 with a road game against the Lions.
9. New York Giants 110
Last Week: 6
Notes: Even before the 2 game losing streak, the Giants have been playing kind of sloppy stemming back to the game against the Redskins. Their remaining schedule is one of the toughest (if not the toughest) in the NFL so they need to work out their issues ASAP or they might find themselves on the outside looking in come playoff time.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers: 100
Last Week: 10
Notes:It was a lot closer than anticipated, but the Steelers find themselves at 6-3 and on a 4 game winning streak.

11.  Seattle Seahawks: 92
Last Week: 12
Notes: The Seahawks continue to impress with another win against the Jets. Heading into their bye, they are only 1 game behind the 49ers.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 83
Last Week: 11
Notes: One of the nice surprises of the season is the 5-4 Buccs.

13.  Minnesota Vikings 77
Last Week: 14
Notes:  The Vikings continue to show why they are relevant this season with another win against the Lions. They should be fighting for a playoff spot all year.
14. Indianapolis Colts: 49
Last Week: 16
Notes: There's a 4 way tie for the longest active winning streak in the NFL right now between the Broncos, Packers, Steelers and..the Colts. 6-3 is well beyond expectations for a team that was 2-14 last year and was starting a rookie QB.
15.  San Diego Chargers 13
Last Week: 13
Notes: At 4-5, things don't get easier for the Chargers with upcoming games against the Broncos and Ravens.

16.  Detroit Lions: 0
Last Week: 17
Notes: After showing signs of life, they end up losing against the Vikings for a 2 game sweep in the series. The more the season progresses, the more likely it seems the Lions will finish last in the division.

17. New Orleans Saints: -1
Last Week: 19
Notes: A great win against the Falcons. The Saints have now won 4 out of their last 5 and have a winnable game next week against the Raiders. If they win this, they are back to .500.
18. Miami Dolphins: -2
Last Week: 15
Notes: The Dolphins all of a sudden looked like the Dolphins of 2011 with that loss against the Titans.

19. Dallas Cowboys: -3
Last Week: 20
Notes: To me, the better team won in the Cowboys / Eagles game. The way the Giants have been playing as of late, the Cowboys are far from out of the division.

20.  Arizona Cadrinals -21
Last Week: 18
Notes: The Cardinals hope to play like they did the first 4 games of the season after they return from the bye.

21.  Cincinnati Bengals -16
Last Week: 23
Notes: What a way to snap a 4 game losing streak. The Bengals still have a long road ahead if they were to have any shot of the playoffs, but a great win nonetheless.
22. St. Louis Rams: -48
Last Week: 25
Notes: A tie is not a win, but it's a lot better than what was expected from this Rams team against the 49ers.
23. Washington Redskins: -52
Last Week: 21
Notes: The Redskins hope to fix a lot of their issues on D after coming back from the bye.

24. New York Jets: -75
Last Week: 22
Notes: Rex Ryan keeps saying he thinks his team came make the playoffs and win out for the remainder of the season. I'm definitely not seeing what he's seeing.

25. Philadelphia Eagles: -88
Last Week: 24
Notes: If Andy Reid is not fired after this season it will be a huge surprise.

26. Tennessee Titans: -94
Last Week: 30
Notes: The first game all season where I was impressed with the Titans playing.

27. Cleveland Browns: -101
Last Week: 29
Notes: The best of the 2 wins or less teams. This season is lost, but this young Browns team does have some potential for next season.

28. Buffalo Bills: -104
Last Week: 28
Notes: They played the Patriots tough, but, as usual, they find themselves on the losing end.
29. Carolina Panthers: -110
Last Week: 26
Notes: I didn't expect them to beat the Broncos, but definitely expected them to play at least a little better against them.
30  Oakland Raiders: -125
Last Week: 27
Notes: The Raiders find themselves in the bottom 3 after a horrific showing against the Ravens.

31. Kansas City Chiefs: -202
Last Week: 32
Notes: They move up after a loss to the Steelers because they made it a competitive game on the road. The Jaguars pass them in a close battle for the worst in the NFL.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars: -211
Last Week: 31
Notes: :(

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