Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NFL Power Rankings Week 10

The Saints gain the most ground this week while the Eagles continue to plummet in the rankings.

1. Atlanta Falcons 234
Last Week: 1
Notes: Halfway through and the Falcons are still undefeated. They do not play a team that's above .500 until the Giants in Week 15. At that point, they should have the division wrapped up.

2. Chicago Bears 233
Last Week: 3
Notes: They've been playing such dominant football for the most part of the season, I had to put them at the #2 spot. Nobody wants to play the Bears right now.

3Houston Texans  222
Last Week: 2
Notes: They pulled up the win against the Bills and remain at the top of the AFC.

4. San Francisco 49ers 176
Last Week: 4
Notes: After the Rams, the 49ers play the Bears for what should be a great game.

5. New England Patriots 147 
Last Week: 6
Notes: The Patriots move up during the bye week with a Giants loss.
6. New York Giants 144
Last Week: 5
Notes: Both the Giants and the Steelers were at a disadvantage with Sandy throwing off their routine, but the Giants found themselves on the losing end. The offense looked out of sync, but they should bounce back next week against the Bengals.

7. Green Bay Packers: 135
Last Week: 8
Notes: The Packers looked a lot better against the Cardinals than they did against the Jaguars.

8. Denver Broncos 126
Last Week: 7
Notes: It was a nail biter at one point, but the better team got the win.

9.  Baltimore Ravens 113 
Last Week: 9
Notes: An important win especially with all of the injuries this team has. 2 out of their next 4 games are against the Steelers which could decide the division.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers: 82
Last Week: 12
Notes: .Winners of 3 in a row. It should be 4 after they play the Chiefs.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 58
Last Week: 13
Notes: The Buccs look like they could be fighting for a wildcard spot for the remainder of the year.

12.  Seattle Seahawks: 56
Last Week: 14
Notes: They clearly are now the 2nd best in the NFC West. 
13.  San Diego Chargers 50
Last Week: 15
Notes: Some say that win saved Norv Turner's job for now, but as long as the Chargers stay at .500 don't expect Norv back next year.

14.  Minnesota Vikings 44
Last Week: 10
Notes:  That loss will likely keep them out of the playoffs. Now that the Seahawks and Buccs have the tiebreaker against them and the Packers playing great, a #6 seed looks like a long shot.
15. Miami Dolphins: 43
Last Week: 11
Notes: The game went exactly as it should against the Colts. Two evenly matched teams with the road team losing by a field goal. 

16. Indianapolis Colts: 28
Last Week: 16
Notes: Andrew Luck played out of his mind. What a great performance by the rookie QB. They're finding ways to win, but I'm concerned with how close all of their wins have been, regardless of opponent.

17.  Detroit Lions: 24
Last Week: 18
Notes: All of a sudden, the Lions are back at .500 and far from out of the playoff race.

18.  Arizona Cadrinals -4
Last Week: 17
Notes: Now losers of 5 in a row, they face the undefeated Falcons after the bye week.

19. New Orleans Saints: -34
Last Week: 27
Notes: The Saints are now winners of 3 out of their last 4 games, with their only loss coming coming against the red hot Broncos. Handing Atlanta their first loss next week could be the game that completely turns around the Saints season and puts them back in the playoff hunt.

20. Dallas Cowboys: -35
Last Week: 20
Notes: Another close game and another loss. The Cowboys continue to perform well against the elite in the NFL, but can't find ways to win.
21. Washington Redskins: -44
Last Week: 19
Notes: The Redskins playoff dreams seem to be a distant memory. RGIII still continues to play well, but the defense is horrendous.

22. New York Jets: -44
Last Week: 23
Notes: The Jets hope to get back to .500 with upcoming games against the Seahawks and Rams.

23.  Cincinnati Bengals -47
Last Week: 22
Notes: Dalton played well, but the Broncos overpowered them. The Bengals have now lost 4 straight.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: -57
Last Week: 21
Notes: Losers  of 4 straight, the Eagles have a do or die game at home against the Cowboys next week. If they lose this, you can put a fork in the Eagles.

25. St. Louis Rams: -61
Last Week: 26
Notes: They hope to pull off the upset against the 1st place 49ers next week.

26. Carolina Panthers: -70
Last Week: 29
Notes: The Panthers finally get another win. Cam Newton played like he had something to prove. The Panthers need to play like that every week in order to have any shot of a good season.
27  Oakland Raiders: -71
Last Week: 24
Notes: A good game against the Buccs, but the Raiders couldn't get the win. 4-4 would have been great after a slow start.

28. Buffalo Bills: -83
Last Week: 25
Notes: No surprise that the Bills lost against the Texans. They now find themselves in last place in the division.

29. Cleveland Browns: -107
Last Week: 28
Notes: For a second, they had the 4th quarter lead against the Ravens, but the Ravens showed that, even with injuries, they are the better team.

30. Tennessee Titans: -150
Last Week: 30
Notes: Are the Titans really that bad or are the Bears really that good? I say both.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: -181
Last Week: 31
Notes: They need to get MJD back if they have any shot of winning another game.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: -184
Last Week: 32
Notes: (Insert another "they suck" comment here)

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