Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 10 Best Stupid Movies

A "best stupid" movie seems like a oxymoron, but when it comes to their films some people like nothing more than putting their brain on hiatus and enjoying a stupid comedy or an over the top action flick. Some movies that fall under these categories are just..well..plain stupid, but there have been a few that achieved "cult classic" status, ranking among the best stupid movies of all time.

10. Crank - Crank is the ultimate guy flick. This is the only film that I am aware of where a guy is getting head while in a high speed car cash while killing a bunch of a bad guys. Extremely badass. The movie is way over the top and the plot is a little dumb, but it's hard to take your eyes off the screen at all. Non stop action, sex, and badassness.

9.Bio-Dome - Metacritic voted Biodome as the"worst movie of all time" ( ). It's a Pauly Shore flick which will tell you right off the bat that this is a stupid film. Basically two stoners wonder into a "bio-dome" thinking it's a mall. The "bio-dome" closes shut and now five scientists have to deal with Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin for an entire year. It's a bad movie, but at the same time has a lot of laughs if you fall into the right demographic.

8.The Fast and the Furious - This movie built a huge cult following after it's initial release. This is the ultimate movie for your "meathead, fist pumping" demographic. There are fast cars (lots of them), hot chicks (Michelle Rordiguez and Jordana Brewster), Vin Diesel, and a lot of non-stop action all the while not being too heavy on delivering a great plot. It's not a great movie by any means, but it is entertaining and certainly a good way to kill a couple of hours.

7. History of the World: Part 1 - One of the original spoof movies is also one of the best. This is my favorite movie that Mel Brooks put out, but it still constitues as a "stupid movie" (as does most spoof movies).

6. Airplane - Loved this movie despite how stupid a lot of the humor is. This has become a cult classic and still appeals to new generations of movie goers.

5. Dumb and Dumber - One of the original Jim Carrey movies is also one of his funniest. Dumb and Dumber is the story of two losers, Harry and Lloyd, who go on a mission to return a lady's (who Lloyd drove to the airport) briefcase. They are unaware, however, that the suitcase contains ransom money for the lady's husband. Hilarity ensues. You know with a title like "Dumb and Dumber" that you are not going to get an Oscar worthy movie, but this movie is still hysterical (as with the other need to have a certain sense of humor).

4. Troll 2 - "They're eating her. Then they're going to eat me. Oh my gooooooood." This is one of the lines from Troll 2, the worst horror movie ever made. You can view the aformentioned scene here ( This movie is the opposite of scary, the acting is beyond horrible, the plot is all over the place and makes no sense, but you want to watch it again and again because of how entertainingly bad it is. Troll 2 apparently is supposed to be the sequel to the originial Troll movie, although each movie has nothing to do with each other.

3. The Room - For those of you who have never heard of "The Room", check out this trailer ( Yup, this is a real movie. This is, in fact, considered one of the worst movies ever made. After seeing it a few times, I'd have to agree. The acting is atrocious, the plot is horrible, the music is lame..everything about the movie just plain sucks. However, everything is SO bad that it's downright hilarious. It's one of the movies that you laugh at..not with. This has grown so popular over the past couple of years, that they now have monthly screenings of it in LA and have brought it into New York (all shows are usually sold out). David Cross and Jonah Hill also consider it one of their favorite movies. I don't want to give too much away. You really just need to see this movie to see why this ranks as one of the best stupid movies of all time.

2. Billy Madison - I think I've seen this movie over a thousand times. I'm not kidding. Every time it's on TV (even TBS where they block some stuff out) I HAVE to watch it. I don't really need to go over the plot because if you're a fan of "stupid movies" you no doubt have seen this at least twice (and if you haven't..shame on you). Even after seeing it more times than I can count, it makes me laugh everytime I watch it. The whole story is definitely constitutes as a bad movie, but it's easily one of the best bad movies out there.

1. Wet Hot American Summer - People will no doubt have mixed feelings about this being on the list (and in the number 1 spot). Some people will argue that this doesn't count as a "stupid movie", while most others will have no idea what this movie even is. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, but it's really hard to argue that it is not a really stupid movie. Wet Hot American Summer takes place during the last day of a sleepaway camp. That's really the entire plot, but I laugh during pretty much every scene of this movie EVERY time I watch it. For those of you who do not think this is a "stupid movie" take a closer look at some of the scenes that take place. There's a talking can of beans who "sucks his own dick..a lot", a scene where most of the camp staff goes into town and robs an old lady to shoot up some heroin..and then are fine 5 minutes later, and a random Kenyan marathon runner who interupts a capture the flag game. Not to mention a cook who humps fridges, fondles his sweater, owns a bottle of dick cream, and smears mud on his ass. This might be always my favorite stupid movie.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your list! Especially "Troll2" which has GOT to be one of the dumbest movies ever, made by a 12 year-old perhaps?

I am wondering if some of these movies are actually made as some sort of tax-break for wealthy individuals.

Two others I would like to add to your list:

"Beverly Hills Chihuahua"


the entire "High School Musical" franchise.

Jon Lester said...

My favorite stupid movie is "Yor, the Hunter from the Future."wingl

Anonymous said...

I also think H.S.M. 1&2 deserve a spot in this list of the dumbest movies ever made...

Top 10 Lists said...

The movies I included here follow the "so bad it's good" criteria. HSM was just stupid. Every movie I listed here I enjoyed at least somewhat (either intentionally or "laughing at it" not "with it").

Anonymous said...

Airplane and History of the World are spoofs, there supposed to be stupid, you didn't get it. billy m and??? the 40 year old ... or maybe dumb and stupider, ??? did they think they were making a movie and at the premier they felt pride at there creation. cant watch this much stupidity at one time. Please bring back intelligent humor!!!

Anonymous said...

apparently, will farrel will shit for money

Anonymous said...

Wet Hot American Summer is the funniest, stupidest, most brilliant movie ever! Bradley Cooper getting fucked in the ass by Michael Ian Black? What more can you ask for?

Anonymous said...

I think napoleon dynamite is the stupidest movie of all time. Just saying