Monday, August 24, 2009

Effective Ways to Promote Your Music

It is no secret that the road to becoming a "famous musician" is no easy task. Becoming a well known musician does not only take an enormous amount of time, but is extremely difficult given the amount of competition that is out there. There are steps that you can take, however, to help increase your chances of "getting the word out" about your music.

1. Upload Your Music Everywhere Possible: By joining,, and you are definitely on the right path of increasing your exposure. Take it one step further and upload your music on any website that allows you to do so. Most of them are free, and you never know who will stumble across your profile page.

2. Play at Shows as Often as You Can: Touring is a highly effective way in getting your music the recognition that it deserves. If you have an opportunity to play anywhere (no matter how big or matter how much you get paid for it), TAKE IT. You never know who will be attending. One influential person can have a huge impact on your band.

3. Use the Internet to Your Advantage: Now, more than ever, there are millions of interactive websites that exist that are FREE to use. Why not take advantage of them? Upload all of your music videos to video-sharing websites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, and Break. Create a profile on Twitter and "tweet" about what's going on with you / your band. Make a Facebook Fan Page / MySpace profile. You get the deal. Will everything substantial;y increase your exposure? Probably not, but you never know what will. Yes it can be time consuming, but the end results could be well worth it.

4. Give Away Demos for Free: Not everyone has the budget for this, but if you can, distribute your music for free. People are more inclined to "give your music a shot" if they don't have to invest anything into it.

5. SWAG it Up: SWAG, for those of you who do not know, stands for "stuff we all get". Get some t-shirts, hats, buttons, pins, stickers, bumper stickers, etc. and give it out at your show. People naturally like free things. If somebody wears a t-shirt showing your band / musician name it might spark some curiosity, thus increase your overall exposure. Make sure to include your website so people can find you easier!

6. Connect with other Musicians: Whether it is Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter find some musicians within your area and try to hook up with them (specifically ones that play a similar genre of music as you do). Building a relationship this way can help get your foot into the door in regards to playing in shows that you normally wouldn't have played.

7. Ask for Help: You have friends. Use them to your advantage. Ask them to send a shout on Twitter for you, e-mail a couple of buddies, send a request to your Facebook page..whatever it is. Most people will be glad to help.

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