Sunday, January 25, 2009

Five Greatest Deals/Bargains

In a down economy we're always looking for the biggest value for our dollar. These days, with most companies cutting costs, finding a great deal or bargain seems almost impossible. However there are still a few businesses that are offering some great deals. Here are five great deal/bargains that are currently happening:

1.'s World for $1 - Many people have been avoiding any sort of vacation because of how tight money is. is offering an amazing deal where you can book ANY hotel (including 5 star hotels) for just $1/night (up to 7 nights). Can't really beat a deal like this. The only catch is that you can only book hotels at this price for 15 minutes/day and they don't tell you when exactly the deal is occurring (the video which is linked is supposed to provide you clues on this though). I booked a vacation two weeks ago, but I might book another one just because of this deal.

2. Target Clearance Sale - Target's already low prices have gotten even better with their 75% off clearance sale. The sale ranges from clothes to bedding to shoes and a whole lot more. Target prices that are normally $25 are now $6.25, $15 is now $5, etc. Very hard to find deals like these anywhere.

3. Electronics - Looking for cheap electronics? Check out They have over 6,000 products at 90% off. You can get a 6 foot HDMI cable for just $0.01 (normally $5) and a 4GB memory card with SD adapter for $2.50 (normally $70) among thousands of other deals.

4. Clearance - is offering a clearance sale of their products that is going for a minimum of 60% off. A very cool clothing line with a lot of great deals.

5. Cable Sales (40%) - Cable companies, in an effort to compete, are offering a sale of 40% (and in some cases close to 50%)...if you ask for it. It's an unofficial sale, but the cable company would rather keep your business than have you go elsewhere so give your cable provider a call and ask for a 40% discount. Chances are you'll get it.

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