Friday, January 23, 2009

Five Great Toys Under $30

Tell a four year old that you don't have enough money to buy them everything they want, and they'll probably say, "Let's go to that machine that gives you dollars whenever you want." The idea that money grows on trees has been replaced by a generation who believes the ATM machine just spits out free money on command. We know the truth, there's no such thing as free money. And in this economy, money is tighter than ever.

Budget wise moms and dads have found a number of great toys to satisfy the curiosity of their children ages 3-8. Toys that stimulate, educate, and bring tons of smiles, without breaking the bank.

Check out these birthday, holiday, or just "because" top toys for $30 and under.

1. Dittydoodle Works Lessons In the Lyrics System - This musically based learning aide, from the award-winning public television series Dittydoodle Works, has two DVDs with four fun, educational episodes along with a sing along CD, activity book and certificates to reward your child's progress. $24.95 (not available in stores)

2. Vtech Tote 'N Go Laptop Plus – Early learning will never take a back seat with this colorful laptop featuring 30 engaging activities that teach preschoolers important skills including letters, numbers, writing and counting. $21.99

3. Discovery Amazing Money Jar Bank – This high tech bank shows you exactly how much money you've saved with an LCD built into the lid that counts U.S. currency. Helps teach kids responsible saving.$14.95

4. Animal Scramble – Place the animal figures around a room and then take turns racing to find the one
that the handheld giraffe calls out
. In early levels, the giraffe calls out the first letter or full name of the animal to tag. Once kids master the names, the game adds in animal sounds, colors and characteristics. (Who says roar? Who is orange? Who has stripes?) These questions help kids learn to identify single objects in multiple ways. $30

5. Crayola Glow Station – Bring out the young artist in your child as they take over two dozen shapes and patterns to create their own phosphorescent worlds. $30

These top five products for kids prove that you don't have to spend a ton of money to have a ton of fun.

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