Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NFL Power Rankings - Final 2015 / 2016 Rankings

Final rankings below!

1. Carolina Panthers: 470
Last Week: 2
Notes: Back in the #1 spot after a win and Cardinals loss.

2. Arizona Cardinals: 388
Last Week: 1
Notes: The Cardinals looked terrible against the Seahawks. They at least have the bye week to sort out any issues from that game.

3. New England Patriots: 325
Last Week: 3
Notes:  The Patriots all of a sudden look very beatable over their last 6 games, going 2-4. Their dominance the first 10 games keeps them at the #3 spot, but they look like a team who will struggle against whoever they end up playing in the divisional round.

4. Cincinnati Bengals:315
Last Week: 4
Notes: The match up against the Steelers will be a great one. They were 1-1 during the year and lost their home match up against them.

5. Seattle Seahawks: 271
Last Week: 6
Notes:  The Seahawks rebounded in a big way with a dominant performance over the Cardinals. Even with the lower record and being 3 lower seeds, the Seahawks look like a much better team than the Vikings.

6. Kansas City Chiefs: 260
Last Week: 5
Notes: The Chiefs end the season with the longest active winning streak (10 total). 

7. Denver Broncos: 234
Last Week: 7
Notes: Two weeks ago, there was a chance the Broncos weren't making the playoffs. Now they have home field advantage throughout the AFC.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers: 215
Last Week: 10
Notes: The Steelers sneak their way into the playoffs with a Jets loss and a win over the Browns.

9. Minnesota Vikings: 213
Last Week: 11
Notes: A nice win by the Vikings that helps them claim the NFC North and #3 seed.

10. New York Jets: 175
Last Week: 8
Notes:  The best team to not make the playoffs. Fitzpatrick looked mediocre against the Bills and did not handle the pressure of playoff implications well.

11. Green Bay Packers: 168
Last Week: 9
Notes:  They have a favorable match up against the Redskins, but will be a tough game for the struggling Packers.

12. Houston Texans: 105
Last Week: 12
Notes:  The Texan win the AFC South after taking 3 in a row. 

13. Washington Redskins: 92
Last Week: 13
Notes: The lowest of the playoff teams, but don't count the Skins out. They've won 4 in a row and face the Packers to start the series at home (where they are 6-2).

14. Buffalo Bills: 64
Last Week: 15
Notes:  While a disappointing season for the Bills, Rex has got to feel good about knocking the Jets out of the playoffs.

15. Atlanta Falcons: 47
Last Week: 14
Notes: 8-8 wouldn't be viewed as terrible for the Falcons entering the 2015 season, but after their red hot start it's a huge disappointment. 

16. Detroit Lions: -32
Last Week: 21
Notes:  Going 6-2 in the 2nd half of the season might save Caldwell's job, especially after going 11-5 the prior year. Think he gets one more year.

17. Indianapolis Colts: -33
Last Week: 19
Notes: Pagano is safe and deservedly so. With Luck back next year, this team should be back in the playoffs.

18. Philadelphia Eagles: -35
Last Week:20

Notes: The Eagles are 1-o without Chip. Pat Shurmur likely won't get the job despite the win.

19. Oakland Raiders: -43
Last Week: 17
Notes: Expect better things from the Raiders in 2016.

20. New York Giants: -44
Last Week: 18

Notes: The Giants lose in typical Giants fashion. Coughlin "resigns" bringing an end to a great era despite mediocrity over the last couple of seasons.

21. New Orleans Saints: -45
Last Week: 23
Notes: Will be interesting to see if Payton stays on next year.

22. St. Louis Rams: -48
Last Week: 16
Notes: Fisher is safe despite not having a winning season in four seasons with the Rams.

23. Chicago Bears: -87
Last Week: 24
Notes: The Bears lose to the Lions and end up last in the division.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -92
Last Week: 22
Notes: From 6-6 to 6-10. Not a good way to end the season.

25. Miami Dolphins: -114
Last Week: 27
Notes: Don't expect Campbell to stay on as head coach next year.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars: -137
Last Week: 25
Notes: Bradley gets one more shot next year. If Luck is healthy next year, this team has no shot.

27. Baltimore Ravens: -139
Last Week: 26
Notes: They couldn't pull off the upset two weeks in a row.

28. San Diego Chargers: -177
Last Week: 28
Notes: McCoy is safe even after the Chargers have one of their worst seasons in franchise history.

29. Dallas Cowboys: -187
Last Week: 29
Notes: If Romo is healthy for all of 2016, expect the Cowboys to be back in the playoff picture.

30. San Francisco 49ers: -207
Last Week: 30
Notes: Tomsula is gone after only one season and finishing 5-11.

31. Tennessee Titans: -252
Last Week: 31
Notes:  It will be interesting to see who ends up as coach of the Titans.

32. Cleveland Browns: -285
Last Week: 32
Notes: Pettine is gone after two seasons. No matter who is coach, if they don't make major upgrades this will be a subpar team next year.

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