Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NFL Power Rankings - Week 7

This week's power rankings below.

1. San Diego Chargers: 138
Last Week: 1
Notes: That game against the Raiders was a lot closer than expected, but the Chargers now find themselves at 5-1 atop a division that has the Broncos.

2. Dallas Cowboys: 127
Last Week: 2
Notes: That win against the Seahawks on the road shows that this Cowboys team is for real. The NFC East was expected to be one of the worst divisions in football, but it looks like there are two playoff teams coming from this division.

3. Philadelphia Eagles: 126
Last Week: 3
Notes: The Eagles looked great on both sides of the ball against the Giants. They'll be rooting for the Giants while they're on the bye.

4. Denver Broncos: 118
Last Week: 4
Notes: The Broncos went and beat the Jets like everyone expected to. The Week 8 match-up against the Chargers will be an exciting one.

5. Baltimore Ravens: 117
Last Week: 8
Notes: A complete annihilation of Tampa Bay. They're looking like the best team in the AFC North.

6. Indianapolis Colts: 93
Last Week: 6
Notes: Colts showed why they're still the best team in the AFC South with a win over the Texans.

7. Detroit Lions: 84
Last Week: 12
Notes: The Lions look like one of the better teams in the NFC. Their main issue is getting in their own way with penalties and stupid mistakes. If they can avoid these, they should be a playoff team.

8. Green Bay Packers: 81
Last Week: 9
Notes:  A close one against Miami, but the Packers now have won 3 in a row.

9. Arizona Cardinals: 75
Last Week: 10
Notes: The Cardinals are 4-1, but have a point differential of only 10.  They should hold on to first place in the NFC West with an upcoming game against the Raiders.

10. New England Patriots: 71
Last Week: 16
Notes: Two convincing wins in a row. It's obvious now that the Pats are still the best in the AFC East.

11. San Francisco 49ers: 68
Last Week: 14
Notes: The 49ers pulled out a win against the Rams and maintain 2nd place in the NFC West.

12. Cincinnati Bengals: 66
Last Week: 7
Notes: And the Bengals are the first tie of 2014. With the way that the Ravens and Browns are playing, that tie could hurt more than help them.

13. Seattle Seahawks: 50
Last Week: 5
Notes: Are the Cowboys really that good are is Seattle just not as good as last year? A combination of both. The injuries for the Seahawks are really effecting them.

14. Cleveland Browns: 49
Last Week: 20
Notes: This is the first time in years the Browns look destined to finish outside of last place in the AFC North.

15. Houston Texans: 17
Last Week: 13
Notes:  The Texans kept it close against the Colts, but they have the making of a .500 team.

16. Carolina Panthers: 14
Last Week: 18
Notes: While the tie might hurt the Bengals, it might help the Panthers in a very weak NFC South.

17. Chicago Bears: 14
Last Week: 24
Notes: The Bears bounced back with a win against the Falcons and are a game out of first.

18. Kansas City Chiefs: 13
Last Week: 19
Notes: The Chiefs have a very tough game ahead - on the road against the Chargers. They need to win this to have any chance for the playoffs.

19. New York Giants: 10
Last Week: 11
Notes: After looking great the last 3 weeks, the Giants looked like an 0-16 team against the Eagles. They need to have a short memory and find a way to win on the road against a red hot Cowboys team. If they lose this one, it makes it almost impossible for them to win the division.

20. Buffalo Bills: 7
Last Week: 15
Notes: The Bills are slowly regressing back to reality. Ugly loss against the Pats.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers: -10
Last Week: 17
Notes: The Steelers have talent, but they always seem to underestimate their competition. They look like a last place team.

22. New Orleans Saints: -14
Last Week: 23
Notes: The Saints next 9 games are all against teams with a .500 record or better. Ouch.

23. Miami Dolphins: -19
Last Week: 22
Notes: They lost, but the Dolphins looked decent against a good Packers team.

24. Atlanta Falcons: -26
Last Week: 21
Notes: After looking like a potential playoff team, the Falcons look more like they did last year.

25. Minnesota Vikings: -59
Last Week: 25
Notes: There's no arguing that the Vikings are an improved team, but hard to imagine that they'll finish anywhere but last place.

26. Tennessee Titans: -79
Last Week: 28
Notes: It was against the Jaguars, but a win is a win.

27. St. Louis Rams: -89
Last Week: 26
Notes: Instead of being close to making a great comeback, they instead blew a lead. Regardless, they are now at 1-5.

28, Washington Redskins: -99
Last Week: 27
Notes: The Redskins have a winnable game next week against the Titans at home. It's one of the few games left on their schedule I can actually envision them winning.

29. New York Jets: -127
Last Week: 30
Notes: It wasn't as big of a blowout as I expected, but the Jets continue to look terrible.

30. Oakland Raiders: -130
Last Week: 31
Notes: The Raiders move up with a loss as they made the game against the Chargers surprisingly competitive.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -139
Last Week: 29
Notes: That game against the Steelers looks more and more like a fluke.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars: -194
Last Week: 32
Notes: Going into 2014, a home game against the Browns looked like a win for the Jags. Now it looks like an impossible feat.

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