Friday, May 16, 2014

Hell's Kitchen Season 12 Power Rankings

We're down to 10 chefs left in Hell's Kitchen! It's always tough to predict who Chef Ramsey will go with, but here are the current Power Rankings of chefs.

10. Gabriel - I don't think he'll be the next one out, but he is the weakest chef left. Chef Ramsey likes Chefs who show improvement, which is why Gabriel is still around, but I think he's the weakest in the bunch.

9. Rich - Hard to put Rich above the bottom 2 considering he was very close to being eliminated last episode. He might make it the next couple of rounds, but he won't be the winning chef.

8. Scott - I can't stand Scott. I think he's extremely cocky, but doesn't have the skills to back it up. Chefs like Anton are also very cocky, but at least they're talented. Scott, as Gabriel mentioned, just does a lot of talking and doesn't really have a lot of talent. He'll be gone soon.

7. Sandra - The weakest of the, very strong, girls team. She's kind of middle of the road, but once they weed out a couple of more chefs, she'll find herself struggling to compete.

6. Keisha - Has some cooking talent, but is inconsistent. Also, can you imagine her leading a brigade? You can't understand a word she's saying.

5. Jason - Talented chef, but has screwed up a couple of times and has a very short temper. I think the latter will get him eliminated before the top 3 or 4 (even possibly before the "black jackets" get handed out).

4. Rochelle - She's been flying under the radar, but I think she's impressed Chef Ramsey. She keeps cool in the kitchen, can cook, and has shown signs of leadership. Once she gets thrown in "full force", it will be interesting how well she does.

3. Melanie - Melanie has been very strong throughout the competition on both the cooking and leadership side. However, there's something lacking that makes her just under the top 2 chefs.

2. Joy - I actually think she'll win it all. First couple of services she looked like one of the weaker chefs, but has really stepped up. She's a good leader (although has had a couple of shows where she's lost her temper) and can cook.

1. Anton - Definitely the strongest out of the chefs. Every season though, Chef seems to go for another chef who isn't the obvious choice, which doesn't bode well for Anton if he repeats this pattern. The last episode was the first one that made me have some slight doubts about Anton (how he made things confusing in the kitchen). Regardless, 99% of the time he puts out good food and can delegate in the kitchen.

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