Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NFL Power Rankings - Week 14

1. Seattle Seahawks: 350
Last week: 1
Notes: The Seahawks showed why they are the team to beat in the NFC (and the NFL) with a dominant performance over the Saints. They pretty much locked up the #1 seed and home field advantage which is terrible news for everyone else in the NFC.

2. Denver Broncos 320
Last week: 2
Notes: The Broncos showed the Chiefs who the team to beat is in the AFC West (and probably the AFC in general).

3. Carolina Panthers: 260
Last week: 5
Notes:  The Panthers now have won 8 in a row. Remember when Ron Rivera was on the hot seat? He might be coach of the year now.

4. Kansas City Chiefs 221
Last week: 4
Notes:  The defense has not been playing well during the Chiefs 3 game losing streak and is starting to become concerning.

5New Orleans Saints 219

Last week: 3
Notes: The Saints need to look past the brutal loss over the Seahawks as they face the Panthers. A loss would move them from the 2nd seed down to the 5th seed. 

6.  San Francisco 49ers 205
Last week: 7
Notes:  In a close race for the 6th seed, the 49ers look like a cut above the rest.

7. New England Patriots: 193
 Last week: 6
Notes: A surprisingly close game against the Texans, but the Patriots pull off the win.

8. Cincinnati Bengals:179
Last week: 8
Notes: An important win for the Bengals that keeps them 2 games ahead of the Ravens.

9. Indianapolis Colts: 116
Last week: 10

Notes: The Colts needed that win against the Titans to help get back on track. If they win one more game or the Titans lose one more game, they clinch the division.

10Dallas Cowboys:  98
Last Week: 11

Notes: The Cowboys maintain the lead in the NFC East with a win over the Raiders..

11. Arizona Cardinals  95
Last week: 9
Notes: They lost a close won against the Eagles and face an important divisional game against the inconsistent Rams.

12. Detroit Lions: 94
Last week: 13

Notes:  The Lions had a successful week with a win over the Packers and a loss by the Bears.
13. Philadelphia Eagles:  83
Last Week: 12
Notes: Nick Foles looks unstoppable. The game against the Cowboys should decide the division.

14. Baltimore Ravens: 44
Last week: 16

Notes: That win over the Steelers could end up deciding the 6th seed. If the playoffs started today, the Ravens would be in.

15.  Miami Dolphins: 39

Last week: 20
Notes:  The Dolphins beat up a dying Jets team and get back to .500.

16. Chicago Bears: 17
Last week: 14
Notes: A game they should have won. Now the Bears find themselves a game out of 1st and 2 games out of the wildcard. 

17. St. Louis Rams -4
Last Week: 18

Notes: The inconsistent Rams were on the losing end this week against the 49ers. The loss pretty much ends their season.

18. Tennessee Titans: -5
Last week: 17

Notes: Next up on their brutal 3 game schedule is on the road against the Broncos. Ouch.

19. San Diego Chargers: -6
Last week: 19

Notes: The Chargers face a must win next week against the Giants to stay alive. The Giants will also face a must win. Should be a good game.
20. Green Bay Packers: -10
Last week: 15
Notes: The Packers need back Rodgers desperately. Even if he returns next week, it might be too little too late.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers: -20
Last week: 21
Notes: The Steelers split the 2 game series against the Ravens. If they win their remaining 2 divisional games (against the Browns and Bengals) they still have a decent chance at the 6th seed.

22. New York Giants: -50
Last week: 23

Notes: The Giants keep their slim playoff hopes alive with a win over the Redskins. How do they get in? They have to win out and go 9-7 and have the Eagles and Cowboys look every other game with the exception of their head to head match up. 

23. Buffalo Bills -69
Last week: 22
Notes: And the Bills season is over. Another disappointing one.

24. Oakland Raiders -106
Last week: 24
Notes: Its funny how two weeks ago they were looking like playoff contenders and now their season is all but mathematically finished. 

25. Cleveland Browns: -109
Last week: 25
Notes: After looking like a much improved team, the Browns lose 3 in a row including one to the Jags.

26. New York Jets: -121
Last week: 27

Notes: This team looks like the worse in the NFL through their 3 game losing streak. Geno Smith is not the answer for the Jets, but do they really have anyone better right now?

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -128
Last week: 26
Notes: Despite the loss, Tampa Bay is looking a lot better during their last 4 games.

28. Minnestota Vikings -129
Last week: 29

Notes: The Vikings almost had two ties in a row, but pulled off the OT win against the Bears.

29.  Atlanta Falcons -136
Last week: 30

Notes: The Falcons finally win one. I guess they're competing to not finish the season in last.
30. Washington Redskins: -166
Last week: 28
Notes: The Redskins drop down to the bottom 3 with a loss against the Giants.

31. Houston Texans  -192
Last week: 31
Notes: They played the Pats tough, but they now have lost 10 in a row.
32. Jacksonville Jaguars: -227
Last week: 32
Notes: I'll be the only one to still have this team here, but if you base the performance on the entire season (and not the last 4 games), the Jags are still the worst in the NFL in my opinion; even with the Texans losing 10 in a row including one to the Jags.

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