Friday, July 26, 2013

Top 10 Restaurants Long Island - 2013 Edition

I did a post a couple of years back about the best restaurants in Long Island. Since then, I've been to a few more and felt that a new list was necessary (plus, apparently a lot of people hated my old list, but a top 10 restaurant list is going to get all types of feedback both positive and negative). Anyway, here's my opinion of what the top 10 restaurants in Long Island are. Upset that one didn't make the list? Leave a comment below.

10. Sushi Ko
City: Merrick
Overview: Everyone has a different place they'd pick as their "favorite sushi". Sushi Ko is mine (although Kumo in Plainview is a close second). I've been to about 30+ sushi places in Long Island and Sushi Ko is my favorite, hands down.
Recommended Dishes: Surf & Turf Roll, Pink Lobster Roll

9. Mim's
City: Rosyln and Syosset
Overview: A few people gave me crap for putting this on my last list, but I still have it in my top 10. The food is always delicious (and consistent) and really don't know of any restaurants that are better in the Syosset area. Plus, they have one of the best appetizers I've ever had in the buffalo chicken spring rolls.
Recommended Dishes: Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls, Sesame Crusted Tuna, Murrays Organic Roasted Half Chicken

8 Market Bistro
City: Jericho
Overview: Offering organic and an always changing menu, Market Bistro serves up fresh and unique dishes (both small and large plates). This is one of the few places you can get venison when it's in season.
Recommended Dishes: Duck Gnocchi, Duck Breast, Seared Tuna

7. Peter Luger
 City: Great Neck
Overview: Great Neck is the home to many great steakhouses, pretty much all next to each other. While they're all great, Peter Luger is the best offering the tastiest steaks and delicious sides. Be careful, this place is cash only!
Recommended Dishes: The steak, duh! Oh and The Peter Luger Bacon

6. Noah's
City: Greenport
Overview: Greenport has a ton of restaurants, most of them are "tourist traps" for people looking to stop for dinner after a day at the wineries. Noah's isn't one of them and is the best option in the area. From the oysters to the small plates and to the large plates, you can't go wrong with anything you get from here.
Recommended Dishes: Lobster Mac & Cheese, Duck Confit Pasta, Filet Mignon Sliders

5. Swallow
City: Huntington and Montauk
Overview: Huntington is one of the best food spots in Long Island and in a crowded area, Swallow stands out as one of the best options. The restaurant is fairly new, but has made a big splash already delivering fantastic small plates. It's hard to recommend a dish because it changes so often, but you can't go wrong with anything!
Recommended Dishes: Thai Calamari, Short Ribs

4. Smokin Al's
City: Massapequa Park
Overview: Can't compare to the best of the South, but if you're looking for out of your mind delicious BBQ, Smokin Al's is your place. Everything from the pulled pork to the brisket to the sides (corn bread, beans, etc.) are fantastic.
Recommended Dishes: Brisket Nachos, The Big Melt, St. Louie Grand Back Ribs

3. Besito
City: Roslyn and Huntington
Overview: The best way to describe Besito is "upscale Mexican". Besito has tacos, etc., but also has short ribs, salmon, and a ton of different tequilas to choose from (along with their signature margaritas). All of the food is delicious and the free churro and warrior doll at the end of the meal is a nice touch. The place also has the best table side guacamole I've ever had.
Recommended Dishes: Costillas Al Piquin (Short Ribs), Budin De Mariscos

2. Waterzooi
City: Garden City
Overview: If you like mussels, Waterzooi is a must. Waterzooi has the most delicious broths to accompany their mussles that I've ever had (and they don't wimp out on the amount they give you either). The restaurant also has an extensive Belgian beer list and the most delicious dipping sauce for your fries that you'll ever have (garlic mayo).
Recommended Dishes: Thai Mussels, Creole Mussels, Farmhouse Ale Mussels

1. Lola
City: Great Neck
Overview: Lola recently switched to all small plates (literally as of a month or two ago) and while the quantity has been reduced, the quality has increased. Lola ranks as the best meal I've had on Long Island and continues to impress every time I go. Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious.
Recommended Dishes:  Brussel Sprouts, BBQ Pulled Pork, Lola Caesar

Honorable Mention: Tesoro in Westbury

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