Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Top 10 Pizza Places in Nassau County

Pizza, along with bagels, are one of those foods that aren't great unless you get them from New York. Because pizza is a staple in New York, Nassau County is flooded with pizza places. Every town has at least a handful, if not more. I personally find that , more often than not, you're going to wind up having at least a good slice of pizza when you enter any pizzeria in Nassau County. However, there are a few pizzerias in Nassau that stand above the rest. Here are the top 10 in descending order.

10. Mario's
Location: Plainview, Syosset, Oyster Bay, Great Neck, Westbury, Seaford
Overview: As you can see, Mario's has a ton of locations in Nassau County to choose from. I grew up eating from the Plainview location (the original one I believe) and had no clue that they were anywhere else. I can only speak about the Plainview place, but they make a delicious slice of pizza and they are heavy handed with the amount of free garlic knots they'll toss your way.
Favorite Slice: Extra Cheese

9. Spasso
Location: Wantagh
Overview: The South Shore is flooded with great pizza places and Spasso is no exception. If you're not one to grab an All American burger (or 5) before heading to the beach (which is my ritual) you can't go wrong with grabbing a couple of slices from here.
Favorite Slice: Buffalo Chicken

8. Gino's
Location: Williston Park
Overview: We're approaching Queens with this location. Even though Queens has a ton of good pizza places, they might want to migrate over to Gino's in Williston Park. Delicious slices, especially their sicilian.
Favorite Slice: Sicilian

7. Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
Location: Woodbury, Wantagh, & Carle Place
Overview: Hate putting a chain on the list (especially one with locations out of New York), but their pizza is just too good not to include on this list. I can't speak for locations out of New York, but I can you that Anthony's in Nassau makes a mean coal fired pizza pie. The large serves about 3 and the small serves about 2 -3. Being a fat ass, I can knock down an entire pie myself, but not recommended.
Favorite Slice: Cauliflower

6. Umberto's
Location:  New Hyde Park, Plainview, Wantagh
Overview: All three locations are great, but definitely recommend New Hyde Park (the original and still the best).
Favorite Slice: Pazzo
5. Grimaldi's
Location: Garden City
Overview: What's a "best pizza in New York" list without Grimaldi's (be it Garden City or Brooklyn). The line is always huge and with good reason. The first time I tried this place I was aware of the hype and was worried I was going to be letdown because I expected so much. Wrong. Still exceeded my expectations.  They are the one ones on the list where I'm recommending a plain slice as the slice of choice.
Favorite Slice: Plain

4. Salvatore's
Location: Port Washington
Location: Our friends over on the North Shore have one of the best pizza joints in Nassau County, and possibly in Long Island with Salvatore's. Their pies are fresh and delicious and don't require toppings to enhance their delicious flavors.
Favorite Slice: Tomato and Basil 

3. Bella Vista
Location: Plainview
Overview: Most people from Plainview will swear by this place and with good reason. Bella Vista makes a great (and humongous) slice of pizza. Favorite, as with a lot of other places, is the Buffalo Chicken. You can't go wrong with a slice of this or a Buffalo Chicken roll.
Favorite Slice: Buffalo Chicken 

2. La Strada
Location: Merrick
Overview: In my quest for good pizza in Merrick, I was coming up short outside of La Piazza (#1 on this list). I then discovered La Strada and haven't looked back. This place is more of a fancy Italian joint, but they do brick oven pizza extremely well.
Favorite Slice: Kirkwood Avenue

1. La Piazza
Location: Plainview & Merrick
Overview: I'm going to get yelled at for putting a chain like La Piazza at number one, but there is no denying how great their pizza is (and some of there pasta dishes, but that's for another list). Their buffalo chicken slice alone is one of the best pizza slices I've ever had. For you Suffolk County folks, you're in a luck as there is a location in Melville as well. Definitely my go to place for a great slice of pizza.
Favorite Slice: Buffalo Chicken

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