Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 Breaking Bad Predictions for The End of Season 5

The first half of Breaking Bad Season 5 is done and it was a good one! The only bad part is having to wait a whole year for the second half of the season which we know (or at least hope) will be nothing but unexpected twists and turns. Everyone and their mother are talking about their predictions for the last half of the season and here are mine. If you're not caught up, do not read as these contain spoilers from the last episode.

1. Walt is NOT out of the meth business. Walt has been gung ho on continuing to grow his meth business, especially since revealing how he lost out on billions with grey matter. Skyler going "isn't this enough?" is not going to be enough to make Walt quit, even if he says so. Walt will probably not be cooking as much, or at all, and will likely work on overseeing Todd (much more like a Gus role). He'll still demand a 50/50 split between him and Todd (at least).

2. Todd's cooking will negatively effect Walt. Even if Walt gives Todd step by step instructions, it's still Todd and not Walt who is cooking. It will be a better product then what else is on the market, but it won't be as good as Walt's. His distribution over in Phoenix will know (mostly by getting feedback) and will feel fucked over by Walt. They'll be out for vengeance. I think they might take it out on one of Walt's children as payback for fucking them over with sub par product.

3. Walt's cancer is back and is not going away. Kind of an easy one since we expect this based on the opening scene of Season 5, episode 1. Walt's coughing in the bathroom and is taking some form of meds. The fly coming back in episode 8 is symbolic for his cancer returning. He won't die from the cancer, but it will be terminal (meaning if there weren't other circumstances leading to Walt's death, the cancer would get him).

4. Skyler and Jesse will get arrested. Hank will start to gather evidence against Walt now that he strongly suspects (or pretty much knows) he is Heisenberg. It will lead him to Skyler using the car wash as a front for laundering the meth money. Hank will be sick to his stomach, but he knows he's going to have to arrest both Walt and Skyler. Walt will be long gone, Skyler will plead to not be taken away from her children, but Hank and team will take her away in handcuffs. Skyler knows Jesse is involved still (based on the dinner they all had together). She'll rat out Jesse for hopefully a smaller sentence or no prison time at all.

5. Lydia will be out for Walt's blood. I don't think she'll kill Walt (would be kind of weak way to kill him off), but we know Lydia is unstable and any potential for her to be arrested makes her very trigger happy (of course someone else needs to be controlling the trigger). She likely still has connections and will attempt to pay off people to kill Walt since he's out of the meth business. Lydia's line of thinking is that he will either rat her out if he gets picked up or, now that he's no longer involved, has no motivation in keeping her alive so she wants to strike first. It will backfire though.

6. Walt. Jr will enjoy a lot of breakfast. Vince likes to cater to the fan base and throw them a bone. Nothing makes fans happier than seeing Walt. Jr eating breakfast. Kind of my "silly" prediction, but there it is.

7. Walt will know that Hank knows about him, before Hank realizes. Walt leaving the Gale book on the toilet was a very careless thing for him to do (one of the few careless things Walt has done). Hank won't be quick to reveal his new found knowledge,  but will unintentionally drop subtle hints. There will be a scene where Hank does this and then after Walt will talk to Skyler in private about it saying "Hank knows!" and will start to think of a plan to get rid of him. At first it will involve the ricen, but then he'll have to move onto other ideas when that doesn't work. As stated earlier, Skyler and Jesse get arrested so Walt stopping Hank will be too little to late.

8. Walt will kill Hank. Vince has stated that Walt will do something this season that is "extremely unforgivable". Some say it was him killing Mike, but I don't buy that. Walt will be on the run after Skyler's arrest. Before the Denny's scene, he'll run into Hank (when he's not with anyone else). Hank will attempt to talk to him / arrest him, but Walt won't have it. Hank still views Walt as this mild mannered, nerdy science teacher even with him being involved with the meth business and it will bite him in the ass. Hank won't search Walt for a gun because he just will assume he's unarmed (because it's Walt, afterall). Walt will make believe he's complying, pull out a gun, and kill him. Hank will die a Hollywood style death, slow and having the look of "why would you do this to your family". Walt will apologize, but it will come off as half assed.

9. Saul will not be charged with anything. Saul is a fast talking lawyer, and he'll talk his way out of this one. He probably won't be questioned that much anyway, but either way nothing bad will happen to Saul.

10. The opening scene of season 5 (Denny's) will be tied into Walt's last moments alive . The opening scene with the gun, the car, and the fake ID (using Skyler's maiden name) is definitely a sign that he's in hiding and he knows things are going to get ugly. Hard to say why he's in town if he's on the run and why he's getting the gun, but chances are Walt wouldn't be in town if he didn't have to be. Remember when I said the Phoenix crew would be pissed about subpar product and take it out on Walt's children? There will be a kidnapping of Walt Jr. and/or Holly. The guys want to keep them alive to have leverage for Walt to cook his signature blue crystal. Walt will hear about the kidnapping on the news first, get a call from the Phoenix guys, and will try to deal with it.  The Phoenix guys will give 3 choices: continuing cooking the good stuff, give them a HUGE payout if he really wants out, or watch his kids die. Walt being stubborn and not wanting to give up his stash refuses and attempts to off the Phoenix guys. Phoenix guys end up killing the kidnapped party (Walt. Jr and/or Holly). Walt will succeed in killing all of them AFTER this, but after his kids are dead, his wife in jail he realizes the money he has is worth nothing to him. He kills himself.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that he may buy back into his company that he sold out of all those years ago. Just a theory, but how else will he use the money if not caught.

Anonymous said...

all good predictions, and I agree with most all of them, but I don't see walt dying at the end. I could see EVERYONE except him dying, but not him, especially not through suicide. I'd love for all your predictions to come true and the show to end with walt, in the last ten minutes, gain some new motivation to need more money, so he calls jesse and tells him "let's cook" and thats how the show ends.

Andy said...

These are great predictions, I completely forgot about that opening scene at Denny's. It will be very interesting to see what Hank does. Irritating that the next episode isn't until July.

I very much doubt Walt will kill himself. I read somewhere that he "goes out with a bang" so my guess would be that machine gun in the trunk is going to be used in a sort of Alamo type scenario.

Justin said...

Vince said before this is a scarface story so I'm thinking his death will come by a shootout with the DEA hank being dead Gomez gets the killing shot and a promotion to hanks position

Anonymous said...

Walt goes apeshit. He comes to his families house and pulls the machine gun out of his trunk. Next to the gun is Hanks severed head. Walt puts it on and wears it for a hat.

Screaming "Here's Johnny!!!!" Walt busts through the door.

He unloades the gun on Skyler and rapes her corpse. Then Walt cuts off her lips and tells Junior to eat them. When Junior refuses, Walt beats him to death with his own crutches..then he goes on a rampage..still wearing Hanks head...Walt shoots up Phoenix. He kills Jesse, Saul, Hanks klepto wife...kittens...cute kittens.

The man finally broke bad. Real bad.

Jessi said...

I'm not convinced that Mike is really dead. No body, no proof.

Jessi said...

I'm not convinced that Mike is really dead. No definitive proof so far.

Anonymous said...

Walking Dead collides with Breaking Bad. Mike is patient zero and starts the infection. He kills Walt.


Jennifer Aguiar said...

Breaking Bad DVD is an amzing show,adventure,crime,black comedy... Bryan Cranston won three consecutive emmy awards for his role as Walt. Aaron Paul (Jesse) has also won an emmy for his performance...You'd better start to watch it from begining and you will find out how Walt got started how he met jesse how they got involved with gus.