Saturday, January 7, 2012

NFL Playoff Predictions

I know I said I'd shy away from football posts now that the season is over, but my Giants are in the playoffs and I'm very excited. Here are my predictions for the playoffs.

AFC Playoff Race:


Pittsburgh over Denver: 27 - 10
Why?: Teams have already figured Tim Tebow and this Denver team has reverted back to their old ways for the beginning of the season. if Buffalo can destroy them like they did, Pittsburgh will have no problem.

Bengals over Texans: 24 -21
Why?: This will be a very close game that I can see going either way, but the injuries suffered by the Texans are becoming too much for this team to handle. The Bengals only lost by 1 point last time and even though they only beat one team above .500 I see them pulling off the upset.


Patriots over Bengals: 24 - 14
Why?: The defense will still have issues for the Patriots, but they'll find a way to get rookie QB Dalton. Tom Brady will be clutch on offense (like usual) and even with a poor D they will find ways to win like they have all season.

Ravens over Steelers: 21 - 17
Why?: Both are pretty balanced teams with the slight edge going to the Ravens. Ravens took both games and there's no reason to speculate that they wouldn't take the 3rd one in the series especially with a Roethlisberger that isn't 100%.


Ravens over Patriots: 30 - 24
Why?: This is where the Patriots D will bite them in the ass. The key for the Ravens to win this game is to give Ray Rice the ball often which is what they'll do. Brady will still have a good game, but the D will do the Patriots in.

NFC Playoff Race:


Giants over Falcons: 37 - 21
Why?: I already revealed my bias by stating I'm a Giants fan, but I expect a big game from this team. Eli is having his best season as a QB and is one of the most dangerous QBs in the leagues when he's clutch (which has been more times than not this season). Him and Cruz will do damage against this team.

Saints over Lions: 34 - 17
Why?: The last time these teams faced each other it resulted in a 31-17 win by the Saints. I expect a very similar score with a Drew Brees that has been fantastic all season (especially as of late). Matt Stafford has had a great season, but he's no Drew Brees.


Giants over Packers: 35 - 34
Why?: Yes, I know bias right here, but I expect a similar vibe to the 2007 season when the Giants lost by 3 points to the Pats and then beat them in a close game in the Super Bowl. Packers aren't an undefeated team this year, but easily the best in the league and I see the last drive coming down to Eli and him getting it done. Last time what stopped the Giants from a win was giving the ball back to the Packers with too much time on the clock. It won't happen this time.

49ers over Saints: 17 - 10
Why?: If any defense can figure out how to stop Drew Brees it's the 49ers. In order for the 49ers to win this game, they need to put on a great defense showing and have Alex Smith commit 0 turnovers (both will happen). Frank Gore will be the one who decides this game with 2 running touchdowns.


Giants over 49ers: 21 - 17
Why?: The 49ers beat the Giants last time 27-20 in regular season. I think the Giants are improved since then and will do what they need to do on both offense and defense to win this game. Bradshaw will have a decent game (not great, but just enough) and Eli & Cruz will put up big numbers again. Again, I understand I'm biased, but I sense another upset.

Super Bowl:

Ravens over Giants: 24 - 13
Why?: This is where my bias for the Giants end. A team that is balanced on both offense and defense will be the team that stops the Giants. The Packers don't have the D, the 49ers don't have the O, but the Ravens have both and it will be the deciding factor in this game.

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