Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NFL Power Rankings Week 14

1. Green Bay Packers: 473 (445)
Previous Week: 1
Notes: They proved that they're well ahead of the Lions in terms of overall talent. 16-0 is looking more and more likely for this team.

2. San Francisco 49ers: 352 (392)
Previous Week: 2
Notes: Good defensive effort, bad offensive effort by the 9-2 49ers. "Easy" divisional games against the Rams and Cards should bring this team back on track.

3. Houston Texans: 351 (315 )
Previous Week: 3
Notes: Down to their 3rd string QB, the Texans are looking to be more and more in trouble. They pulled off the win against the Jaguars, but won't find it to be as easy against the Falcons.

4. Baltimore Ravens: 346 (286)
Previous Week: 6
Notes: Big win for the Ravens that helps them look like a strong chance for a #1 or #2 seed in the playoffs.

5. New England Patriots: 332 (269)
Previous Week: 7
Notes: At this point, the Patriots have the division locked and are now fighting for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

6. New Orleans Saints: 314 (286)
Previous Week: 4
Notes: They rolled over the Giants and are now hoping to get a bye week come playoff time.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers: 288 (256 )
Previous Week: 8
Notes: They won, but it was a pretty ugly effort against a very subpar Chiefs team. They cannot play like this against stronger opponents and expect to win.

8. Detroit Lions: 268 (286)
Previous Week: 5
Notes: They face another tough game on the road against the Saints that might make this team on the outside looking in for the playoff hunt.

9. Dallas Cowboys: 236 (216)
Previous Week: 10
Notes: An expected close game against the red hot Dolphins, but the Cowboys managed to pull off the win. With the way the Giants are playing, they can take 1 out of 2 against them and would be in good shape for the division.

10. Cincinnati Bengals: 223 (190)
Previous Week: 11
Notes: A closer game than expected, but the Bengals remain one of the stronger favorites for the wildcard after a win against the Browns.

11. Chicago Bears: 208 (228)
Previous Week: 9
Notes: The spike at the last 5 seconds of the game is the type of things this team can expect without Cutler leading the way. That being said, they look like they can compete for a playoff spot for the remainder of the season.

12. Atlanta Falcons: 207 (167)
Previous Week: 12
Notes: After facing a Texans team who are having sever QB issues, the Falcons face the Panthers and Jags making it likely this team can be 10-4 or 9-5 with two games left in the season.

13. Oakland Raiders: 134 (112)
Previous Week: 15
Notes: Even with the Broncos on their tail, the Raiders are looking more and more like the division favorites.

14. New York Jets: 127 (104)
Previous Week: 16
Notes: Big win for the Jets that keeps them in the thick of the playoff race. Chances are they'll need win 4 out of their next 5 to make it.

15. Tennessee Titans: 110 (74)
Previous Week: 17
Notes: A team that has quietly been in the playoff race all year long.

16. New York Giants: 83 (144)
Previous Week: 13
Notes: A second half collapse is all too common for this team. An extremely difficult schedule doesn't help, but the Giants need to play a lot more competitively in order for them to be a playoff team. That being said, if they lose to the Packers next week (which is very likely) and take the next four against the Cowboys (2 games), Jets, and Redskins (all winnable games) they clinch the playoffs.

17. Denver Broncos: 66 (59 )
Previous Week: 19
Notes: Tebow still might not look like a NFL caliber QB, but he's winning and I guess at the end of the day that's all that really matters. Winners of 4 in a row, the Broncos should easily make it 5 with a game against the Vikings next Sunday.

18. Philadelphia Eagles: 62 (139)
Previous Week: 14
Notes: With how things are shaping up in the NFC (specifically the East), this team isn't 100% out of it if they take the remaining 5 games. 9-7 might make the playoffs.

19. Buffalo Bills: 51 (61)
Previous Week: 18
Notes: That game was like a playoff game for the Bills. Losing against the Jets means they need nothing short of a miracle to make the playoffs.

20. San Diego Chargers: 32 (56)
Previous Week: 20
Notes: The Chargers season is fading fast after an OT loss to the Broncos. Norv Turner will likely not have a job after this season.

21. Miami Dolphins: -13 (-4)
Previous Week: 21
Notes: Another solid game for the Dolphins (although this time they come out on the losing end). A 7-9 record would be a nice surprise for this team who started off 0-7.

22. Washington Redskins: -22 (-53)
Previous Week: 24
Notes: They finally get a win but it's too little too late for this Redskins team.

23. Seattle Seahawks: -39 (-5)
Previous Week: 22
Notes: Still the strongest of the NFC West teams (excluding 49ers) which doesn't really mean much.

24. Cleveland Browns: -40 (-12)
Previous Week: 23
Notes: The Browns will end up between 5-11 and 7-9 resulting in another subpar season.

25. Arizona Cardinals: -62 (-89 )
Previous Week: 27
Notes: All that win over the Rams does is help confirm that this team isn't the worst in the NFC West.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -80 (-66)
Previous Week: 25
Notes: The surprise season of last year has all been lost now after sitting at 4-7.

27. Carolina Panthers: -83 (-96)
Previous Week: 28
Notes: An expected win against the Colts. Should be a close game against the Buccs next week.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars: -85 (-71)
Previous Week: 26
Notes: It will be shocking if Del Rio has a job after this season.

29. Kansas City Chiefs: -130 (-102)
Previous Week: 29
Notes: The one positive thing that can be said about the Chiefs' game against the Steelers is that it was their most impressive defensive effort yet this season. Does little to overshadow their horrific offense.

30. Minnesota Vikings: -141 (-110)
Previous Week: 30
Notes: They once showed promise after McNabb was waived, but that was short lived.

31. St. Louis Rams: -215 (-199 )
Previous Week: 31
Notes: Will remain in this spot unless they can pull off another win this season. Don't hold your breath.

32. Indianapolis Colts: -384 ( -357)
Previous Week: 32
Notes: What else can be said? Peyton for MVP?

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