Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five Financial Institutions for Niche Markets

In our current economic crisis, the need for flexible financial institutions is growing by the day. For people in need of financial assistance and cannot find it in the corporate world, it may be time to dig deeper into niche markets. Niche markets generally provide the same services as most corporate lenders and institutions, but usually carry some sort of prerequisite or requirement such as being a member of a specific organization. For people involved in these types of niches, financial assistance may be right around the corner. Below are five examples of unique financial institutions for niche markets.

1. Omni Financial – Omni Financial’s convenient direct deposit system lends members of the U.S. military stationed all across the world the money they need within 24 hours of approval. Omni offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all personalized military loans, available in denominations of $500 up to $10,000. Military personnel unsatisfied with their loan or services provided by Omni Financial have the option of cancelling their transaction and returning their proceeds within 15 days at no additional cost. Omni Financial accepts applications for military loans 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to members of both the U.S. Armed Services and U.S. Coast Guard. Apply for a safe and secure Omni Financial military loan today and receive a free credit report.

2. Golf Financial – Golf Financial is a national, full service financial institution dedicated to the golf industry, specializing in working with niche golf course entities including owners, designers, developers and management companies. Golf Financial sources funds for upcoming projects, restructures current loans to aid financial setbacks and offers a National Listing Service for municipalities, individuals and companies looking to sell their golf course property. Additional financing services and solutions provided by Golf Financial include acquisition financing and refinancing on existing operations, the restructuring of existing debt and the lending of development loans.

3. Advance Restaurant Finance – Advance Restaurant Finance secures competitive rates for small to medium-sized merchants in need of short-term restaurant, retailer and other business loans, especially for those with less than perfect credit. By securing lending in areas where most banks will stop, ARF’s financial professionals help restaurant owners retain control of their business while meeting their company’s goals. The flexible financing options available at Advance Restaurant Financing are cheap and simple, with an application process that is fast and easy. ARF funds loan payments quickly, and payments will not increase because of increased sales. Terms are available for up to 18 months and the interest paid on ARF loans is tax deductable.

4. Police Officer Loans – Police Officer Loans offers an Officer Next Door (OND) program helping law enforcement officers qualify for faster and more affordable mortgage financing. Requirements and eligibility for the OND program include living in the designated property as a sole residence for at least three years after the purchase and being a full-time, sworn law enforcement officer working for a city, county, state or Federal law enforcement agency. The OND program offers loans to police officers for multiple scenarios and grants reduced private mortgage insurance premiums with minimal down payment requirements.

5. Advance Capital Group Tow Truck Financing –Advance Capital Group offers a variety of tow truck financing and leasing options for businesses throughout the United States. With over 20 years of experience, ACG’s financial professionals assist people looking to upgrade their existing truck as well as those in need of purchasing of a new or used tow truck. Finance programs are also available for start-up businesses and institutions with challenged credit, with 0% due before funding and payments as low as 2% of the amount financed. Competitive low payments are available with terms of 24 to 60 months, and Advance Capital Group approves financing for tow trucks purchased from private parties, dealers and from their own inventory.

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